Snaptain SP680 2.7K Drone Review

A feature-packed drone for beginners and casual enthusiasts at an incredible price.

Snaptain Drone Featured2


  • Easy setup
  • Impressive Build Quality 
  • Intuitive controls 
  • Diverse range of autonomous flight modes
  • Competitive Price 


  • Lackluster camera quality 
  • Average battery life
  • Noticeable camera latency 

Our Rating

8 / 10

Whether you are an avid explorer looking to treat yourself or simply searching for the perfect gift, you can take to the skies this holiday season with the Snaptain SP680 2.7K Drone. This four-axis drone provides prospective pilots with everything they need to get started, making it an ideal remote-controlled aircraft for all levels of experience, from first-time flyers to drone enthusiasts – all for a competitive price. Find out more in this hands-on review.

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Preparing for Takeoff

The Snaptain SP680 2.7K Drone unboxing experience is quite simple and straightforward. The box includes:

  • Snaptain Drone
  • Full set of replacement rotor blades
  • 2 landing skids
  • 4 optional propeller protectors
  • Remote with a smartphone mount
  • USB-A cable for charging
  • 3 lithium ion batteries

While some assembly is required, the process took minutes and was not the least bit off-putting. The minimal level of assembly was just enough to give me a newfound sense of ownership over the drone before it even took flight.

Snaptain Drone Tools

A Philips-head screwdriver and a set of tiny screws is included to allow for the attachment of the optional blade guards. Thankfully, the Snaptain SP680 includes more screws than are needed to assemble all of the included parts, just in case you happen to lose some of them. Speaking of taking precautions, I opted to attach the propeller guards, just in case my first flight went haywire. The two landing skids snap easily into place requiring no additional screws.

Snaptain Drone Assembly Screwdriver

Four AA batteries (not included) are required to power up the remote control, and you will need to use the screwdriver to access the battery slot. The included charging cable features a two-port split design that allowed me to charge two batteries at once, which I found convenient.

Snaptain Drone Battery Charger

Camera: A Bird’s Eye View

While not required, the Snaptain SP680 really shines when paired with a smartphone. Using the free Snaptain Nova app, users can pair their iPhone or Android smartphone to the drone using a Wi-Fi connection. Your smartphone then acts as a viewfinder, using the drone’s built-in camera to provide you with a live video feed while you are in the air.

I experienced minimal, albeit noticeable delay while using my iPhone with the drone, especially while attempting to land. The Snaptain Nova companion app requires an iPhone running iOS 8 or later or an Android smartphone running Android 4.6 or later.

Snaptain Nova App Iphone

The Snaptain Drone’s 2.7K Ultra-HD camera captures aerial photos and 25fps videos at a precise resolution of 2976 X 1680. The camera also features a 120-degree field of view (FOV) and a 90-degree adjustable design that must be moved by hand.

I was impressed by the shots that I was able to capture at such heights, and while the images could benefit from enhanced color saturation and contrast, the camera delivers more than appropriate quality for a drone at this price point. Here is an unedited overhead photo that I captured using the Snaptain SP680 2.7K Drone’s camera.

Snaptain Drone Camera Sample Overhead

Handling and Controls: A Move in the Flight Direction

With this drone, Snaptain seems to have accounted for some of the most difficult drone maneuvers by adding intuitive one-press controls for takeoff, landing, maintaining altitude, and even a handful of impressive stunts. These controls seem overwhelming at first, but you can discover them at your own pace, making teh Snaptain SP680 2.7K Drone a perfect holiday gift for seasoned drone pilots and even those who have never flown a drone before.

Snaptain Nova App Iphone Landscap Controls

Just minutes after hitting the skies, I was able to convince my friends that I had already figured out how to perform a 360-degree flip in midair, fly in perfect circles, and initiate high-speed rotations, all thanks to dedicated buttons on the controller. I found that enabling Headless Mode, a setting that forces the drone to respond to your input based on user positioning instead of device orientation, allowed me to control the drone with greater ease.

You can even create a flight path for the drone by dragging your finger across the screen. While this feature worked well, the lack of a follow mode means that recording yourself can be tricky if you accidentally deviate from the predetermined flight path.

Snaptain Controller Iphone

I also tested out Voice Control, which allows you to determine flight direction by speaking into your smartphone, using terms like “forward,” “backward,” “leftward,” and “rightward.”

Voice control makes for a cool party trick, but controlling the drone using the included controller and/or your smartphone is definitely much more responsive and fun. A feature called Gesture Control works less consistently but allows you to give the drone a peace sign to take a photo or open your palm to take a video. I found that I could improve Gesture Control’s reliability by bringing the drone closer to me.

Landing the drone proved to be a bit difficult, especially against the wind. However, I used the the speed switch to toggle between three different speed settings until I could better maneuver the drone. The propeller protectors came in handy more than a few times while landing and when I happened to get the Snaptain SP680 2.7K Drone stuck in a soccer net.

Snaptain Drone Stuck In Net

The damage and tangling would have been a lot worse had I not decided to protect the propellers. The drone’s lightweight design also aided in preventing damage even after hard falls. Here is a look at the key specifications:

Snaptain SP680 2.7K Drone Tech Specs:

  • Maximum Flight Time (No Payload): 15 minutes (45 minutes total using all three batteries)
  • Drone Weight: 1 pound
  • Integrated Camera: 2.7K resolution
  • Control Type: Remote Control (Optional smartphone mount)
  • Autonomous Flight Modes: Takeoff, Landing, One-Key Return, Headless, and Voice Control
  • Controller Battery: AA Batteries (x4)
  • Aircraft Battery: 3.7V Li-ion (x3)
  • Included Propellers: 8
  • Included Propeller Protectors: 4

Battery Life and Flight Range

In my testing, the SP680 measures up to Snaptain’s claim of about 15 minutes of flight time per battery per charge under the default speed setting. However, at medium speed, I was able to drain the drone’s battery in less than 12 minutes. This still amounted to nearly 36 minutes of flight time using all three of the included batteries.

When the drone’s battery was running low, a loud alarm sound emitted from my iPhone to notify me that I would soon need to replace the battery. This is a much appreciated feature, given how I could have easily lost control of the drone had I not been warned that its battery was about to die.

Snaptain Drone Landscape

Also consistent with my testing is Snaptain’s claim that the SP680 has a range of about 80 meters afforded by its Wi-Fi enabled controls. The Snaptain SP680 2.7k Drone also includes built-in Out-of-Control Protection that emitted an alarm sound and held the drone hovering in place while I regained control. Note that Out-of-Control Protection will do little to help you retrieve the drone in windy conditions.


The Snaptain SP680 2.7k Drone remains a top gift this holiday season for aspiring drone pilots and experienced flyers alike. Take $40 off and pay just $119.99 for this drone from November 17 through November 28. It offers impressive specs, intuitive controls, and a durable design – all at a price that is hard to beat. A well-rounded drone for anyone looking to exercise their pilot muscle, this aircraft delivers on its promises in almost every way.

Brahm Shank
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