Safe Returner: An Impressive Post-Infection Malware Removal Tool + Free Giveaway

Have you ever experience (or seen) the situation where your computer is infected with virus, malware, spyware and your expensive antivirus software can’t do a single thing about it? Being a system administrator for several years, I have seen plenty of customers who have paid a high price for antivirus software. Yet when their computers are infected, the expensive antivirus software is not capable of removing the virus/malware/spyware. Adding to that, in some cases when it can’t remove the virus, it immobilizes the computer instead, which leads to plenty of frustration for the customers.

Safe Returner is a post-infection malware removal tool that aims to remove the malware in your computer when all other antivirus software fails.

Not your usual antivirus software

Just in case you are thinking of replacing your antivirus software with Safe Returner, I would like to point out that Safe Returner is NOT an antivirus software. It differs from an antivirus product in the following three ways:

  • It removes malicious software from an already-infected computer. It does not run in the background and does not prevent your computer from being infected. In short, it complements your antivirus software rather than replacing it.
  • Safe Returner identifies and resolves both known and unknown spyware threats, including color-coded Spyware Severity Identification while traditional antivirus software cannot do this and only offers reactive protection from previously classified threats.
  • Safe Returner focuses on the detection and removal of active malicious software. Active malicious software is malicious software that is currently running on the computer. The tool cannot remove malicious software that is not running. However, an antivirus product can perform this task.


Download and install SafeReturner. The free version is valid for 30 days, with full functionality. The premium version costs $29.95 per computer per year.

After you have installed and launched the software, you will immediately notice a clean interface. There are four option tabs: Overview, Scan, Settings and Help.

As the name implies, the Overview tab (this is also the default screen for the app) shows an overview of the scan activities. This is also the place with the big “Start Scan” button where you can click to initiate the scan. The scan usually takes about 2 minutes.


The Scan tab gives you a detail breakdown of the infected files (if there is any) in your system. If it detects any malware, you can simply remove it with the Remove button.


Advanced users can also switch to the “Expert mode” in the Scan tab to view both legitimate files and malware that are automatically started by Windows. Each file is accompanied with a risk score. The higher the score, the higher possibility that it is a malware.


The Settings tab gives you several options to configure Safe Returner, including the file type to scan and whether to update the program and database regularly.


False positive

The malware detection technology used by Safe Returner is a highly aggressive heuristic engine that scans unusual activities like files replication, file overwrites, and attempts to hide the existence of the suspect file. Due to this aggressive nature, it can sometimes pick up false positive. Therefore, unless you are very certain that the file is a malware, it is always a good practice to verify the nature of the file (Google is the best way to verify the file) before you remove anything.

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