How to Save Attachment From Gmail For Android

The Gmail for Android app is pretty well integrated with the phone. You can read, sync, compose (using different addresses), access labels, star your mail and there is even the Priority Inbox feature. One thing that it didn’t do well is the ability for the users to download the file attachments to your SD card. There are always times when your friends/colleagues attach file attachments in the mail. In Gmail for Android, it allows you to preview certain file types, like images and PDF, but if you want to download them to your phone, you are out of luck. Let’s take a look at how we can overcome this problem, without spending a single dime.

In the market, there are two apps that I have tried and both have successfully allowed me to save attachment from Gmail to my SD card.

1. Save My Attach

Save My Attach is a simple app with the sole aim of adding a download attachment to SD card functionality to your Android phone. It works with both the Gmail and Email app. A good thing about this app is that it just works and there is no configuration required.

Once you have installed it, open your Gmail and navigate to the mail which you want to save the attachment. Tap on the Preview button.


In the popup window, select “Save My Attach”. It will then prompt you to enter the download location and the filename.


Tap “Save” and you are done.

Pro: Easy to use. No configuration required.


1. There is no way for you to browse the save location. You have to enter in the filepath manually.

2. It doesn’t reflect the actual filename. It changes the filename to “attach” and you have to manually change it everytime (unless you don’t mind having a bunch of files with the same “attach” filename).

Save my Attach (web market link)

2. Download All Files

Download All Files is a more versatile app as it allows you to download any file from the Web, Gmail, Email and TouchDown. Like the above mentioned Save My Attach, it just works perfectly and no configuration is required.

Similarly, in the mail which you want to download the attachment, tap the Preview button. Select “Download All Files” from the list.


From the screenshot above, you can see that there are two things that set it apart from “Save My Attach”. It allows you to browse and select the directory to save your files. You don’t have to manually enter the filepath.


Secondly, it uses the actual filename (instead of attach.xlsx). In most cases, you just have to tap the “Save file” button to download the attachment, without having to make amendment to the filepath and filename.

Download All Files (web market link)

Wrapping up, both apps work fine to download and save your file attachments from Gmail to SD card. However, Download All Files is more versatile and user-friendly. I would definitely prefer it over Save My Attach. What about you? What other ways do you use to download attachment from Gmail?


  1. But look at the permissions: Save My Attach only has what it needs; Dowload All Files is clearly spyware.

  2. Easier to just use the default email application that comes with your phone, instead of gmail.

    1. Seriously, would you use the default email app? It sucks.

  3. I was able to forward the email as a messge to myself, and download it that way.

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