Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.0 Review

For the iOS, there is the iPod Touch that you can use like an iPhone, but without the need to sign up for a telco contract. In term of functionality, the iPod Touch can do almost everything that iPhone can, except making call, sending SMS and connect to 3G network, which make it ideal to use as a PDA or a mini palm size computer. For Android, Samsung has also released a similar device – Samsung Galaxy S Wifi.

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi is an Android device that has the same functionality as all Android phones, except making call, sending SMS and connect to 3G network. In short, it is the iPod Touch equivalent for Android. The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi comes in two different sizes, mainly the 4.0 (4-inches screen) and 5.0 (5-inches screen).

Hardware Specification

Display 4.0” 800×480 WVGA Super Clear LCD
Processor 1GHz Processor
Dimensions 123.7 x 64.2 x 9.9 (mm)
Memory 8GB + MicroSD (Up to 32GB)
Camera Front: VGA, Back: 3.2MP
Connectivity Wifi(802.11 b/g/n), All Share Support, Bluetooth 3.0
Misc 3.5mm Ear Jack & Stereo Speaker
Sensor Accelerometer, Digital Compass, Proximity, Light sensor
Playing time Audio 36Hrs / Video 5Hrs (Battery Capacity : 1,200mAh)

As you can see, the hardware specification is pretty up to the mark. It has a 1GHz processor and an internal memory of 8GB, extensible to 32GB via MicroSD card. There is a 3.2 megapixel camera at the rear and a VGA camera on the front. The 5.0 version comes with a flash in the rear. Since it doesn’t come with any sim card slot, you won’t be able to use any 3G connection on it. Instead, it comes with Wifi 802.11 (b/g/n) and Bluetooth 3.0. The 1200mAh battery can last up to 36 hours of music playback or 5 hrs of continuous video playback.


Android OS

The device is running Android 2.2 – Froyo. The press release does mention that there is a possibility to upgrade to Gingerbread (Android 2.3), though there is no mention of the dateline. Seriously, I am rather disappointed that it is shipped with Froyo rather than Gingerbread, since Gingerbread has already been around for quite some time and Samsung has not been known for providing prompt upgrade.


If you have used any Samsung Android device before, you will be familiar with this Galaxy S Wifi as well. The clear LCD screen is one feature that I like most. The screen is bright and is able to display vibrant color well. It is always a joy to surf web and watch videos with this screen.

The applications that come with the device include the Samsung own Appstore (Samsung App), Qik video, ThinkFree Office, Samsung Social hub, Task Manager, AllShare (for sharing file to other devices), Skype and an FM radio. Of course, there is those default Google apps such as Gmail, Gtalk, Youtube, Calendar, Maps etc.

The Samsung Social Hub app is a central place for you to connect your various social networks together. You can simultaneously post message and pictures to Flickr, Facebook and Twitter and it can syncs your personal contacts and calendar.

One surprise addition is the inclusion of Qik and Skype. Both seems to be a replacement for the missing calling feature in the device. As long as you are connected via WiFi, you can still make VoIP calls and video calls.


The price of Samsung Galaxy S Wifi in Singapore is S$328, the same as the 8GB iPod Touch. If you are looking for a lightweight device wtih full web surfing capability, able to serve as a great media player or even as a portable camera or HD video camcorder, but without the hefty 2 years contract (and you are not an Apple fan), Samsung Galaxy S Wifi is a great choice.

Damien Damien

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        1. If you wait for Samsung to upgrade to 2.3, you never know when it will arrive. If you are geeky enough, you can check out to find out the way to root the unit and install custom 2.3 ROM on it.

          1. My Galaxy self-updated to Android 2.3.6 GingerBread
            On my  Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 (Model YP-G1), I just went “Home > Menu > Settings > About device > Software update > Update (Check for updates)” and in a few seconds with no other intervention from myself my device got updated to “Firmware version = 2.3.6”, “Build number = GINGERBREADXXKPQ-CL700402 – se.infra@SEP-77 #2”.

            Versailles, Fri 23 Dec 2011 14:38:20 +0100

      1. Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 (Model YP-G1) DOES come with integrated Flash
        Even before any update or other download or improvement, my Galaxy was
        – to visit and play YouTube videos with surprising sound and video quality
        (visit e.g. my “merlin1940” channel > Favorites and choose some classical
        – to play YouTube FLV videos (thus in Flash) I had downloaded in past
        years, with the same surprising sound and video quality
        – to play WMV HQ videos downloaded in past years (Traviata im Zürich
        Hauptbahnhof, 1h25 + 1h03 long, 720×406pix, excellent on all counts, staging,
        acting, singing, conducting, videoing, audio, commenting).
        Versailles, Fri 23 Dec 2011 14:37:25 +0100

      1. Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 INTEGRATED speakers are EXCELLENT even for CLASSICAL
        I bought a Galaxy S WiFi 4.0, and the INTEGRATED (internal, NOT
        “external” ) stereo speakers ARE “especially good”. First, A COUPLE smartphones
        and pocket Media Players have speakers actually better than what self-appointed
        gurus infinitely repeat in their never-checked mantras against any progress,
        like a sound better than expected in a pocket device. Second and more
        importantly, THIS ONE is UNBELIEVABLY good. You even can really use it to listen
        to classical music! Yes, I am picky for sound quality, have had various high end
        HiFi equipment from 1969 (42 y ago!), and I wouldn’t have anticipated such
        quality. When in McDo I wanted to check it and show it to someone: I took my
        headset out, fired the speakers: the only problem I had, was to lessen the
        volume to not disturb people around, but the quality was NOT a problem for ANY
        of the people around. Really surprising.

        Versailles, Fri 23 Dec 2011 14:10:00 +0100

  1. Why doesn’t Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.0 and 5.0 has the function of SMS, MMS, Normal Call?!?!?!

  2. i am woried about the battery life… Is there someone with a samsung galaxy s wifi 4.0 who can tell me there experience…

  3. Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 has an EXCELLENT sound and video
    That little player has a Bluetooth that really works, and excellently. I
    use it with a Philips SHB9001WT headphone (recent and reliable Bluetooth,
    microphone and commands on the earpieces), it’s marvelous, sound is excellent,
    fluid and continuous, even when I go 2 rooms away from the Galaxy. The only
    interruptions are, very rarely and shortly, when I change web page in another
    application (stock browser); otherwise, never a single parasite, jerk or other
    flaw, sound is precise, sharp, ample, volume range is large; volume command from
    the headpiece works perfect. Once paired (which needs you hold the “Play”
    virtual button on the Right earpiece for double-long-time until it double-blinks
    blue AND RED), when a few days later the Galaxy is playing through its
    integrated speaker, if you set the SHB9001WT “On”, then the Galaxy detects it by
    itself with no act from you, and switch its output to it (for the ones only
    accustomed to old whimsical Bluetooth, this is common on recent Bluetooth

    I bought an 8GB microSDHC card and downloaded to it my music (~4GB) and my
    few videos (~2-3GB); everything worked right away, fluid and sharp, full perfect
    colors, full perfect sound, without any flaw, from visiting YouTube to my
    downloaded videos (some YouTube Flash, some high-quality WMV), in addition to
    all my vast MP3 (128Kbps) library.

    The software has vastly improved since Samsung’s earlier attempts; easy,
    convenient. A few problems remain but are now easily “workarounded”; the biggest
    one for me was that when I set the SHB9001WT “On”, it would resume playing a
    music I had listened to the previous day, without showing any control over it,
    so any other music launched would make 2 musics play at the same time, until you
    spend the time to let the old music finish (may take 1 or 2 hours), thus making
    the Galaxy essentially unusable. The workaround is “Home > Applications >
    Task manager”, that will let you kill the excess task.

    Versailles, Fri 23 Dec 2011 14:07:10 +0100

  4. did somebody instal the office app on this player? if yes, is it working a little bit??


  5. is this samsung relaiable for not needing service or hardware changes such as broken home buttons volume buttons etc.?

  6. heyy im decidin wich one to get ipod touch8gb or the samsung galaxy s wifi 4.0 can anyone tell me wich one to get

    1. Both are as good. It is dependent on which OS you prefer. If you are used
      to iOS, ipod touch is better. Android user will prefer Samsung. One thing
      though, Samsung galaxy s has a bigger screen, which i prefer over ipod

    1. You can install whatsapp from the Play Store. When it asks you for
      verification, you need to opt for call in (to another phone) verification
      since this unit cannot receive SMS or call. Once you enter the verification
      code, you should be able to use the app.

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