Z-Edge T4 Dash Cam Review – Keep an Eye on Your Car

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  • Camera charges inside car
  • Easy setup
  • Ships with SD card
  • Park mode records possible impacts/trouble


  • Rear cable needs to run from front to back of car
  • No mobile options for viewing/downloading media

Our Rating

7 / 10

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Safety is all about having a little peace of mind. It doesn’t matter whether you ever need the multiple safety methods you employ – technologically or otherwise – it’s just nice to know you and your things are safe.

That’s what the Z-Edge T4 Dash Cam can provide you – safety, whether or not you will ever need it. It will keep an eye on what’s going on in front and in the back of your car while you drive as well as when your car is parked. You’ll know you’re safe in the car and that your car is safe when you’re not in it.

Installing the T4 Dash Cam

Review T4 Dash Cam Unboxing

The T4 Dash Cam ships with a front view camera, a rearview camera, a mount for the front view, a charger with two USB ports, three cords, hooks, an SD card, and the manual.

Review T4 Dash Cam Sd Card

You will first need to insert the SD card into the front camera. There is a slot on the side of the camera right next to the power button.

Review T4 Dash Cam Camera Windshield

The front camera is simple to install. Simply connect the mount, and stick it to your windshield. It’s that easy. Of course, you need to find an appropriate spot on your windshield where the camera is not obstructed by your rearview mirror and where the camera won’t be obstructing your view.

The cable with the micro USB plugs into the top of the camera, and the USB end plugs into the charger that plugs into the vehicle’s power outlet (formerly known as the cigarette lighter). It charges the camera so does not need to be plugged in at all times; however, charging takes two to three hours for the battery to only last five to ten minutes, so there isn’t much benefit to leaving it unplugged, other than after you shut the vehicle off.

Powering the camera on will take you through a series of prompts and settings, such as language and formatting the SD card.

Reivew T4 Dash Cam Adjust View

You should also use this opportunity to adjust the swivel of the camera to be sure you’re getting the best view possible, being careful again to not obstruct your view.

Review T4 Dash Cam Settings

You can also familiarize yourself with all the other settings, starting with the main menu where you can set the video resolution and recording interval, play back the recorded videos and photos, snap a photo, and start recording.

Review T4 Dash Cam Date Time

There’s also another screen where you can set the date and time, whether or not you want the time stamp on the recorded media, the frequency, the driver ID, option to automatically power off, and parking mode.

Additionally, there’s another screen where you can set the mode of the camera between regular Drive recording, Scenic recording (which has longer intervals of driving), WDR (for low-light situations to limit screen glare), and Park.

Review T4 Dash Cam Rear Camera

The rear camera attaches to the rear window of your vehicle with the same ease as the front camera. The downside is that it needs to be attached to the front camera via a cable. The manual suggests that you run the cable up along the roof of the vehicle to keep it out of the way using the clips that are adhesive-backed.

I did not permanently attach my cables yet, as throughout the time I was testing the dash cam, I was having car difficulty and needed to get it serviced at one point. I left the cameras attached but removed the cables so that they wouldn’t be in the way.

Review T4 Dash Cam Pip

With the rear camera attached, you can now see a PIP view of the rear camera in the corner of the screen on the front camera. There is an option where you can toggle between the PIP view with both front and rear cameras, choose only the rear camera, or only the front camera.

Using the T4 Dash Cam

Review T4 Dash Cam Storefront

Once in use, the camera continues to record short videos at regular intervals. Again, as I said in the beginning, this is just for peace of mind if something happens for the most part.

It does the same thing when you are parked. If you switch it to the Park mode, it does not continue to record the whole time. However, it perks up when it detects an impact or if someone gets too close.

Review T4 Dash Cam Nighttime

Clearly, it’s nighttime in the picture above, as you can see the darkness outside, yet I was able to recall the parking videos from earlier. However, I did not have Park mode on. I just left the camera on the regular recording mode.

Review T4 Dash Cam Street View

In this picture, however, I did have the Park mode turned on. I have no idea what type of impact or trouble it detected that led to it recording this video of the surroundings, but again, it’s all about the safety, the knowledge that the T4 is helping me watch my car when I’m forced occasionally to park in the street.

Review T4 Dash Cam Mechanic

Again, I had to take my car in for repair while I was in the midst of testing it. I unplugged all the cables and put them away, yet I left he cameras up on the windshields and left them powered on in Park mode. It caught videos of the mechanics at work. You can see my car with the hood up here. This leaves no doubt in my mind that if someone was doing some evil thing to my car, the T4 would catch them in the act.

However, to get these pictures and videos, I had to take photos with my phone of the camera. Yes, there are download options, but no mobile syncing options, as I do everything mobile. If you have a laptop, you can bring it out to the car, connect it to the camera, and download the videos and images. You can also take out the SD card and put it in a reader to download the media. I had neither option. However, on my iPad Pro, if I had a USB C-to-micro USB cable, I could have connected that way.

That said, I have no reason to download the images and videos anyway. I only wanted to do so for the purposes of this article. I’m okay with checking the camera for the videos and images.

Final Verdict

Again, it’s about safety. We happen to have a neighborhood stalker, someone who lives nearby and keeps tabs on us. It definitely gives me that peace of mind to know that if there was any trouble with my car, the T4 would catch it.

Even if you only have mobile options, if you are concerned something may happen to your car, the Z-Edge T4 Dash Cam will ease your mind and hopefully allow you to end your sleepless nights. The only tradeoff will be the cords that need to stay plugged in throughout your car.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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