Sylvox 24" 12 Volt TV DVD Combo Review

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Featured


  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible
  • Android 11, Chromecast, and DVD player built-in
  • Sturdy design
  • 1080 FHD screen
  • Ideal for car and home use


  • Mounting bracket slips easily during setup
  • Limited file format support for USB drives

Our Rating

9 / 10

Need a great TV for your RV or bedroom that’s compact and even includes a DVD player? The Sylvox 24" 12 Volt TV DVD Combo aims to be the perfect solution. The smaller screen makes it ideal for vacations and traveling. But how well does it work and look? I recently had the pleasure of testing this TV for this review.

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Overview of Features

The Sylvox 24" 12 Volt TV DVD Combo is easily powered with the included AC 110V adapter or the 12 V DC adapter, which supports a DC range between 9V and 36V. This allows it to work in your home, hotel, vacation rental, RV, camper, car/truck, or even off a portable generator.

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Overview

Android 11.0 and Google Chromecast are built in to the 12V TV. Easily access your favorite streaming services, apps, and games directly from the home screen, and download more from the included app store. The TV supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

Since it's an Android device with Google built in, you're also able to control everything with your voice, except the DVD player. You'll need to switch remote modes to control DVDs and CDs with the remote.

A slender DVD player is built in to the side of the TV. There's no need to take along a portable DVD player and watch a tiny screen. Instead, just grab your TV and go. It weighs just under eight pounds, making it lightweight enough to pack up and set up wherever you are. Plus, it's designed to withstand the common bumps and motion from driving.

The frameless design (just a 0.04 in. bezel) and 178-degree viewing angle ensures that the picture looks great from nearly any angle. Enjoy a 1080P FHD with 60 FPS refresh rate. There's a built-in ATSC TV tuner and built-in dual Hi-Fi speakers for more immersive TV, movies, and music.

It also features multiple ports, including:

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Ports
  • 2x HDMI
  • L/R Out
  • LAN
  • Optical Out
  • 2x TV Tuner
  • 2x USB
  • Auxiliary (headphones)

While the model I reviewed only comes with a metal stand, you can also purchase a wall mount for the TV.

In the Box

The Sylvox 24" 12 Volt TV DVD Combo is well packaged and comes with everything you need to get set up quickly. You can order it with a mount if you wish.

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Box

The box contains:

  • TV
  • Remote with batteries
  • AC adapter and power cord
  • DC adapter, aka car charger cord
  • Metal base and column bracket
  • Screws
  • Instructions and warranty card

Getting Set Up

The instructions are pretty easy to follow. I attached the column bracket and base to the TV. The bracket does want to slip a little. If you don't get it to lock in just right, the TV will be wobbly. I had mine slip off the pegs slightly while standing the TV back up. All I had to do was loosen the screws, readjust, and everything re-tightened fine.

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Stand

After that, it was time to go through the step-by-step process of setting up the Android portion of the Sylvox 24" 12 Volt TV DVD Combo. All you need is your phone and a Google account and to follow the prompts.

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Setup

From start to finish, I spent around 10 minutes putting together the TV and setting it up with my Google account.

Personally, one of my favorite parts of this TV is that most of the ports are on the top, including the power. The USB ports and headphone port are on one side, and the DVD player on the other. While the buttons on the TV itself are on the back, they're close enough to the bottom edge to reach.

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Buttons

Trying Out the TV

If you've ever used an Android TV or Google Chromecast, you'll be more than familiar with the home screen. I was able to easily browse and open apps using the remote buttons or my voice.

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Remote

The picture was crystal clear with vivid colors. I did notice the occasional audio/video sync problem with some shows. However, this could easily be due to the show I was watching, as it didn't happen with everything I watched.

I did have to play around with the sound settings a bit to get more of a surround sound feel. However, you can easily connect your own speakers if you want a richer sound. It is surprisingly loud, even on a lower volume, so you'll be able to crank it up and hear it over the sound of an engine running.

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Android

The next step was to give the DVD player a try. The TV DVD Combo requires you to switch the remote mode to IR versus voice control/Bluetooth. This is covered in the quick start guide and only takes a few steps.

If you're somewhere that doesn't have Internet access, grab some DVDs, and you're all set. I switched the input and had no problems playing Mortal Kombat.

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Dvd
Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Dvd2

In testing the USB ports, I tried a Roku Stick just to see how well it'd work. If you're a Roku fan versus a Chromecast fan, you can use your Roku with no problems. I also tried viewing photos and videos from a USB drive. I couldn't view PNG images, but I could view JPG. As long as the videos are under 4GB, they work well. Android 11 doesn't work with NTFS and larger videos.

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Usb

I didn't like that my USB drive had a bunch of Android system folders dumped on it after using it on the TV. Be aware that you'll need to delete some stuff off your drive after using it on your TV. Personally, I'd just stick with casting photos and videos to the TV if your phone supports it.

Final Thoughts

Sylvox 24 Inch 12 Volt Tv Dvd Combo Review Final

The Sylvox 24" 12 Volt TV DVD Combo is an excellent travel companion or ideal to save space in a small room. The combination of Android TV, Chromecast, and a DVD player gives you everything you need to stay entertained without needing much room.

It's super simple to set up and is surprisingly sturdy, as long as the bracket locks into place correctly. Plus, the ports are easy to access.

Purchase the Sylvox 24" 12 Volt TV DVD Combo for just $399.

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