How to Rotate Videos Using QuickTime on Your Mac

How to Rotate Videos Using QuickTime on Your Mac

There may be some videos on your Mac that are not properly oriented, and thus you cannot watch them the way you would if they were in the right orientation. This can happen due to many reasons: maybe you did not have the proper settings on the device that you used to shoot the video, or maybe the video lost its correct orientation after you processed it using a video editor.

Regardless of the reasons, you do have a way to rotate a video without requiring third-party apps. The built-in QuickTime app is good enough to help you with correcting the orientation of the videos. That way you will have your videos in the proper orientation for easy watching.

Here’s how you can do that.

Rotating a Video Using QuickTime

Remember, you are going to use the built-in QuickTime app, so there are no download links for any tools or software.

1. Open the folder where the video you wish to rotate is located. Right-click on the video file and select “Open With” followed by “QuickTime Player” to launch the video in QuickTime.


2. When the selected video launches in QuickTime, click on the “Edit” menu, and you should see a number of rotating options for your video. The options are self-explanatory, and you can click on them to rotate your video.


If you wish to rotate your video in a certain way, you can use these options multiple times. For instance, you can use “Rotate Left” two times and your video will be rotated twice, and so on.

3. When you are done rotating the video, and you think it is now good and wish to save it, simply click on the “File” menu, select “Export” and then choose the quality you wish for your video. You have multiple quality options here to choose from.


I have selected “1080p” resolution for my rotated video, but you are free to choose whatever fits your needs.

4. On the screen that follows, you need to select a location where you wish to save your rotated video. Simply choose any folder, give a name to the video, and click on “Save.”


5. If your video is quite large, QuickTime will take some time to process it, and you should see the following on your screen. It will do everything by itself, and no action is required from your side. Just wait and let it process the video.


When it is done processing the video, it will automatically save it to your chosen location.

You can now open the folder where you have saved the rotated video and check to see if it is in correct orientation. If it is, you are all set. If it is not, follow the above steps again and rotate it again until it is in correct orientation.


Many times it happens that you have a video file that is not in the correct orientation. The guide above helps you get those videos fixed.

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  1. I have a video I shot landscape with my Galaxy s4. When I rotate as suggested, I lose all of the picture, but retain the sound. What’s going on? Using Quicktime 10.4 on OSX 10.11.

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