How to Save Credit Card Info In Safari for Quick Auto-Fill in OS X Mavericks

Autofill for web browsers is a feature that I love, and I’m sure many of you love it too. Autofill is a really beneficial feature that can let you easily store and enter details such as your name, address, phone number and other details. Whenever you need to complete this information anywhere on the net, Autofill can let you easily enter the data you entered on the last form you completed which can save much time.

The thing is most browsers do not save credit card information/details, which are often required if you regularly make online purchases with your computer. Most websites do allow you to create an account and enter your credit card information there, but this needs to be done for every website/place that you shop, and that can become a real hassle over time.


Luckily for you, if you use Safari in OS X Mavericks, you can use Apple’s Secure Credit Card storage feature in the browser to store your credit card information locally in Safari. Once you’ve entered in your details, whenever you encounter an online form that requests credit card information, Safari will prompt you to choose from among your stored credit cards to enter the information. This information includes the card number, the full name on the card, and the expiration date.

To have Safari in OS X Mavericks store your credit card info, follow the steps given below:

1. Open up Safari.

2. From the Safari menu, open up Preferences.


3. From the Autofill tab, check the box labelled “Credit Cards.”


4. Click the “Edit” button next to “Credit Cards.” Here you can add, remove, or edit your card information.



Most of you will know that your credit cards’ CCV code is necessary for making online purchases. Safari won’t save your CCV code, so you still might need your credit card while making online payments. But you will only need to enter this number instead of the entire card profile. And remember, the card details are stored locally, and Safari does not store your CCV code, so you needn’t worry about your credit card information being leaked out to anyone else.

Shujaa Imran
Shujaa Imran

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