The Smart Way to Write – Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook, for Less than $20

By now all of us have been exposed to notebook apps; they allow you to type or handwrite right on the phone or tablet screen to job down your notes. A more organic type of writing experience is offered by the Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook. It will allow you to write on real paper, yet can still be sent straight to the cloud.

You won’t have to worry if you’re not the best typist and will also not have concerns over trying to write on a screen. You can write more comfortably with the this smart notebook just like you would with a traditional pen and paper notebook, allowing you great flexibility.

Second only to being able to write as you would with pen and paper is that your notes will be sent to the cloud automatically, without you having to do anything. The Rocketbook Wave can give you instant, permanent access to your notes.

Another great feature is that you never have to worry about filling up a notebook and then having to buy another as frequently. You simply need to stick the Rocketbook in a microwave to have it be erased and ready to reuse again. You can do this up to five times for each notebook.

Each notebook holds 80 pages of acid-free fine-grain paper with a dot-grid pattern on each page. The free compatible app to use along with your smart notebook can be used on iOS 9 or later and Android 4.2 or later. The Rocketbook Wave ships along with a Pilot FriXion pen.

Get this digital notebook at 25% off for just $19.99.

Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook

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