What Is Safe Mode for Android

What is Safe Mode for Android

In general, Android is a safe and stable operating system, but there are times when a developer or a user can make a mistake. When that happens, Safe Mode can be our best friend and help us figure out what is causing our smartphone to misbehave.

Safe Mode for Android is a state where you are only able to use apps that came with the device when you bought it. In Android safe mode, you will only be able to use the default experience. That will come in handy if your device won’t stop stalling, crashing or is slow as a snail, is stuck in a reboot cycle, has awful battery life or other strange behavior. The basic settings for your device will still be there, but all user settings such as wallpaper will not run.

How to Turn on Safe Mode


Method #1

1. Long press the Power button until the power menu appears.

2. Long-press the Power Off option, and you should see the option to reboot in Safe Mode. Select the OK option.

If you have an Android device that runs on 4.0 and older, then the following method would be a better choice.

Note: there is a good chance that this method won’t work on older smartphones, but it has been successful for many Huawei, HTC and Motorola users.

Method #2

1. Turn off your phone.

2. When the display turns on and you see the manufacturer’s logo, press and hold the volume up button until you see the words Safe Mode on the lower left-hand side of the display. If this doesn’t work, repeat but with the down button, both of them or the home button.

Method #3

1. Turn off your phone.

2. When you turn it back on, tap on the Menu button multiple times while the phone reboots. This method can be tricky, so it might take a few tries.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode


Getting out of safe mode should be as easy as how you go into it. The following methods should help.

Method #1

1. Turn off your phone

2. When you turn your phone back on, press and hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time. If your phone is still in safe mode, consider taking it for service since a stuck volume key could be preventing your phone from getting out of safe mode.

Method #2

1. Turn off your phone.

2. If your phone has a removable battery, remove it after you have turned off your phone and wait for a minute. It is important that you wait this minute so the capacitors in your phone can completely discharge.

3. After waiting the full minute or two, put the battery back in and turn your phone on.

Method #3

If you are still not able to get out of safe mode, don’t lose all hope since there is still something you can do. Uninstall the latest apps from your phone. Just uninstall the ones that you added right before your phone started acting up. You can also uninstall the latest updates that the apps received. You can do this by going to “Settings -> Application Manager ->” and tap on the app that recently got an update and tap on the Uninstall Updates button.

Method #4

1. Turn your phone off.

2. Remove your phone’s SIM card and battery, wait for one minute and put the SIM card and battery back in.

3. After you have done all of this, turn on your smartphone, and you should be out of safe mode.

Try removing any external accessories that could be pressing a button. Your case could be pressing a button, therefore preventing your phone from getting out of safe mode.


Safe Mode is something that you should always turn to if you phone is acting up. It gives you the possibility to know if it’s a third-party app causing your phone to not work correctly. If you found the information useful, don’t forget to give it a share, and if you have anything to say about safe mode, let us know in the comments.

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