VANKYO Leisure 530W Projector Review

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Featured


  • 1080p and 4K support
  • Support for Wi-Fi, HDMI, VGA, USB, and micro-SD
  • 100-inch screen included
  • Digital keystone and manual adjustment
  • Surprisingly good sound
  • Bright video


  • Switching between iOS and Android isn't clear
  • Screen clips are a little flimsy

Our Rating

8 / 10

Staying home for movie nights is becoming more and more common. An easy way to get the big-screen experience while sitting comfortably on your couch is with the VANKYO Leisure 530W Projector. From turning your wall into a movie screen to setting up a theater in your backyard, this projector makes it surprisingly easy to watch TV and movies on a much larger screen.

Overview of Features

The VANKYO Leisure 530W Projector is a great mid-range projector that easily turns your home or yard into a cinematic experience. At just around four pounds, the lightweight, compact (9.5″ x 8.3″ x 3.5″) Wi-Fi projector doesn’t take up much space at all but delivers major results.

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Overview

Screen mirroring allows you to cast your iOS, Android, and any other device with a screen that supports Miracast technology. Alternatively, connect a TV, cable box, gaming system, streaming stick, or computer via HDMI as an alternative to Wi-Fi.

With the 1920 X 1080 resolution and 1000:1 picture ratio, HD videos look amazing. There’s also support for 4K for even better picture quality. The new 2021 version is up to 80 percent brighter, making it ideal for outdoor viewing – even in the daylight.

Whether you’re using the included 100-inch screen or another surface, it’s easy to make adjustments to ensure everything lines up perfectly. With 50-degree vertical and horizontal keystone correction along with 50 percent zooming, you can make quick tweaks for a great viewing experience every time. There are also menus for controlling the brightness, color, and more.

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Screen

Control the projector with the included remote or the onboard touchpad. Both offer intuitive controls for navigating menus, making quick adjustments and connecting to the right source.

While both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi networks are supported, there are also inputs for HDMI, USB, audio only, VGA, and micro SD cards. This makes the projector far more compatible with a wide variety of devices. You can even connect an external speaker if you want, though the built-in speaker sounds surprisingly good.

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Inputs

While it’s recommended to keep the projection range between 33-inch and 220-inch, it can go up to 300 inches.

In the Box

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Box

Everything you need to immediately get connected and enjoying the VANKYO Leisure 530W Projector is included. Naturally, there’s the projector itself, which includes a protective lens cap, which is always nice.

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Cap

There’s also a cleaning kit to help you maintain the projector. I appreciate that the vent filter is actually easy to remove in order to keep the projector cleaner. Along with a power cable, VANKYO also included HDMI and AV cables, which was a pleasant surprise. You also get a remote for easy control. There’s a sensor front and back on the projector to control it from either direction.

If you want to mount the projector on the ceiling, screws are included. There’s a setting in the menu to flip the image.

You also get a 100-inch screen with mounting clips. The included bag is reusable, helping to keep your screen clean and safe between uses. I actually recommend keeping the box, as everything stores neatly and doesn’t take up much space.

Getting Set Up

For the most part, the setup process is self-explanatory. When you first turn on the projector, you can use the touchpad or remote to choose your input.

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Touchpad

By default on the one I tested, screen mirroring was for iOS. I couldn’t find anything in the instruction manual explaining how to switch to Android. However, if you enter the projector’s IP address in your browser, you can change network settings and switch modes between Android and iOS. Once I did that, screen mirroring worked perfectly.

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Switch

Using the menus, you can adjust various settings, including digital keystone adjustments. You can also use the wheels on the VANKYO Leisure 530W Projector itself to make manual adjustments.

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Wheel

The four rubber feet keep the projector in place, even when it’s tilted at an angle. The rings in the screen also make it easy to attach the provided clips, but I actually used it outside and attached it to an outdoor swing frame, which worked incredibly well.

From start to finish, it took maybe 5 to 10 minutes to get everything set up. That includes running the HDMI cable to my PC to test that connection.

VANKYO Leisure 530W Projector in Action

Despite the mid-range price point, this projector performs as well as many high-end options. The bright, vivid colors show up well even in sunlight or in a well-lit room, making it great for offices as well as your home.

While I did a few tests indoors with screen mirroring on my Android device, the real test for me was outside. I wanted to have a movie night outdoors with family. Thanks to a table and a swing frame, I had the projector set up and ready to play the movie in just a few minutes. Adjusting it to fit the screen was a breeze.

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Screen Mirror

Despite having a bright backyard light, the movie was crystal clear on the provided screen. I left the sound at around 50 percent and it still sounded great. Going on up to around 75 percent would have probably annoyed my neighbors just a little. I was expecting basic sound, but the speaker had a rich, full quality instead. Of course, you can always connect an even better speaker if you want.

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Mte

I had the projector around six to eight feet from the screen, but I could have easily gone further back. However, that worked well for what I wanted to do.

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Viewing

In addition to streaming a movie, I also tried viewing photos from a USB drive and a micro-SD card. Both looked great. I also connected a DVD player, which is a good option if you don’t have Wi-Fi.

Final Thoughts

The VANKYO Leisure 530W Projector is perfect if you want to bring the big screen home to your living room or even outside. It’s also ideal for office meetings and conferences.

Vankyo Leisure 530w Projector Review Outside

While I’d love to see some sort of tripod included, it’s easy to set the projector on a coffee table, portable table, or counter without worrying about it slipping off. The screen didn’t wash out the colors, which was a nice surprise. Even better, the speaker sounded amazing.

I’ll definitely be having more movie nights with this projector during the summer evenings. You can try out the VANKYO Leisure 530W Projector yourself for just $169.99 after “clipping” the $30 coupon on Amazon and applying the code VANKYOGO. This deal expires on June 10, 2021.

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