xFyro ANC Pro Earbuds Review

Xfyro Anc Pro Earbuds Review Featured


  • Ergonomic fit
  • Long battery life
  • Stereo-quality audio
  • AI-powered noise cancelling and noise filtering


  • Short charging cable

Our Rating

8 / 10

I have three main criteria for earbuds: comfort, long-lasting, and audio quality. The xFyro ANC Pro Earbuds promise to deliver on all three plus some extras. I was excited to give these a try in my daily routine between working out, working, and just relaxing to my favorite music throughout the day.

Overview of Features

The xFyro ANC Pro Earbuds have the typical stem style, but instead of simply being a stick with an earbud on it, the earbud part is at an angle, helping them stay in your ear better. I loved that they also come with three sets of ear pieces in varying sizes for customized comfort.

Xfyro Anc Pro Earbuds Review Overview

While there are several standout features with these earbuds, it’s the AI-powered noise filtering that’s front and center. You have two listening modes to choose from: ANC and Transparency. Both are AI-powered. With ANC (active noise cancellation), your music is the focus. With Transparency mode, important sounds are filtered in. The earbuds have over 6,000 sounds programmed in. These include alarms, voices near you, car horns, etc. This helps you listen to your music without missing out on important things around you.

As with many earbuds, the xFyro ANC come with a compact charging case that quick charges via the provided USB-C cable. Each charge is designed to last up to 10 hours. When fully charged, the case provides up to 90 more hours of charge before you need to recharge anything.

A few other notable features include:

  • Ergonomic fit for all-day wear
  • IPX5 water resistant
  • Touch controls
  • Works with Siri and Google Assistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with a range of up to 30 feet
  • Dual beamforming mic
  • 7mm graphene audio drivers for stereo quality sound

What’s Included

The xFyro ANC Pro Earbuds were ready to use right out of the box, though the initial charge didn’t last that long. But you can get set up during that time and test them out. However, an hour in the case, and I was all set.

Xfyro Anc Pro Earbuds Review Box

You get three sets of flexible ear pieces to get the right fit. They’re a little difficult to take on and off, but that does mean they’re not just going to slide off while you have the earbuds in.

You also get a USB-C charging cable. I really wish this was a little longer or that the case would charge wirelessly, but those are minor complaints.

Xfyro Anc Pro Earbuds Review Cable

Of course, you also get the earbuds, charging case, and instruction booklet. The booklet is straightforward and includes a quick list of touch commands. It also shows you what the lights on the charging case mean (indicates remaining charge percentage).

Getting Set Up

It only took around an hour for the earbuds to fully charge the first time. After that, I was ready to really start reviewing the xFyro ANC Pro Earbuds.

They connected easily to my Android phone in seconds. I stuck with the earpieces already attached since they fit my ears perfectly. I have to admit that these are some of the more comfortable earbuds I’ve worn. They stayed in no matter how much I walked, ran, or even jumped around.

Xfyro Anc Pro Earbuds Review Earbuds

I highly recommend going over the touch commands, especially when it comes to switching between ANC and Transparency mode. The touch controls are sensitive without being overly sensitive. I’ve had earbuds in the past where my music was jumping to the next track or pausing if my hair even brushed against them.

Using the xFyro ANC Pro Earbuds

First of all, the battery life is rather impressive. While I didn’t put the full 100 hours to the test, I only had to charge the earbuds twice during my review week. That was around 20 hours of use. The case still had over 50 percent charge on it after I charged the earbuds the second time. So, these should easily last you a week or more with daily use.

Xfyro Anc Pro Earbuds Review Case

I’m usually not a fan of wearing earbuds for long periods. They leave my ears a little sore. The angled shape puts less pressure on the ear while keeping them securely in place. After wearing them for several hours at a time, they still felt comfortable. Plus, they didn’t slip out when sweating, which is a major plus.

As far as the audio quality, I couldn’t be happier. It really is stereo-quality audio with impressive bass. Usually, earbuds either don’t have enough bass or have way too much. These offered a great balance.

Naturally, I was eager to test out the AI noise filtering. I didn’t really think it would work as well as it did. In ANC mode, I could just barely hear someone yelling at me from a several feet away. Even then, I couldn’t make out words.

Xfyro Anc Pro Earbuds Review Size

In Transparency mode, my music sounded just as good, but I could hear someone talking in a normal voice at the same distance. While I couldn’t hear them as clearly as if I wasn’t wearing the earbuds, I could hear the person and what they were saying. I could also make out a clock alarm and louder traffic sounds. In my opinion, the earbuds work like they’re supposed to.

My final test was making calls. The earbuds are designed to block out ambient noises that interfere with your calls. I was pleasantly surprised when the person I was talking to couldn’t hear the background noise at the restaurant I was in. I also tried a call with a TV playing and had no issues. Plus, the call quality was amazingly clear and crisp.

Final Thoughts

Xfyro Anc Pro Earbuds Review Final

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with how well the xFyro ANC Pro Earbuds delivered on what was promised. I only had a few minor complaints. First, I really wish the case either had a longer cable or charged wirelessly. Second, the only way to turn the earbuds off is to put them in the case. I’d love the option to turn them off even without the case. But, neither of those are deal breakers.

With AI-powered noise cancelling and filtering, you can stay immersed in your music while being more aware of your surroundings or block out distractions almost completely. Plus, they’re comfortable enough to wear through vigorous workouts without issue.

You can check out the xFyro ANC Pro Earbuds yourself for just $250, though they’re currently discounted to just $125, making these an incredible deal. If you want even more of a deal, take 10% off by using the code maketecheasier.

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