How Do You Feel About Ride-Sharing Apps Like Uber?

How Do You Feel About Ride-Sharing Apps Like Uber?

Ride-sharing apps like Uber are really taking off. People are using them as an alternate way of travel, yet they have their downside according to some users. How do you feel about these ride-sharing apps?

Everyone has heard of Uber, and there’s another out there as well, Lyft. Passengers use an app on their smartphones to request a ride by inputting their location and destination. The app then alerts them when a car has been matched up to them. It can be easier than flagging down or calling a taxi. But there is a downside as well. The biggest one is the allegations of verbal and physical assaults by the drivers while being transported to your destination. There is also an overall feeling that it isn’t as safe as riding in a taxi. Is it worth taking a chance? Other companies obviously think so as they prepare to join the industry. Via just raised $27 million to start up a company to challenge the likes of Uber and Lyft. They’ll be offering what seems like a carpooling service. Ford also wants in on it. They are trying to develop a vehicle and app that would work together to offer a similar service.

There’s no doubt that ride-sharing apps make it easier to catch a ride, but are the risks of personal safety worth it? It seems like this is the transportation of the future. Perhaps we should find ways to fix it now before it becomes something we’re all stuck with.

What do you think? How do you feel about ride-sharing apps like Uber? Let us know in the comment below.

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  1. So far, these services are nothing more that gypsy cabs. They are unregulated and unsupervised by anybody. If I have a grievance, who oversees the resolution of that grievance?

  2. I’ve used both Uber and Lyft when my car’s in the shop and found the experience to be pleasant. My only problem is that there aren’t always enough drivers working, as I found out in Knoxville, Tennessee recently.

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