Tronsmart Bang Outdoor Party Speaker Review

Featured Img Tronsmart Bluetooth Bang Party Speaker Outside


  • Supports diverse connectivity options
  • Long range high volume levels and series connections
  • Durability of material, IPX6 waterproof 
  • Inexpensive mid-range speaker with powerful features


  • Longer charging time
  • Auto power off leads to speaker disconnecting

Our Rating

7 / 10

If you want to treat others to your music collection, any smartphone will provide decent audio. But for sheer listening pleasure, you need something louder and with stereo sound. A Bluetooth speaker can help you raise the right decibels for indoor or outdoor events to create feel-good vibes for many people gathered at once. This review looks at the Tronsmart Bang Outdoor Party Speaker, a budget option that delivers guaranteed boom for the buck, thanks to its support for versatile connectivity options.

How to Use Tronsmart Bang

Weighing nearly 6.5 pounds (3 kg), the Tronsmart Bang Outdoor Party Speaker is a pretty heavy thing to lug around. But that doesn’t take any marks off for me, as it’s featured as an “outdoor speaker.

Essentially, the Tronsmart Bang supports a rugged design comprised of an acoustic grille with an IPX6 waterproof rating. Therefore, it can handle a little accidental water spillage., and you can blast continuous music during pool parties. Thankfully, the unit comes in a briefcase-like package, which will greatly assist with its transportation to assorted locations.

Tronsmart Bang Packaging

Inside the package, you will find the Tronsmart Bang speaker, along with a Type-C charging cable and 3.5 mm audio cable. The button configuration is rather simple: all necessary device controls, including the Power switch and Volume +/-, rest on a top panel. There isn’t much to learn here, which is really good. The device starts when you press the Power button for two seconds and is turned off by pressing it for eight seconds.

Tronsmart Bang Speaker On With Accessories

The speaker also features a built-in 10800 mAh power bank carrying a USB charge-out function at DC 5 V/1 A. It can prove very handy for charging your smartphone on the go. You can also use the same USB-A port for playing USB-based music playlists; however, it’s not recommended to play music and charge your phone at the same time.

To charge your Tronsmart Bang Outdoor Party Speaker, there is a Type-C charging port next to the USB-A port. There is also an SD card slot at the extreme end. The total charging time has been listed as 4.5 hours, and that’s something you wouldn’t like if you’re aiming to play the speaker wirelessly. Once fully charged, the device claims it will play continuously for up to 15 hours. But there’s a few caveats: as long as the LED is off and it’s set at 50 percent volume. Otherwise, the play time is listed as around 8 hours.

Tronsmart Bang Charging The Device

From a practical point of view, if you have access to a constant power source for Tronsmart Bang during an event, there would be no issues. When there are people around, you don’t want the music dying along with the battery.

How Loud Is the Speaker?

The answer is “pretty loud.” True to its credentials as a party speaker, the Tronsmart Bang delivers on desirable volume levels. Even at 50 percent volume, it will play decent music whether you’re in your man cave or in a dorm room atmosphere.

But to really escalate the party vibe, don’t forget to press the SoundPulse EQ button (shown below as a “white indicator” to the left of the blue Power button). SoundPulse is Tronsmart’s own patented Digital Audio Processing technology, a new industry standard to provide rich sounds while eliminating harsh noise. You will certainly feel the difference in loudness.

Tronsmart Bang Feature Buttons

Using Youlean Loudness Meter, we tested microphone loudness levels for Tronsmart Bang with 80 percent volume and SoundPulse EQ button On. At a very close range of 10 to 15 feet, it received nightclub decibel levels maxing at 125.8 dB, which was frankly, unbearable. Even at a slight distance of 45 to 50 feet, the loudness averaged around 95 dB, which is quite noisy but more comfortable.

When there are guests around, you may want to tone the Tronsmart Bang down by adjusting the volume for more listening comfort.

Tronsmart Bang Loudness Test Youlean Loudness Meter Readings Free Version
Tronsmart Bang Speaker loudness test at 80% speaker volume and EQ enabled. Courtesy: Youlean Loudness Meter (free version)

Key Features

While you’ll find a many good features on the Tronsmart Bang Outdoor Party Speaker, such as app controls on iPhone/Android, the following are some of its most reliable features which really establish it as a party music gadget.

1. Connect to any Bluetooth Device at Home

The Tronsmart Bang seamlessly connects to any Bluetooth device in your home: PC/laptop, Amazon Echo, Android television sets, and more. No matter the device you’re connecting to, leave the Bluetooth settings on to keep the speaker discoverable. At the same time, it’s important to turn Bluetooth on for Tronsmart Bang, which is indicated by the blue light near the Power button. The following pairing is shown for a Windows laptop.

Tronsmart Bang Bluetooth Devices Connected Showing

Once the Bluetooth pairing has been established, Tronsmart Bang will instantly play any music on the paired device. To ensure a successful connection, the manufacturer recommends choosing a Bluetooth network named “Tronsmart Bang,” which is faster to connect with.

Tronsmart Bang Bluetooth On Laptop

You can also connect to Tronsmart Bang speaker using its mobile apps available in Google Play Store and App Store. I initially faced some issues connecting to the speaker via the Tronsmart Play Store app on my Samsung Galaxy A12. The manufacturer advised me to use a Bluetooth network named “Tronsmart Bang” to avoid pairing difficulties. Perhaps the problem was with my phone, as it couldn’t discover the desired network, yet it was a breeze connecting Tronsmart Bang speaker to other Bluetooth devices, including another phone.

Tronsmart Bang Google Play Store App

2. Playing USB and SD Card Playlists

Tronsmart Bang supports a working USB flash drive mode and a Micro SD card mode to play any saved playlists on those devices. Such offline modes are a great help when the web connectivity is poor and Bluetooth isn’t reliable either. To operate using the USB or SD card playlists, just press the M button on the top panel of the speaker once. It alternates playing modes between Bluetooth, USB flash drive, SD card, and Aux-in for audio cables.

Tronsmart Bang Usb Playlist Mode

3. Smart TV Support

Perhaps one of the most stunning features of Tronsmart Bang is the fabulous ease with which it pairs a smart television. Whether you use Android or Apple TV, you’ll find an integral settings option “Remotes and accesories” for Bluetooth connections.

Tronsmart Bang Android Tv Bluetooth Connected

Once the pairing is established, you can watch all your favorite television programs while listening through the speaker. You can even play YouTube playlists or Netflix programs. If you’re throwing a television watch party, the Tronsmart Bang won’t disappoint.

Tronsmart Bang Android Tv Pairing

4. Disco Lights and Mood Change Based on Beat

What good is loud music without a light show? Tronsmart Bang is the perfect speaker to use at night because it features a superb beat-driven light show. It displays several colors, including blue, green, red, pink, yellow, and purple. This leads to a disco-like effect found in nightclubs. If you’re playing underground music, the speaker with its beautiful light effects will blend into the background. Want to go easy on the light show? You can simply turn it off with a one-second press of the Power button.

Tronsmart Bang Changing Beat Lights

5. Connect Multiple Speakers for Large Events

While one Tronsmart Bang speaker is sufficiently loud for an apartment or small restaurant (60 feet range). You can connect more of these speakers in series to cover more ground. Just turn the TuneConn button as shown here to put it in broadcast mode as a host speaker. Using the same TuneConn button, you can connect one or more guest Tronsmart Bang speakers to multiply the sound channels.

Tronsmart Bang Connected Series As Host

Review Summary

Tronsmart Bang Outdoor Party Bluetooth Speaker is a superb device to host musical events and large gatherings. At the same time, it will also help you listen to good music in solitude. There’s a minor downside though: the speaker automatically powers off after several minutes of idle time when no music is played. To prevent that, you have to really keep the speaker running continuously ensuring that your playlist is long enough. In the end, once you get a hang of the device’s best features, you’ll have a lot of happy guests to cheer you on. Buy it for $109.99.

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