OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W Review

Oupes Power Station 1100w Review Featured


  • Plenty of power for almost anything
  • Multiple ways to recharge
  • Built-in LED lamp
  • Easy to tell how much battery life is left


  • Heavy

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9 / 10

If you’re going on a trip, you’re probably bringing more items that need charging than just your cell phone. What about your computer, tablet, or maybe even a portable projector? This is precisely what the OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W is meant for. Whether you’re setting up a base camp for day hiking or just want to bring a few modern conveniences to a weekend cabin getaway, this portable generator has everything you need to keep all your gadgets up and running.

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Do note that the 1100W is no longer available. However, OUPES is offering the 1200W power station that the manufacturer has said is identical to the 1100W, with an improved battery life and more stable, along with a 10% off deal.


The OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W provides 992Wh or power, capable of providing 1,200 watts of continuous power and up to 3,200 watts of peak power. We’ll look at the ports and power options in a bit, but first, let’s take a look at the features.

On the main panel of the power station, is a large, bright display. This offers information on how much charge the power station has, how much power currently-attached devices are drawing, and more. It’s bright enough that it’s even visible outdoors in bright sunlight.

Oupes Power Station 1100w Review Outside Display

The power station has two included charging options. The first is a standard A/C adapter, similar in size to a laptop power adapter. The second charging accessory is a cable for plugging into a vehicle power outlet, meaning you can recharge on the go.

Of course, that’s not your only option. If you have a compatible solar panel, you can also recharge the power station with solar power.

Oupes Power Station 1100w Review Light Inside

Finally, on the side of the power station opposite the ports, you’ll find an LED light bar. This works independently of the power station, so even if it’s not turned on, you have easy access to illumination. You have access to three light modes: standard brightness, extra bright, and a blinking mode for use in emergencies.

Ports & Power

The OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W has plenty of different options for charging your gear.

On the charging panel, you have three full-size AC ports, the same as outlets on a wall. These let you plug in laptops, TVs, stereo components and more. With three ports, you have plenty of plugs without the need to reach for a power strip.

Oupes Power Station 1100w Review Front Panel

There are also four USB ports: a pair of Quick Charge-compatible USB 3.0 ports and plus a pair of USB-C ports – one supports USB-PD at 60 watts, with the other capable of 18 watts.

That’s not even all of the ports or power options. You also get two DC power outputs capable of delivering 12 volts at 10 amps. Finally, you get a 12V, 10A DC car outlet.

Getting Started and Set Up

Take the OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W out of the box, and you’ll notice there aren’t many accessories, just the two power adapters and the manual. Fortunately, that’s all you need, as operation is simple.

Getting started with the OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W couldn’t be simpler. Simply press the power button and hold it for a moment to turn on the power station. You’ll be able to tell it’s on, as the display will light up.

From here, just plug in the devices you want to run or recharge, then press the individual power button for that setting to enable it.

Using the OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W

OUPES’s decision to add independent power buttons for each section turns out to be very handy. If you have multiple items plugged in to charge but are starting to run out of battery life, it makes it easy to turn off certain items without having to unplug them.

Oupes Power Station 1100w Review Charging

The built-in handle is common to see in this type of power station, but we’re still glad to see it. With the handle, it’s easy to carry the power station around, despite its considerable weight. Without the handle, this might be impossible.

In our testing, we didn’t run into much that the power station couldn’t handle, running and charging computers, TVs, lamps, and routers. That said, there are some gadgets, particularly kitchen equipment like toasters, that don’t work well with any sort of power station, so we avoided those.

Capacity and Recharging

The OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W uses a 992Wh LiFePO4 battery, which OUPES says has a lifespan of six times more than lithium batteries. Just how much life you’ll get out of that is tough to describe, as it depends on what you’re powering.

The good news is that the built-in display will show you how much time you have left with a given power load. Turning off various outputs will obviously give you more time, and in our testing, the estimates seemed fairly accurate.

Oupes Power Station 1100w Review Chargers

The fastest way to recharge the power station is to use the included AC adapter, which will charge the power station to full in six and a half hours. Using the included 12V car adapter will take slightly more time to charge the power station at eight hours.

Charging times with solar power will vary, depending on the panels you use. That said, the OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W has a maximum input power of 200 watts and is capable of charging from solar power in eight hours.

Should You Buy the OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W?

As great as the OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W is, it doesn’t do everything. For example, if you want to keep your whole home running during a power outage, you’ll still need to look for a more traditional generator or solar power setup. That said, that’s about the only thing this power station can’t handle.

If you’re mainly looking for portable power for your computer or even a TV or stereo, this power station can handle that with power to spare. Add a solar panel, and you have something even better. Even if you don’t typically bring all your gadgets on a trip, the OUPES Portable Power Station 1200W might have you reconsidering at $809.99 after you apply the 10% discount code OUPSALES10.

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