Tenvis TW888 FHD 1080P Webcam Review

Tenvis Tw888 Fhd 1080p Webcam Review


  • 1080P video quality
  • Built-in microphone with noise reduction
  • Easy installation
  • Tripod included
  • Works with multiple operating systems


Tripod slides

Our Rating

9 / 10

While most every laptop, smartphone, and tablet has a built-in webcam, they’re not always the best quality. Plus, they’re not ideal for more than one person in a shot. The Tenvis TW888 FHD 1080P Webcam makes it easy to add a higher-quality webcam to any compatible device, making your next meeting or live streaming session look much better.

Overview of Features

The Tenvis TW888 FHD 1080P Webcam seems simple on the surface, but don’t let that fool you. I had the opportunity to test out this webcam for myself, and the simplicity is actually a good thing. In fact, you can start using it within a few minutes.

Tenvis Tw888 Fhd 1080p Webcam Review Overview

It’s compatible with a wide range of devices, though you may need a USB-A to USB-C adapter if you’re using it on Chrome OS or Android devices. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, and other devices with a USB-A port. I used it on my Windows 10 PC with no issues.

Obviously, image quality is important, but this webcam delivers FHD 1080P video and uses two million CMOS image sensors along with automatic light correction. It also records at 30fps and uses H2.64 video compression technology, making live streaming and recording smooth.

The webcam has a 120-degree wide angle, so you can fit several people into the same frame without scrunching together. Plus, the built-in microphone has noise reduction to cut out those annoying background noises.

Tenvis Tw888 Fhd 1080p Webcam Review Tripod

There are two ways to use it: on top of your monitor or laptop screen or with the included adjustable tripod. The camera itself rotates a full 360 degrees, and the attached clip adjusts up to 180 degrees to help you get the perfect angle every time.

It’s a plug-and-play webcam, so you don’t need any complicated software to get started. It’s designed to be used with any video conferencing software, so you’re free to use it as your main webcam.

Setting Up the Camera

From box to installation, expect to spend less than five minutes setting everything up. The Tenvis TW888 FHD 1080P Webcam installed within seconds after connecting the USB cable.

Tenvis Tw888 Fhd 1080p Webcam Review Setup

One thing that impressed me was the USB cable is actually long enough to use the tripod effectively. If you’re installing the webcam on a larger monitor, the cable should still reach your computer’s USB port.

If you’re placing the webcam on a monitor or laptop, simply unfold the base under the webcam and fit it securely against the top of your screen. Unless you really pull at it, it stays in place well.

Alternatively, screw the base onto the tripod. The metal legs are fully adjustable to get the perfect angle. The bottom of the legs have a little grip to them, but the tripod does move more freely than I’d prefer. It’s about the same weight, though, as the camera, so it doesn’t fall over easily.

Tenvis Tw888 Fhd 1080p Webcam Review Setup Tripod

One snag I ran into was that the camera’s mic was muted when Windows installed it. I’ve tested other webcams and didn’t have this issue. At least it’s a simple fix. By using the sound settings within Control Panel, I was able to unmute the mic. Unless you do this within your operating system settings, it won’t unmute in any video app you’re using. This could have just been an issue on my end, though.

Putting the Webcam to the Test

I tried out the Tenvis TW888 FHD 1080P Webcam on both Skype and Google Meet. The first thing I noticed was how much clearer my video looked. In fact, it looked better than the person I was meeting with. I could really tell a difference.

Tenvis Tw888 Fhd 1080p Webcam Review Using

Below are the settings on Skype to give you a comparison of how my built-in webcam looks compared to the Tenvis webcam. Notice that the colors are much sharper and the viewing angle is much wider.

Tenvis Tw888 Fhd 1080p Webcam Review Comparison

I didn’t notice the same glitches in the video that I was used to. Plus, the microphone picked up my voice without any echo effects like my built-in laptop mic.

Tenvis Tw888 Fhd 1080p Webcam Review Google Meet

As far as noise reduction, I had the TV going in the background just to see what happened. Even with it turned up, the other person never heard anything but me. That’s a definite bonus if you’re trying to hold meetings from home and have noise in the background. Anything extremely loud or close is still going to be heard, but standard background noise is drastically reduced.

I loved that I could quickly adjust the webcam to the angle I needed without having to detach it from my laptop screen. Plus, when I was done, all I had to do was loosen the base and detach the USB cable.

Final Thoughts

Would I use this as my main webcam? Absolutely. The video quality looked sharp and clear. Even the person I was meeting with noticed a difference, which is impressive. The adjustable tripod is a major bonus. I did test out the tripod, and it held up perfectly, though it did slide a few times when connecting the USB cable.

Tenvis Tw888 Fhd 1080p Webcam Review Final

If you’re looking for an affordable webcam that doesn’t skimp on quality, try out the Tenvis TW888 FHD 1080P Webcam yourself for $45.99. Right now, you can get the webcam for just $24.99 with the discount code TWEB888JP.

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