Yeedi Vac MAX Robot Vacuum Review

Yeedi Vac Max Featured2


  • Vacuums very well
  • Easy setup, though involved
  • Visual SlAM navigation
  • Easy mopping


  • Mapping functions need a little work
  • Didn't confirm it was done mapping
  • No extra brushes or filters

Our Rating

7 / 10

When doing your spring cleaning this year, you may have noticed you had to do more than expected on your floors. If you are resolved to do better moving forward, you can start with a yeedi vac MAX Robot Vacuum. Read this review to see how it compares to other robot vacuums.

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Setting Up the yeedi vac MAX

Everything was packed inside the box for the yeedi vac MAX Robot Vacuum as expected. One notable difference from other vacuums is the lack of spare brushes and filters. Every other vacuum I’ve reviewed has had extra brushes and filters.

Yeedi Vac Max Unboxed

Packed inside the box is:

  • Robot vacuum
  • Side brush
  • Mopping plate
  • Cloth mopping Pad
  • Several Disposable mopping pads
  • Charger
  • Electrical cord
  • Quick Start Guide and Manual

It also has a regular charger instead of a base station that allows it to self empty. I don’t consider that a negative. While it doesn’t have that as a feature, it also isn’t taking up that extra room.

Yeedi Vac Max Brush2

Carefully turn the robot vacuum over and install the side brush. It easily snaps into place.

Yeedi Vac Max Charging Base

Plug the electrical cord into the charging base, then plug the base into the wall, allowing for 1.64″ left and right and 4.9″ at the front. Place the robot vacuum on the base, making sure the contacts line up correctly.

Yeedi Vac Max Charging

The vacuum will need to fully charge before you can use it for the first time. Open the top lid and find the sliding switch. Turn this to On.

While you’re waiting for it to charge, download the yeedi app. The Quick Start Guide includes a QR code that allows you to easily download the app for iOS or Android. The same QR code is printed under the lid.

After opening the app, you’ll need to select your region and language, agree to the user agreement and privacy policy, and register for an account.

Yeedi Vac Max Add A Robot

The robot vacuum is ready to be paired when the light on the top slowly flashes. Choose “yeedi vac MAX” from the list on the app.

Yeedi Vac Max Enable Location Services

A pop-up asks you to enable Location Services on your Android or iOS device. If you’re having issues, the question mark on the “Add a Robot” screen opens a setup guide. That is a nice little plus.

You’ll be asked to enter your Wi-Fi credentials and need to be on a 2.4GHz or 2.4/5GHz dual-frequency network.

Yeedi Vac Max On Reset

If you arrived at this point without switching the robot vacuum on, you’ll be asked to and will need to confirm in the app that you have. You will also be prompted to hit the reset switch (to the right of the On/Off switch) and confirm that you heard a ready message.

Yeedi Vac Max Qr

Your robot vacuum still isn’t set up yet. You’ll need to pair it with a QR code. Tap a button on the app to create the QR code, then hold your phone above the vacuum’s camera for it to read the code and finish pairing it.

It’s more steps than you would normally need to go through to pair a vacuum; however, it works well, and you can move through it quickly.

Yeedi Vac Max Dnd Cc

When it’s fully paired, you’ll get a message that says the yeedi vac MAX has completed the setup. Yet, there are a few quick settings you need to go through.

The first is for the Do Not Disturb mode. Enabling this allows you to create a time frame when the vacuum will not operate, even during a scheduled cleaning, or to complete a cleaning session after it has recharged.

The second is for Continuous Cleaning. This will allow the vacuum to finish cleaning after it recharges unless it’s during a Do Not Disturb time.

Using the yeedi vac Max

With the yeedi vac MAX fully set up, it’s time for your first cleaning session. It includes Visual SlAM navigation to guide it through your home and needs to clean and move through your home for the LiDAR to “learn.”

Yeedi Vac Max Auto

Tap the Start button on the app, and the vacuum will begin driving around your home, mapping it out as it goes along. It went about my very non-uniform top level of my home row by row.

Yeedi Vac Max 1st Map

It took three times for the vacuum to complete the mapping and cleaning. This took just over half an hour. The first time the vacuum went row by row, and the second time it seemed to be reaffirming its lines, as it was driving through the middle of a room and would veer off to check corners and such. The third time around, it was edge cleaning.

Yeedi Vac Max Vacuum Mode

There are a few options in the settings. You can clean just an area or a custom plan, select the power, create a schedule, set the language and volume of the audio messages, Continuous Cleaning, Do Not Disturb, auto-boost suction for carpet, auto-empty (though, again, there is no self-empty station on this model), and cleaning sequence, which allows it to follow a preset order in Auto.

I have all laminated and tile flooring in my upstairs so don’t have to adjust the power level. The vacuum did a super job cleaning up everything, even on the lowest setting.

Yeedi Vac Max Transition Piece

The only problem it had was traversing obstacles. While the vacuum can avoid large obstacles adequately, smaller obstacles were a problem.

I have had difficulties with some other robot vacuums making it over a transition piece between the bathroom and hallway. I was able to help it over once, but then it struggled the next time, rocking quickly back and forth, then giving me a message that there was a problem with the drive wheel. It also struggled going over a floor register, but only the first time.

Yeedi Vac Max Incomplete

While the map looked complete after the first cleaning, a pop-up message told me that the robot was still mapping when I tried to create a no-go zone.

The next cleaning appeared to do the same as the first and didn’t really change the map.

Yeedi Vac Max Stairs

I still had the same pop-up message before the third cleaning but forged ahead to define rooms and set up a no-go zone.

While the Visual SlAM navigation did a fine job mapping out my home, it just wasn’t as finite as others I have used.

I wanted to block off my stairs, but the map didn’t make it obvious where I should draw my lines, so I set one that is probably larger than I needed. While it does skip the blocked-out area the first time around, when it does the edges, it ignores the no-go zone.

Yeedi Vac Max Map Management2

You can also label areas, but there wasn’t much to label. It only detected one large room, which is fine, as it’s really one large great room with a hallway, kitchen, and living room. Other mapping vacuums have done the same, but I was able to draw and label separate rooms. With this, I had to go with its boundaries and just have one room and the bathroom.

Yeedi Vac Max Water Reservoir

To mop while you vacuum, you need to pull out the water reservoir from the front of the yeedi vac MAX. Once it’s pulled out, it will announce that it has been removed.

Pull open the blue rubber tab and fill the reservoir with water. Attach either a disposable mopping pad or the cloth mopping pad. Attach that to the bottom of the water reservoir, then slide it back into the vacuum. Wet the pad slightly just to give it a head start.

Yeedi Vac Max Mopping Pad Plate

No other action is required on your part. The vacuum will detect that the plate is installed and will mop as you vacuum.

Again, the yeedi vac MAX did a great job with the mopping. As with all vacuum mops I’ve reviewed, it surface mops the floor. It’s great for lightly dirty floors. You wouldn’t want to clean up big muddy messes with this or stubborn dried-on globs, but it works great for light dirt and to maintain cleanliness.

Yeedi Vac Max Mop Module

Once you are in the mopping mode, the cleaning module changes to the mop module. The key difference is that it adds an option to choose how much water it will use.

Yeedi Vac Max Dust Bin

When you opened the lid to find the On/Off switch and Reset button, you should have also seen the dust bin. This is a unique location, as typically, dust bins are on the front.

You will need to lift the dust bin out to empty it after every cleaning session. Press the red switch on the side to open the bin and dump the contents into the garbage.

The yeedi vac MAX Robot Vacuum will also give you a voice prompt to remove the mopping pad. Pull out the water reservoir and remove the pad. If it’s the reusable one, rinse it out. If it’s a disposable one, simply toss it in the trash. You should also empty the water reservoir.

Final Thoughts

The yeedi vac MAX would make a great first robot vacuum. It would definitely satisfy your curiosity about these devices. But if you’re a more experienced robot vacuum user, it may not check all the boxes for you.

This is due to the extras and not the performance. It really did a great job vacuuming and the usual job mopping. Mostly, I believe the navigation just needs a little work.

You can pick up the yeedi vac MAX Robot Vacuum for $257.49 after a 17% discount and clipping the $40 coupon.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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