Virmee Tempo VT3 Plus Smart Watch Review: Fitness Tracking Made Easy

Virmee Tempo Vt3 Plus Smart Watch Review


  • Up to 7-day battery life
  • 18 fitness modes
  • Heart and sleep monitoring
  • SpO2 and stress level monitoring
  • Message notification syncing


  • App loses connectivity often
  • Sleep monitoring schedule can't be customized

Our Rating

6 / 10

Exercising can be hard enough, but tracking the results is even more difficult. The Virmee Tempo VT3 Plus Smart Watch offers a surprisingly affordable, yet powerful, way to track various types of exercises right from your wrist. I recently had the pleasure of trying this watch out myself for a few weeks to see how well it actually works.

Overview of Features

Bright, comfortable, and easy to use is the best way to describe the Virmee Tempo VT3 Plus Smart Watch. The vivid 1.5-inch touch display features a 360 X 320 resolution. By default, the brightness adapts based on your environment, or you can set it manually.

Virmee Tempo Vt3 Plus Smart Watch Review Overview

The silicone band fits comfortably on your wrist throughout any exercise, even swimming. Plus, it’s easy to adjust to the perfect fit.

While it can notify you of calls, messages, calendar alerts, and more, the standout feature of this watch is the fitness and health tracking. With 18 fitness modes built in, just pick your desired activity, set your parameters, and start exercising. While I noticed a few things missing that I’d like to see, you’ll easily find plenty of fitness modes to work with your lifestyle.

Virmee Tempo Vt3 Plus Smart Watch Review Watch 2

One of the fitness modes is swimming. Since the watch is IP68 waterproof, you can dive right in without any concerns.

In addition to fitness tracking, the watch features SpO2 monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring (or on-.demand), and sleep tracking. The latter won’t work for everyone, but more on that later. You’ll also find breathing exercises and a stress test to help you better manage your daily stresses and a handy compass and stopwatch.

The watch is compatible with iOS 10.0 and up and Android 5.0 and later, so you probably don’t have to worry about compatibility unless you have a much older device. Iti’s made to last around seven hours, though this varies based on use.

Getting Started

One thing I really love about the Virmee Tempo VT3 Plus Smart Watch is you’re able to start in seconds. While there is a companion app, it’s not required to use most of the features. Mainly, it’s for saving your fitness data for longer periods. However, you don’t need the app to track an individual workout or your past several workouts.

Virmee Tempo Vt3 Plus Smart Watch Review Getting Started

The watch is optimized to fit on your left wrist by default. You can change this setting to your right wrist within the app.

It’s important to wear the watch in the correct position on your wrist for more accurate tracking. The watch should always be approximately one finger’s width above your wrist bone or just slightly higher than I’m wearing in the above image.

The button on the right side turns the watch on and off. Simply hold it for a few seconds until the watch vibrates. Do the same to turn it off but wait until a menu appears to turn the watch off.

Exploring the Watch

I highly recommend reading the included manual. It explains where and when to swipe to reach the areas you’re looking for. The main screen is a clock face, which you can change to several different clock faces, including a custom image (use the app to upload). You’ll also see current stats, including number of steps, latest heart rate (if heart rate monitoring is turned on), and calories burned.

Virmee Tempo Vt3 Plus Smart Watch Review Stats

As a quick reference, here’s where different swipes take you:

  • Swipe down from the main screen for brightness, flashlight, and heart monitoring shortcut
  • Swipe up for a graphical display of your daily fitness goals, swipe again for another fitness goal display, and again for manual heart rate monitoring
  • Swipe to the left screen to view messages and notifications
  • Swipe to the right screen to view fitness modes
  • Swipe to the right from the fitness modes for your menu, including access to SpO2 monitoring, heart monitoring, stress test, and other options

Hold on the main watch face for a few seconds and swipe up and down to view other watch face options, or choose Settings from the menu screen. The touch sensitivity is just right without being overly sensitive.

Using the Watch

Once you know where everything is, using the Virmee Tempo VT3 Plus Smart Watch couldn’t be easier. I actually only ran into one big problem – getting the heart rate monitoring to work.

Virmee Tempo Vt3 Plus Smart Watch Review Heart

However, I looked through questions on Amazon and found many other users had the same issue. As it turns out, there are two settings you need to change. First, turn on 24/7 heart monitoring. (This will drain the battery faster – I got around five days versus just over seven that I had before.) You can find t setting in the Menu screen or swipe down from the main screen.

Go to the Menu screen and tap Settings. There are two 24-hr settings. The first applies to the 24-hr tracking for heart rate monitoring. The second applies to the time, whether you’re using 12-hr or 24-hr time. Once I did that, the heart rate tracking worked perfectly. I did have issues syncing the data with the watch, though. It took several days, and even then, it didn’t sync sometimes.

I tried the watch with Run, Bike, Fast Walk, and Yoga fitness modes. Once you choose a mode, you have to select a few target goals, such as distance and time. The options will vary based on the exercise you choose. Some don’t have any options, such as Basketball. As a side note, you can turn on Smart Track in the Settings to automatically detect your exercise.

Virmee Tempo Vt3 Plus Smart Watch Review Workouts

Swipe up and down to view your current stats during a workout and even pause for a break. When you’re finished, end the workout on the watch. Tap Recent Workouts to view stats from your latest workouts.

Virmee Tempo Vt3 Plus Smart Watch Review Bike

I also made use of the breathing exercises, stress test, and SpO2 monitoring. I couldn’t use the sleep tracking, as it only monitors between 8 PM to 9 AM. I work at night and don’t sleep until around 8 AM, so if you work odd hours, that part may not work so well for you.

Virmee Tempo Vt3 Plus Smart Watch Review Sp02

Overall, the stats seem fairly accurate. The heart rate was always exact or extremely close to a manual check. The daily steps seem to be around 20 to 30 steps off either way, which evens out. It’s surprisingly accurate and reliable.

Syncing with the App

Syncing with the free VIRMEE app is a little tricky at first. Follow all the prompts to give the app all the required permissions, and there are many. It took me several tries to sync via Bluetooth and sometimes it dropped the connection, even with my phone in my pocket.

Virmee Tempo Vt3 Plus Smart Watch Review App

However, once you’re connected, the app is simple to use. You’ll see your latest workout stats, an overview of your heart and sleep tracking data, stress monitoring, and daily fitness details. You’ll also be able to change settings on the watch itself, such as the temperature, which apps send notifications to the watch, your daily goals (such as number of steps and calories burned), and more.

You don’t have to create a login to use the app, but any data is erased if you ever uninstall the app.

Final Thoughts

Virmee Tempo Vt3 Plus Smart Watch Review Final

If you’re looking for an affordable fitness tracker and smart watch combo, the Virmee Tempo VT3 Plus Smart Watch is one option to consider. It offers many of the same features as many higher priced smart watches. It works well, lasts for up to a week at a time, and makes monitoring your fitness as easy as a few taps on your wrist.

You can pick up your own Virmee Tempo VT3 Plus Smart Watch for just $59.99.

Crystal Crowder
Crystal Crowder

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