3 Safari Alternatives for iPhone

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While Safari is the default browser in iOS, it is also a very complete browser that is as capable as Chrome and Firefox and is able to handle most Web tasks well. However, not every iPhone user likes Safari. If you are looking for browsers that have different functionalities than Safari, here are our top picks of Safari alternatives for iPhone.

1. Ghostery

If you prefer privacy over design and speed in your Safari alternatives, Ghostery is perfect for your iPhone. It offers a fast, private, ad- and tracker-free browsing experience for your iPhone, packed with features that enhance your anonymity and privacy.

Best Safari Alternatives Iphone Ghostery

Like Chrome, this browser also provides curated news and your most visited websites from reputed media publishers like The Washington Post, BB, AP, USA Today and more. It also comes with its own search engine powered by DuckDuckgo and a built-in password manager.

Best Safari Alternatives Iphone Ghostery Search

You can see who is tracking your data on sites you visit, and choose to enable or disable the trackers. The native ad-blocker removes clutter and intrusive ads so you can experience cleaner and faster browsing.

Other features include Ghost mode for further privacy protection so that the sites you visit don’t show in your history, plus phishing protection to protect you from malicious sites that want to steal your information and passwords.


  • Powerful privacy and anonymity features
  • Allows you to protect your Wi-Fi connection from advertisers
  • Blocks trackers
  • Ad-free
  • Has a native password manager
  • Comes with its own search engine


  • Design may not be particularly pleasing
  • Not as fast as other browsers
  • Large in size

2. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo gained popularity for being the anti-Google search engine. Today, though, it also has a mobile browser for Android and iOS devices, so you can stay protected while browsing and still get information about what the browser is blocking.

Best Safari Alternatives Iphone Duckduckgo Search

Each page you visit on the browser is graded based on how aggressively it tries to mine your personal or sensitive data. This makes it a great Safari alternative, as you get maximum protection online with little effort.

DuckDuckGo blocks tracking cookies that can identify who you are and the devices you’re using. It enforces encrypted HTTPS connections, forces HTTPS encryption where it’s available, and scans sites while ranking their privacy policies.

Best Safari Alternatives Iphone Duckduckgo Ranking Tracking

What’s more, you don’t have to click pages to find more search results because DuckDuckGo offers one-page results with infinite scrolling. This loads more search results so you won’t lose the initial results.

Once you’re done with a browsing session, DuckDuckGo lets you clear your tabs and data automatically or manually in one click. Plus, if you’ve been inactive on your browser, you can set timers to clear out your browsing history automatically.


  • Simple to use
  • Very protective of user privacy
  • Grades web pages for mining activity
  • Scans and ranks sites’ privacy policies
  • Blocks tracking cookies
  • One-page results with infinite scrolling loading


  • Doesn’t remember search history
  • Search results may sometimes be unrelated, not tailored to interests

3. Brave Browser

This is another secure Safari alternative for iOS that offers extreme privacy and lightning-fast browsing speed, areas were other browsers fall short. It blocks all popups and trackers, including ads from your browser, which makes browsing a lot faster, especially on sites that have trackers.

Best Safari Alternatives Iphone Brave

Brave Browser is easy and quick to navigate and features a new tab button, pop-up blocker, third-party ad-block, script blocking, private and recent tabs, cookie blocking, and a scrollable bar at the top.

Best Safari Alternatives Iphone Brave Search

It also allows you to sync your bookmarks securely and will force HTTPS encryption where it’s available.

Brave helps improve performance and optimize and reduce battery and data consumption. This is thanks to the speed increase on iOS, which it achieves by reducing page load time.


  • Balances simplicity and power
  • Tries to block phishing attempts
  • Respects Your Privacy


  • No site ranking
  • Ad-blocking occasionally prevents a page from rendering correctly
  • Lack of extensions, add-ons, and plug-ins

If you are looking for Safari alternatives because Safari is not working on your phone, we can help you wish some fixes. Other than that, the above Safari alternatives will add additional functionalities that are not found in Safari.

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