VANKYO Leisure 495W Dolby Audio Projector Review

Vankyo 495w Projector Featured


  • Connects through Wi-FI, Bluetooth, and HD
  • Dolby Atmos sound
  • Sharp picture, even in the daytime
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging


  • Instructions unclear and missing steps
  • Needs certain cables for iOS/iPadOS
  • Batteries not included for remote

Our Rating

7 / 10

The way we enjoy our entertainment has changed over the past few decades. We now have all-in-one solutions and can find it all from the comfort of our living rooms. It has caused a change in our equipment. This review takes a look at the VANKYO Leisure 495W Dolby Audio Projector to see how it fits in with today’s entertainment options.

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Setting Up the VANKYO 495W Projector

The VANKYO Leisure 495W Dolby Audio Projector ships with the basics. You’ll need to supply your own batteries and some connection cords, but this seems to be the new trend in tech products.

Vankyo 495w Projector Unboxed

Included in the box:

  • 495W projector
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
  • Power cord
  • HD cord
  • AV cord
  • Remote (no batteries included)
  • Cotton swabs for cleaning
Vankyo 495w Projector Controls

Setting up the projector, you’ll find most of the ports on the back: Audio Out, AV in, USB (2), and HD. Also back there are the Keystone knob and basic controls that are also found on the remote.

Vankyo 495w Projector Power Cord

On the side of the projector, you’ll find the port for the power plug, the Focus ring, and a detachable dust filter. The speaker and an air outlet are on the opposite side.

Vankyo 495w Projector Lens Cap2

The lens cap is already installed over the lens when the VANKYO Leisure 495W Projector ships. It’s a great safety measure, but you’ll need to remove it before using the projector. It’s an obvious cap, though, which is helpful. I reviewed another projector where the cap was not noticeable and was easy to miss.

Vankyo 495w Projector Focus

After plugging in the power cord, turn the projector on at the back, and an image will pop up asking you to choose a language. You can also tune in the sharpness at this point with the Focus knob and adjust the Keystone ring to correctly align the horizontal and vertical.

I struggled with that, but it’s no fault of the projector; it’s simply a difficult placement in my home. It’s the only blank wall I have in my house, but I could have hung a screen or white sheet.

Vankyo 495w Projector Settings

On the Settings menu is an option for “Image Scaling.” This provided much help in spacing, as I was able to choose from 75% to 100% of the image size. This would also provide much help when viewing outside.

The VANKYO 495 Projector connects through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or HD. In the main menu, you can set the Wi-Fi settings, choose your multimedia type, etc. It should be noted that Bluetooth only works for audio connections.

Using the VANKYO 495W Projector

The VANKYO 495W Dolby Audio Projector can connect to many types of devices: computer, mobile, USB stick, streaming device, etc. The instructions for connecting are very vague and sometimes unclear, so some of this was guesswork.

Connecting to iPhone/iPad

There are two settings for connecting the projector to an iPhone or iPad: iOS Cast and iOS Cable Cast. I tried to connect through cable on two iPad Pros and an iPone and wasn’t able to get it to work. VANKYO has told me it is because they do not yet support iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. One of my iPad Pros is still running iPadOS 15. It would also not connect with that. It needs a USB-A to USB-C cord, and VANKYO assured me it would connect with a high-quality USB-A to USB-C cord.

Vankyo 4955 Projector Cast

Initially, I wasn’t able to connect via iOS Cast either, but it turns out I was missing a step.

Vankyo 495w Projector Ios Cast

I kept doing the steps shown here, the same ones mentioned in the user guide, again and again, but I could not connect.

Vankyo 495w Projector Screen Mirroring

What I was missing is that I had to select my Wi-Fi network on my phone. Yes, that seems obvious, but I knew I was already on my Wi-FI – so I wasn’t clicking over to check it. I needed to go through the process anyway before the VANKYO 495W Projector would show as an option in Screen Mirroring.

Vankyo 495 Projector Mte Youtube

Once I could get past that step, I could view my iPhone screen easily and beautifully on the projector. It provided a great image on my wall, even in the daytime without the curtains closed.

Vankyo 495w Projector Ipad

I could connect in this same way, through Screen Mirroring, to my iPad Pro.

Vankyo 495w Projector Apple

However, there seemed to be blocks with Apple and video content. I wasn’t able to see much licensed content. I couldn’t watch a video of WWDC. I couldn’t watch much video content through Apple or streaming sites. I even received messages sometimes saying the content wasn’t available to secondary devices. I do know my fellow writer reviewed another VANKYO projector, had no problem connecting to her devices, and was able to view licensed content.

Vankyo 495w Projector Ring

I know it’s related to Apple, as I was able to view my Ring camera view on my iPhone perfectly through Screen Mirroring.

Connecting via Fire TV Stick

It took a little trial and error to connect to my Fire TV stick, but I figured it out. I had to put the HDMI end in the HD port, plug the USB connector in, and plug the USB end into the back of the projector. This connection worked great.

Vankyo 495w Projector Fire Youtube

I was able to view YouTube and licensed content. I wasn’t blocked from viewing anything I tried.

Vankyo 495 Projector Fire Freevee

Connecting via Bluetooth

The VANKYO 495W Projector also has Dolby Audio that you can take advantage of by connecting to Bluetooth.

Vankyo 495w Projector Bluetooth

To connect my AirPods through Bluetooth, I had to put the AirPods in pairing mode by holding the button down.

Vankyo 495w Projector Airpods Paired

The projector will connect to other Bluetooth devices as well, such as headphones and earbuds, but won’t connect to computers.

Final Thoughts

There are many great things to say about the VANKYO Leisure 495W Dolby Audio Projector.

Vankyo 495w Projector Specifications

It works with and connects easily to some products, displays sharp images, and has a booming sound. Additionally, this projector has support for the “Green Life” program. It uses environmentally-friendly materials, such as soybean ink on the packaging and trays made of egg shells instead of foam to reduce the amount of plastic used. Also, VANKYO is developing anti-bluelight products to reduce damage to eyes.

Still, the instructions provided are not clear and are missing steps, so using the projector will sometimes take some guesswork and patience, and you need certain cables or versions of iOS and iPadOS to connect via a cord to Apple devices.

The VANKYO Leisure 495W Dolby Atmos Projector is available for $120 off, leaving you to pay just $179.99.

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