Run Windows Apps on Mac with CrossOver 15 for Mac and Linux

Are you looking for a way to run your favorite Windows apps on your machine that runs the Macintosh operating system? After all, it can be a hassle switching back and forth between machines, so why not do it all from one machine?

You can do all this with Crossover 15 for Mac and Linux. You can run all those Windows games, productivity software, and utility programs natively on your Mac with this software. It’s quick and easy with CrossOver, allowing you to launch Windows apps right from our Mac dock, and you don’t even need to buy a Windows license, reboot, or use a virtual machine. It’s simple to bring these two operating systems together.

With CrossOver you’ll be able to:

  • Run Windows software and games without rebooting or installing the OS
  • Add Windows applications to your Mac platform with just one click.
  • Run Windows programs at their native speed and without performance liabilities
  • Integrate the program seamlessly with your native desktop environment
  • Launch Windows software right from the dock
  • Use Windows programs without having to worry about virus protection

Buy Crossover today for nearly half off at just $19.99.

CrossOver 15 for Mac and Linux

Bonus: Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount


Our smartphones are so integrated into our lives that it’s hard to get them out of our hands. However, this makes driving a bit difficult, yet you want to have it out to receive calls and maybe even listen to your favorite music or use the GPS. With the Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount you can mount your phone to the dashboard or windshield and always have it handy.

  • Compatible with all smartphones as well as GPS devices
  • Gooseneck and a 360-degree roatation allows for much flexibility
  • Portable and lightweight, as well as easy-to-install and disassemble
  • Won’t slide because of the clap with shock-resistant and slip-resistant rubber pad
  • Built for longtime durability with an ABS, PVC, and silicone body

      This car mount can be yours for 73% off at $12.99.

      Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount

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