Do You Root or Jailbreak Your Phone?


To get added functionality on their phones, many people root or jailbreak their device. It, of course, comes with many advantages and disadvantages such as possibly ruining your warranty, or even brick the device. We asked our writers if they root or jailbreak their phones.

Our Opinion

Many of our writers root their phones, meaning they have Android phones. For the most part, they aren’t doing it with reckless abandon and are all doing it for specific functionality.

Damien will usually just keep his Android phone the same as how it’s shipped; however, he does admit, “I root my phone only when there is a feature that I really need.” Mahesh roots his so that he “can get access to the custom mods and tools such as Xposed modules.

Christopher roots his phone so that he can “access a fuller feature set.” While the “developer-level tweaks” can be risky, he does enjoy the experimentation. Derrik finds it uncomfortable to not have root access. He roots his phone “because I like to replace the firmware, block ads via the host file, mount NFS shares with busybox and just uninstall bloat.

I’m the lone wolf here who has an iPhone. I have had them since the debut of the iPhone and have never been tempted to jailbreak one. For one, I haven’t ever wanted functionality that I didn’t already have badly enough to risk jailbreaking. For another, Apple is usually really strict with their warranties. If something happens to my phone, I want them to fix it free of charge.

Your Opinion

Our Android users either root their phones when they need to or just prefer the rooted experience all around, while the one iPhone user prefers not to jailbreak. What about you? Do you root or jailbreak your phone? Let us know below in the comments section.

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Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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