Sylvox 43″ Outdoor TV – 2023 Deck Pro Series Review

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  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Sets up quickly
  • Brightness allows screen to be seen outside
  • Works with Google Assistant
  • Built-in Chromecast


  • Power cord too short
  • All ports under a screwed in panel

Our Rating

8 / 10

It’s so nice to be outside, enjoying the elements, and also enjoying a favorite movie or streaming the most binge-worthy TV. But it can be a real pain to pack up the TV and put it away every time you finish watching it. Yet, with the Sylvox 43″ Outdoor TV – 2023 Deck Pro Series, you don’t have to put it away. It’s an all-weather TV, meant to be outside. This review takes a closer look at this device.

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Sylvox Outdoor TV Features

The Sylvox Outdoor TV has many, many great features. It would be great as an indoor TV, too, but you’d be missing out on that all-important all-weather feature. Here’s a quick look at the great features.

Sylvox Outdoor Tv Hulu 2
  • IP55 waterproof to handle all weather
  • Withstands temperatures from -22ºF to 122ºF
  • 3840 x 2160 resolution 4K HD and 99% dustproof
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-scratching, full metal shell
  • 1000nit brighter than a regular TV, commercial grade
  • 3-in-1 remote control (infrared, Bluetooth, voice)
  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • Android 11
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

You must admit that those are some powerful features. It’s so great that you could use it at home, yet it’s commercial grade, so it will work well on the patio of your business. It has many options.

Unboxing the TV

Sylvox Outdoor Tv Unboxing 2

The Sylvox Outdoor TV ships with:

  • 43″ outdoor TV
  • Remote control and batteries
  • Power cord
  • Screws and gaskets
  • User manual
  • Quick guide
  • Warranty card

I had limited placement options when setting up the TV for two reasons: power and Internet. The power cord the TV ships with is very short. However, I could have easily run an extension cord. If I were to hang the TV, I would definitely have to run an extension cord, especially since this is an outdoor TV. Additionally, my Internet doesn’t go much further than right outside my garage. Though once again, this could be rectified with a Wi-Fi extender or booster.

A great aspect of the Sylvox Outdoor TV is that it doesn’t sit on “feet,” even if you’re not hanging it. It has a heavy, thicker base that allows it to sit up without the support of “feet.”

Sylvox Outdoor Tv Waterproof Panel

The only difficult part of setting up the TV is that you have to remove the waterproof panel on the back of the TV to insert the electrical cord and any other devices you choose to connect to it. It will take a screwdriver to remove many screws.

Sylvox Outdoor Tv Ports

Underneath the waterproof panel, you will find many ports, including the one for the electrical cord. You’ll find three HDMI ports, two USB ports, headphones port, optical out, RJ45 port, and an antenna port. In other words, there are many different configurations to make this into the entertainment system you always wanted.

Yet, since this is the waterproof panel, it would seem you don’t want to take it off too many times, as you want to keep the optimum seal. You’ll want to plug in everything you think you’ll want to connect before you put the panel back on.

Connecting the TV

Once the Sylvox Outdoor TV is unboxed and plugged in, you’re ready to turn it on and connect it. Do note that you can add an antenna or cable box to get local TV or cable, but I didn’t have access to those outside at the time I was setting it up. But you still have plenty of options with Google Play and Android TV.

Sylvox Outdoor Tv Remote 2

A Sylvox remote is included with every option you could imagine. You can use it both as a regular remote and with your voice through Google Assistant. The colorful dots at the top will bring up Google Assistant. You can see that there are also preprogrammed buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, and Prime Video.

Sylvox Outdoor Tv Logo

Turn on the TV for the first time. After the set turns on, you’ll need to pair the remote. The TV guides you through the steps.

You’ll have options to select a language for the TV and pair your Android phone. You will also need to connect to your Wi-Fi. I had trouble with this. I’m not sure whether my Internet wasn’t strong enough at that point or whether it was because the TV prefers a 2.4GHz frequency, even though it works on 5GHz as well. My Internet is dual-band, but sometimes I need to shut off the 5GHz for it to connect to 2.4GHz devices. Luckily, I didn’t need to shut it off this time. It started after a few tries.

Sylvox Outdoor Tv Google Services

Google allows you to choose which of its services that will affect your privacy you will allow on the TV, including the sharing of your location and diagnostic information.

Using the Sylvox Outdoor TV

In really just a matter of minutes, the Sylvox Outdoor TV is ready to go, no matter the elements outside. Looking at the time stamps on the pictures I took of the process, it was a matter of 40 minutes from taking it out of the box to reaching the home screen pictured below. A chunk of that time was unscrewing and rescrewing the weatherproof panel and trying to connect to my Wi-Fi.

Sylvox Outdoor Tv Home

I tried the voice remote first, before I even explored anything. I asked Google Assistant to find NASCAR. I was looking for that day’s race.

Sylvox Outdoor Tv Nascar

I didn’t find that day’s race, but it did find some NASCAR-related videos on YouTube. I believe it didn’t find the live race, as I didn’t have that TV network app installed at the time.

Sylvox Outdoor Tv Cars

Nevertheless, I opened one of the videos and found the picture to be great. I’ve tried to do work outside on an iPad, and I find it really difficult with the glare on the screen. I had no such issues on this TV. The 4K HD image was sharp and looked great. It was bright enough to see easily, but I did get a reflection of myself as I stood in front of it to take pictures. Ostensibly, though, when you’re watching TV, you won’t be standing right in front of it.

Sylvox Outdoor Tv Netflix

The Android TV has a collection of streaming apps included, and you can download many more from Google Play. I signed in quickly to my Netflix account, and I was up and running with that app. Plus, I can immediately get there with the button on the remote.

Additionally, the TV has Chromecast built in, so you can stream whatever content you want directly from your phone. It really makes what you can watch on the TV limitless.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t get a chance to test the Sylvox Outdoor TV in “all weather,” as while it can withstand very cold and very hot temperatures and rain and snow, I cannot. Yet, I would not have any qualms about using it in extreme weather, as it is clearly built not like any TV I have used before.

The Sylvox operated like any other smart TV but had the additional great outdoor features. It was so easy to set up, yet it is inconvenient that all plugs are under the waterproof panel. Sure, they would have to be to keep it waterproof, yet no one will want to open it up every time they want to use headphones. But they can always pair a set of Bluetooth headphones instead.

If you want to get your own Sylvox 43″ Outdoor TV – 2023 Deck Pro Series, you can pick it up for $1299.

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