TAJEZZO PZ5 Smart Backpack Review

Tajezzo Pz5 Smart Backpack Featured


  • Big storage space
  • Durable hard shell case
  • Comfy cushion
  • Loud speaker with good music quality


  • Can be heavy even when empty
  • Nothing about it is "smart"
  • LED light panel could be made bigger

Our Rating

6 / 10

There are plenty of “smart” gadgets around. Other than your smartphone, there are smart lights, smart TV, smart doorbell etc. What about a smart backpack? Have you ever encountered one? Let’s check out the TAJEZZO PZ5 smart backpack.

What Is the TAJEZZO PZ5 Smart Backpack?

When a product is touted as “smart,” you often expect it to be able to connect to the Web and able to make decisions for you. In this case, you will be disappointed with this TAJEZZO backpack. There are two main gadgetries in this backpack: an embedded Bluetooth speaker and an LED light panel. The only thing that makes it “smart” is that you can connect the speaker with your phone to play music and listen to phone calls.

The Design

Unlike any other backpac you may have, the PZ5 has a polyhedral hard shell in the front that makes it stand out from the rest. The backpack, by itself, is long and huge. If you aren’t tall enough, you will be easily buried by the backpack while carrying it.

At the top of the backpack is the glass panel that can display interactive lighting. One thing of note, though: it is only a single strip of light that can flash in different colors.

Tajezzo Light Panel

The hard shell is designed to withstand collisions so that it can protect the things within, though it does add a lot of weight, making the backpack heavy before you even fill it with things. There is nothing said about the polyhedral design, supposedly for the purpose of making it look “cool.” The hard shell doesn’t allow the bag to stand straight on its own, though, which reduce its usefulness.

Tajezzo Backpack Design

The back of the backpack is heavily cushioned and comfortable. The zipper is inline and hidden to prevent theft.

Tajezzo Back Cushion

The left strap has a remote control that allows you to control the speaker (more on that later).

Tajezzo Left Strap Remote Control

There is a luggage strap and a back pocket where you can place your phone to charge. It also has a cable with three different ports: USB-C, lightning and USB-A. The USB-A port is for charging the backpack speaker while the other two are for charging your Android or iPhone.

Last but not least, there is a FIDLOCK magnetic buckle for you to secure your bag.

Tajezzo Magnetic Strap Lock

The interior

The bag does have a large internal storage space. The zipper can be opened all the way to the end so that you can open the bag fully to pack your stuff or remove things from the bag. The bag’s internal space is divided into three compartments. The base compartment is for you to add your clothing or any big items. The second compartment is for small stuff like books, folders, etc. The third is for a laptop or tblet 15 inches (or smaller).

Tajezzo Interior Compartment


To start using the Bluetooth speaker in the backpack, long-press on the Power button on the remote control on the left strap. This will turn on the speaker and put it in pairing mode.

Tajezzo Remote Control Power

Access your phone’s Bluetooth settings and pair with “TAJEZZO Smart Backpack.”

The four buttons play an important part in the remote control of your bag. The “Lightbulb” button controls the LED light. There is a total of 4 light modes:

  • Music mode: the dynamic lighting module will flash with the rhythm of the music.
  • Sport mode: the motion sensor in the glass panel will monitor the movement and light it up when there is a sudden start/stop. When cycling, this will act like an emergency brake light.
  • Night mode: the light sensor will monitor the surroundings. In a low light environment, the light will turn on automatically.
  • Light off: disable all lighting effects.

Clicking the “Music” button will start to play/blast music through the speaker. If you have the need to play music in public, such as at a gathering or picnic, then this will be useful. If not, blasting your music loud while walking will ensure you get unnecessary stares.

There are two music modes that you can switch between: Treble and Bass. Click the Music button to alternate between them. When the music is playing, clicking the Power button will stop the music.

Obviously, the “Phone” button allows you to make and receive calls (via the speaker). Personally, I would prefer to keep my conversation discreet rather than play it loud over the speaker.

My thoughts

The TAJEZZO PZ5 is a very functional backpack with a futuristic design, a durable hard shell case, a big storage space and plenty of cushion for ergonomic support. As for a smart gadget, it is still lacking in features. Adding a speaker and LED light don’t suddenly make it “smart” though. I would definitely use it when going on a short trip, but to blast music (or pick up a call) in public, that is a no-no for me.

Tajezzo PZ5 smart backpack is still at the fundraising stage. You can support it over at its KickStarter page.


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