X-Sense Home Security System Review

X Sense Home Security System Review Featured 8


  • Setup takes less than 15 minutes
  • Loud alarms
  • Wireless system
  • No subscription
  • Sends alerts to your phone


  • Alarm might not be loud enough for large homes

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9 / 10

Home security shouldn’t be complicated. In fact, it should only take minutes to set up sensors and alarms to let you know when something’s not quite right at your house. The X-Sense Home Security System eliminates the complex setup for an easy to install wireless security system with no contract involved. I had the pleasure of trying this system out myself to see how well it works for this review.

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Overview of Features

The X-Sense Home Security System comes in two versions: five-piece and eight-piece sets. I reviewed the five-piece, which includes a base station, motion sensor, and two door/window sensors. However, the eight-piece version works the same way, but includes two motion sensors and four door/window sensors.

X Sense Home Security System Review Overview

Other than the base itself, everything is wireless, so you don’t need to run cables throughout your home. Plus, there is a 1.25 mile range on the system, meaning sensors can be as far as 1.25 miles away from the base and still work. This is ideal for larger homes, patios, and storage buildings.

Unlike many wireless security systems, there isn’t any contracts or subscriptions involved. It’s important to note that this isn’t a security camera system, just motion and door/window sensors, so there isn’t any footage to store online or locally.

Instead, you’ll not only hear alarms if you’re at home (up to 105 dB), but you’ll receive alerts on the X-Sense Home Security app (for both iOS and Android). If you have a camera installed, this is a great time to switch to it to see what set off your sensors.

X Sense Home Security System Review Remote

The system also works with Amazon Alexa, so you can quickly arm and disarm the system. The remote and app also let you turn off alarms. Quickly adjust settings within the app.

You can customize the volume and sounds to best fit your home. If your power should go out, the base includes a built-in battery to keep your system working for up to 12 hours without power.

In the Box

X Sense Home Security System Review Box

You won’t need anything other than a screwdriver to install the X-Sense Home Security System. Of course, if you choose to use the adhesive strips, you won’t even need a screwdriver. Otherwise, everything you need to set up the system is included in the box.

The kit includes a base station with power cable. There’s also a motion sensor and two door/window sensors. Batteries are included for all components. There’s also a simple remote, but if you lose it, don’t worry – you can still control everything in the app.

X Sense Home Security System Review Screws

Screws with anchors and adhesive strips are included to make installation easy. Mounts are already attached on the backs of the sensors. You can remove these if you don’t need them, but the adhesive attaches just fine either way.

Getting Set Up

X Sense Home Security System Review Base

X-Sense states you can be set up in as little as three minutes. The estimate isn’t really far off. The setup guide is clear and easy to follow. Once you install the app, just follow the prompts to connect the the base and sensors.

Once the base was plugged in, all I had to do was scan a QR code on the base itself. I was then able to connect to my Wi-Fi network, name the device, and adjust settings. The next prompt was to add another device, which was a motion sensor.

X Sense Home Security System Review Motion

With the base already connected to my network, all I had to do was scan the QR code on the sensor, hold the test button on the sensor, and wait a few seconds for everything to pair. It was the same process with both door sensors. I will say that the test button on the door sensor is a little hard to find because it’s so tiny.

X Sense Home Security System Review Door

You don’t have to place the sensors right away. Feel free to add and pair all your devices before proceeding to the actual installation.

I’d say it may have taken three to four minutes for the pairing process with the base, sensors, and remote.

The next step, of course, is actually placing the sensors. I opted for the adhesive strips. I can’t say whether these will damage any paint or not, but I was able to remove one half of the door sensor to move it up a bit and didn’t have any issues.

X Sense Home Security System Review On Door

Of course, if you prefer a more solid installation, screws are included. However, I didn’t have any problems with the adhesive during my test. I would recommend using screws if you’re installing sensors on outbuildings where the temperature would fluctuate more.

I’d add anywhere from five to ten minutes for placing and installing the devices themselves. This means at most, it would take 15 minutes to install this system. Of course the eight-piece version will take just a few more minutes.

Using the App

X Sense Home Security System Review App

The X-Sense Home Security System is incredibly easy to control and adjust via the app. Each component has its own settings screen. This allows you to change the name, such as naming a door/window sensor to Front Door or naming it Living Room Window. You can also change the alarm tone and volume.

While you have to set up an account to use the app, this is only for security purposes so that people can’t just change settings whenever they feel like it. You are able to share access with just the people you choose, such as a spouse, child, or roommate.

Using the X-Sense Home Security System

It’s highly recommended to place the motion sensor high in a corner where sunlight won’t shine on it. If you’re not sure if the sensor works well in a location, you can use the testing feature in the app to test the placement before you attach it to the wall.

X Sense Home Security System Review Motion Placed

The motion sensor will only go off every two minutes at most. This prevents excessive alarms if a pet goes by for example.

I had to turn the base volume up around mid-way to hear it throughout my home. I installed it in a central location to be able to hear it easier. When armed, the alarm sounds until you turn it off. You can also disarm it to avoid any alarms while sitting at home.

For the door/window sensors, I could choose from four sounds. The base itself only has three. These make a sound every time the door or window they’re on opens. The alarm is immediate, meaning you won’t be caught off guard when a door opens.

I received notifications on my phone the moment an alarm went off. I could turn it off from my phone, the remote, or my voice.

X Sense Home Security System Review App Alert

You can adjust the motion sensor sensitivity. On the lowest setting, I got alerts anytime I walked by. The highest sensitivity seemed to pick up the tiniest motions, such as a ceiling fan, at the highest setting may be too sensitive in many cases.

Final Thoughts

X Sense Home Security System Review Final

From the setup and installation to actually using the security system, I remained pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly everything was. Plus, it worked exactly as stated. Those are two things that rarely happen with electronics.

I couldn’t be happier with how well the security system performed. The volume is more than loud enough to alert you to danger, and you can get alerts on your phone from anywhere. Plus, you don’t have to buy an expensive subscription to use it.

I’d personally set up a camera to quickly monitor a room when I got an alert, but that’s just a bonus. Overall, the X-Sense Home Security System is everything it promises to be.

Currently, the price is discounted $30, but if you clip the Amazon coupon for another $30 off and apply the 15% off code of WKEH6OB3, you can get the security system for just $93.49. The 15% off code won’t expire until March 31, 2022, but the coupon code and discounted price may not last. However, the manufacturer does frequently apply other discounts.

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