OKMO Solar Generator 1000W SG1000 Review

Okmo Solar Generator 1000w Sg1000 Review Featured


  • 1110Wh battery capacity
  • Solar and traditional charging
  • Powers most appliances
  • Weighs only 24 lbs.
  • Includes a solar panel for solar charging


  • Power adapter gets extremely hot when charging

Our Rating

8 / 10

Whether you deal with random power outages, want to power an outdoor party, or have a few comforts while camping, the OKMO Solar Generator 1000W SG1000 seeks to be the perfect solution. The portable generator is compact enough to take with you and even offers green solar charging. But how well does it really work? I recently had the chance to test this generator to check it out.

Overview of Features

With a 1,110Wh battery capacity, the OKMO Solar Generator 1000W SG1000 is designed to power a wide variety of small and large appliances. In fact, the product boasts it can power up to 90 percent of appliances, from lights to refrigerators.

This backup battery station is designed to keep appliances running during an outage, help you easily make coffee while camping, run lights and speakers for outdoor parties, and even charge your phone/tablet/laptop when needed. In fact, a single charge can recharge your phone around 100 times. It can even run a 500W refrigerator for 11 hours.

Okmo Solar Generator 1000w Sg1000 Review Overview

The generator features 1000W continuous and 3000W surge power. You can easily recharge it with the included power adapter. Or, go green by connecting the SG1000 to up to OKMO 100W solar panels. A built-in MPPT charge controller ensures efficient charging within just six hours of full sun. When charging with the power adapter, you can reach an 80% charge in under four hours.

Weighing in at just 24 lbs., it’s not too heavy to carry with you. It’s also easy to operate in a wide range of temperatures, from 14º F to 140° F.

Other features include:

  • 120W car outlet
  • 2 120W DC inputs
  • 3 USB-A ports supporting fast QC 3.0 charging
  • 3 AC outlets with up to 1000W total output

Of course, there are the solar panels themselves. To keep them safer, they fold in half to protect the panels. A built-in kickstand makes them easy to set up. There are also handles to make them easier to carry. Thanks to the ETFE material, they’re more weather resistant to last for years.

In the Box

The OKMO Solar Generator 1000W SG1000 is actually a bundle that includes the OKMO G1000 power station and the OS100 solar panel. I received a unit with two solar panels.

Okmo Solar Generator 1000w Sg1000 Review Inbox

The solar panel(s) ship separately. The rest ships together:

  • Generator
  • Adapter
  • Car cable
  • Y-parallel cable
  • User manual

Everything you need to get started is included. In fact, the generator is partially charged upon arrival, so you can use it immediately if you want. Or, plug it up and let it charge fully first.

Getting Set Up

I tested charging the generator using both methods. Since it was raining for days after the power station arrived, I opted to charge indoors first. The OKMO Solar Generator 1000W SG1000 charged in just a few hours since it was already partially charged upon arrival.

Okmo Solar Generator 1000w Sg1000 Review Battery

I love the battery icon on the front that always lets you know how much juice you have left. The only problem is that the power adapter does get noticeably warm, bordering on hot. Make sure you don’t leave the adapter against anything that could melt.

Before I dive into the overall performance, let’s take a look at charging via the solar panels. By the time I charged the generator with the panels, it had around 20% charge remaining.

Okmo Solar Generator 1000w Sg1000 Review Solarpanel

The panels were incredibly easy to set up. Velcro kickstands help them stand up easily, even in wet grass and leaves. A zippered pouch on the back has all the cables you need to connect the solar panels to the generator. You can connect one or two. Folded up, they’re fairly slim, so they’re easy to store when not in use.

Okmo Solar Generator 1000w Sg1000 Review Solarpouch

The generator started charging immediately when the sun hit the panels. Even partial sun was enough to start charging. Overall, it took around five hours to charge.

Testing the Generator

Using the OKMO Solar Generator 1000W SG1000 couldn’t be easier. Simply turn on the power button and the outlets/ports you want to use. For instance, for AC power, I turned on the AC outlet section. This prevents other ports from being active unless you’re using them.

Okmo Solar Generator 1000w Sg1000 Review Ports

I started with a simpler test. During a power outage, I use a gas-powered generator to run my 40″ TV, modem/router, streaming device, and a lamp. I’ll eventually hook up my refrigerator and freezer if the outage lasts for a while.

Everything except my lamp is plugged into a power strip. I connected this to the generator and it all immediately powered on. It worked instantly with the lamp as well.

I then plugged my phone into the quick charge port to let it charge while watching TV. After an hour of usage, there wasn’t a noticeable drop in battery. Of course, the power station is capable of running at TV for up to 13 hours and a light for up to 76 hours.

Okmo Solar Generator 1000w Sg1000 Review Test

I opted for a more strenuous test for my next round. This time I plugged in an average size refrigerator, standing freezer, 24″ TV, fan, and a phone. I did notice a slight drop in remaining battery after about an hour. I was happy to see the generator continue to cool itself, even as the refrigerator and freezer cycled on and off.

As a more fun test, I also connected an outdoor projector to watch movies in the backyard. It was nice not having to run a long drop cord through the yard to do this.

Final Thoughts

Okmo Solar Generator 1000w Sg1000 Review Final

The OKMO Solar Generator 1000W SG1000 packs a lot of power into a small package. For outdoor activities or power outages, this could easily become your new best friend. It can run most appliances and is easy to pack and take with you on the go. Of course, having the option to charge via solar panels makes it even better.

It’s designed to last for hours, making it a great backup power supply. Plus, it’s easy to use right out of the box.

You can get the OKMO Solar Generator 1000W SG1000, which includes one solar panel, for $1,199.99.

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