Samsung Galaxy Owners to Get Digital Car Key Ability

Samsung Galaxy Digital Car Key Featured

Now that we have our phones on us at all times, more of our personal documentation is being stored on the device. Other sensitive information is being stored as well, such as digital car keys. Galaxy owners will get in on this action by the end of the year. Samsung announced that Galaxy phones would gain the ability to be used as a digital car key with the Hyundai EV.

Samsung Announces Digital Car Key for Galaxy Phones

Specifically, Galaxy owners who buy a recently-released Genesis GV60.2 EV will be able to use their smartphone as a digital car key, according to Samsung Electronics on Thursday. This technology is possible through NFC and UWB technology. It allows the user to lock and unlock the vehicle and share the digital car key with friends and family.

Samsung Galaxy Digital Car Key Back

This isn’t a total surprise, as Samsung announced earlier this year at Galaxy S21 Unpacked that it was partnering with several automakers. The first vehicle to benefit from the partnership with Samsung is the Hyundai Genesis GV60.

UWB technology is a short-range wireless protocol that operates by using radio waves. The higher frequency enables accurate spatial awareness and directional capabilities to help devices better understand what’s around them.

This technology enables passive entry so that you can enter your car more quickly and safely, as you won’t have to search your pockets and/or bag for your keys, and you likely already have your phone out texting or talking with someone. Along with unlocking the vehicle, it can also open the trunk, start the engine, and even recall mirror and seat settings. If you lend your vehicle to a trusted individual, you can give them the same technology temporarily.

Samsung Galaxy Digital Car Key Genesis

The Galaxy digital car key will be safe to use, thanks to the Samsung Secure Element (eSE). This protects information and encryption keys. It also prevents potential relay attacks that can jam or intercept the radio signal. Samsung has also been an influential member of the Car Connectivity Consortium that set the digital key standards.

Availability of Samsung Galaxy Digital Car Key

“We are proud to partner with Genesis as part of our mission to create exciting new mobile experiences that can make people’s everyday lives easier,” said President and head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics, TM Roh.

“As we continue to drive advancements in mobile technology, like UWB, our priority is now to bring these new experiences to as many people as possible, in collaboration with our trusted ecosystem partners.”

Samsung Galaxy Digital Car Key Fold

“GV60 will set the bar for luxurious electric vehicle representing the electrification of the Genesis brand,” added Albert Biermann, President and head of the R&D division at Hyundai Motor Group. “The partnership with Samsung Electronics will strengthen our efforts to provide truly differentiated experiences for our customers to interact with Genesis vehicles.”

Initially, Samsung will make the digital car key available in the Genesis GV60 in Korea for use with the Galaxy S21+, S21 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, Z Fold 2, and Z Fold 3. Owners of these phones in Korea will see it later this year.

Samsung did not announce when the rest of the world would see the digital car key with Galaxy phones, but with the multiple automaker partnerships that were announced, maybe it won’t be too long.

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