Quickly Save Highlighted Text to the Desktop in Ubuntu

[Linux] Whether you are in the browser, or typing a document in LibreOffice, you can easily save highlighted text to the desktop with a simple drag and drop.

1. All you need to do is to highlight the text, it can be a word, sentence or even paragraph(s).

2. Drag the highlighted text and drop it to the desktop. You will immediately see a new txt file (with the name “dropped_text.txt”) on the desktop. Open this text file and you will find your text within.


Note: I have tested this on Ubuntu and it works fine on various desktop manager. I am not sure if this works for other distro as well.

Damien Damien

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  1. This is an awesome tip! Thank you so much for posting it.

    It actually could replace the firefox addon Deskcut as well because you can do it with links as well.

    Thanks again

  2. I don’t understand how to drag the highlighted text on to the desktop when the browser or the word file is open and filling up the screen !

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