Rumors: “Nintendo Switch Pro” to Be Released in the Fall

Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors Featured

These rumors just aren’t going away. There has been persistent talk that a replacement for the Nintendo Switch would be coming soon. The device, known commonly as the Nintendo Switch Pro, could be released as soon as September, according to the most recent rumors, that also say the device could be announced before this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).

Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors

Reportedly, the new Nintendo handheld will start shipping in September or October. To reach that date, assembly will begin in July and kick into gear in the fall. While the chip shortage has affected the delivery of many devices, it doesn’t seem to affect this planned release.

The rumors also state that the Nintendo Switch Pro will
have a higher price point than the original device. It may be officially announced before the E3 conference slated for June 12. The Switch Lite will be sold for $199, with the standard device ending its reign at some point.

Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors Device

The timing seems to make sense, as it would be one year since the popular releases of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. These devices have been in short supply since their big debut.

Nintendo’s suppliers are confident the new handheld device won’t suffer the same fate. They’re more prepared for difficulties with the chip. There also won’t be competition for parts like there was between the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

Previous Switch Rumors

Make Tech Easier previously reported on the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors. At that time, discussion was more focused on the new device’s capabilities.

It was said that the new Nintendo Switch Pro would “include support for Nvidia Corp.’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). This technology ‘uses artificial intelligence to deliver higher-fidelity graphics more efficiently.’ This would allow the handheld gaming system to produce 4K-quality visuals when connected to a television. Reportedly, there will also be an OLED display upgrade. “

Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors Games

Further details noted that “the Nvidia chipset will include an improved CPU and more memory. New code, intended to improve graphics, will need to be added to games to have the DLSS support. Previously, Bloomberg had reported that Samsung would be supplying the 7-inch OLED screen and that there would be a bevy of new game titles.”

If you’re a fan of handheld gaming, these Nintendo
Switch Pro rumors, as well as the rumors that a Switch knockoff powered by Android was in the works, could make the upcoming weeks and months very exciting.

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