Samsung Galaxy 7 Note and Other Tech Dangers You Probably Aren’t Aware Of

Many Samsung users were surprised to find out there was a recall and that they would have to give up their Samsung Galaxy Note 7s for fear of them exploding. No one wants to give up their great new device, but they also don’t relish the thought of losing a digit just to keep their new device around.

It reminded me of a favorite car I had, a red Pontiac Fiero. It was a sports car and very cool. However, shortly after I bought it it was discovered that they had a tendency to start on fire even without the keys being in the ignition. That was a little frightening. They kept saying they would fix it with a recall, but they never could, and I eventually traded it in.

That made me start to think about products, specifically tech devices, that have been recalled. Here’s a list of items that have been recalled recently due to being too dangerous, some well known, and some you may not have heard about.

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