Charge Multiple Devices at Top Speed with Sabrent’s 10-Port USB Charger Review

How many devices in your home use a USB cable for charging? I’m guessing at least two, if not more. Most devices now, like smartphones, tablets, power banks, cameras and even some laptops, can be charged via USB.

On one hand, this is extremely convenient because you can use the same cable to charge various devices. On the other hand, this is inconvenient because you can only charge one device at a time. If you have multiple USB slots on your computer and have more than one USB cable (or a couple USB adapters), you can charge multiple devices at one time, but you’ll need to have those slots or outlets free in order to do so.

USB hubs for computers are a great option for charging multiple devices at once, but since they draw power from your computer this can often impact performance. This is where a multi-port USB charger that plugs into a wall outlet can really come in handy.

About the 10-Port USB Charger

Sabrent, an electronics company that sells computer peripherals and accessories, offers a great solution for these issues: a 10-portĀ USB charger for the entire family (or just yourself if you prefer). This durable and lightweight charger allows you to charge all your devices from a single location.

Sabrent 10-Port USB Charger - top view

With smart USB ports that automatically detect and identify your devices, this truly is a “plug and go” charger. You can put it in a universal location at home for the entire family to use or take it to the office for personal use on your desk. It’s also great for traveling as long as you have access to an outlet. Depending on where you use it (away from home or the office) you may even gain some new friends – those wanting to use one of your USB ports.

Setting up and Using the Charger

This family-sized desktop USB charger is really easy to set up. In the package you’ll find the 60W 10-port charger, detachable power cord, and a concise user manual (not that it’s really needed).

What's inside the box.

The manual advises you to plug in your USB devices first before attaching the power cord and plugging the two-prong adapter into an outlet.

The power cord attaches here.

When you do plug it in, within seconds a blue light illuminates next to each port. Although I can’t seem to find any information regarding these lights, I figure that if one port isn’t working properly, the blue light for that port won’t come on. It just makes sense that each light indicates a properly working port, which is pretty convenient.

Blue lights illuminate to indicating properly working ports.

Once you plug in your devices and they’re fully charged, you can disconnect them and unplug the charger. Using it is as simple as that.

This outlet-powered USB hub supports charging speeds of up to 12 amps for its 10 ports (2.4 amps per port). At these top speeds your devices will be charged in no time. I must say with three devices plugged in at once, none of them appeared to charge any slower than usual. As a matter of fact, my Samsung Galaxy tablet charged even faster (as opposed to using my original USB adapter).

Multiple devices attached to USB charger.

Final Thoughts

If you’re simply looking to charge multiple USB devices at once and not transmit data, this 10-port rapid charger is a great option. It’s small, so you won’t need much space on your desk, table or wherever else you plan to use it. It also doesn’t slow down the charge of your devices – you’ll more than likely notice an increase instead.

It also stays pretty cool. After having it plugged in for a couple hours while charging multiple devices, the charger was not hot to touch. It was slightly warmer than when I first plugged it in, but by far nothing to be alarmed about.

Lastly, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty,which gives you some peace of mind should something happen to it. For warranty registration, you’ll need to go to Sabrent’s support page and submit a ticket including your order number in the subject line.

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Sabrent 10-Port USB Charger

Charnita Fance
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