Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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  • Effective cleaning and filtration 
  • Fully charges in about 3 hours 
  • Cleans an entire pool in 120 min.
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Affordable price compared to competitors 


  • Only cleans linear areas 
  • Does not feature scheduling modes for cleaning cycles 
  • Lacks remote access 

Our Rating

8 / 10

Keeping your pool in tip-top shape can be time-consuming and overwhelming, even for those who routinely maintain it with brushes, nets, and chemicals. Robotic pool cleaners are an incredibly convenient way to keep your pool spotless and free from settled debris while you go about your day. The Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is a well-rounded and cost-effective pool cleaning machine that will give you peace of mind knowing that your pool is always clean and safe to swim in. Let’s take a closer look in this review!

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Technical Specifications

The Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner features impressive capabilities, delivering speed, efficiency, and durability that exceeded my expectations, given its affordable price. Here are its key specifications:

  • 6600mAh battery capacity
  • Maximum cleaning surface: approx. 1076 sq. ft. or 100 sq m.
  • Maximum water depth: 6.56 ft. or 2 m.
  • Operating time: 120 min.
  • Pool water operating temperature range: 41°F – 95°F
  • Charging time: 3 to 3.5 hrs.
  • Ingress protection rating: IPX8
  • Filtration measurement: 180 microns
  • Filter capacity: approx. 2,641GL
  • Operating speed: approx. 52.4 ft. or 16m per min.

First Impressions

The Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro unboxing experience is refreshingly straightforward, offering easy-to-remove carton packaging for the following included items:

  • Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • 3A/12.6V AC wall charger
  • User manual
  • Quick guide
  • Brush attachment
  • Towrope with floating handle
  • Suction adapter
  • Retrieval hook
  • Sticker pack
  • Two swing plates
Ofuzzi Blueprint Breakdown

After unboxing all of the components, I attached the brush piece to the bottom of the machine, which prevents dirt leaks as the unit moves across the pool. The swing plate, which keeps the device orientated while beneath the water, satisfyingly snapped into place. A quick slipknot let me securely fasten the towrope with its floating retrieval handle to the machine’s exterior.

Slipknot Ofuzzi

The box also includes optional sticker decals, which I opted not to use initially since I prefer a minimal aesthetic. Since Ofuzzi recommends fully charging the device before using it for the first time, I immediately unscrewed the watertight nozzle to connect the charging cord. After about three hours, I confirmed that the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro was fully charged, using the built-in LED light indicator on the AC adapter, which shines green once the device reaches a full charge.

Ofuzzi Charging

The Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro also features its own status light, allowing users to note its status even in pitch darkness. The color of the on-device LED indicator can be a bit difficult to discern during the daytime. Each light represents the following:

Solid green light: robot is switched on

Slow flashing green light: robot is not working properly

Fast flashing green light: robot is low on battery or auto-parking

Flashing red light: robot is malfunctioning

Testing the Waters

With the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro fully charged and assembled, it was time to take the device for its first plunge. I turned the power knob to the “on” position and promptly placed the pool cleaner into the water. The Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro darted along the PebbleTec bottom of the pool at a surprisingly fast speed that impressed me quite a bit.

Ofuzzi Underwater Clean

I spent the next two hours watching the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro sweep and suck up everything from large leaves to dead bees and even flower petals from the bottom of my pool. With a maximum depth of 6ft. and a mostly flat bottom, my pool was an excellent candidate for the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro. It’s worth noting that the product cannot climb slopes greater than 15° meaning the robot only made it a few inches up the side of the walls on the pool before gently backtracking.

The device operates in a zigzag pattern, slightly shifting angles whenever it hits a wall, to reach all pool corners. To clarify, the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro features an upgraded cleaning system that activates a “halfway-turn-back” function 5 to 12 times every twenty times a wall is hit, meaning the center of your pool no longer becomes a dead zone for cleaning. The process left my pool looking mostly spotless.

Pool Bottom After Ofuzzi 1

Once the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro finished its two-hour cleaning cycle, it automatically parked itself, allowing an almost easy retrieval process using the included hook attachment. The Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro is a powerful pool cleaner that can clean the entire pool, even the hard-to-reach areas. However, it’s coverage is dependent on the design of your pool. Like a robot vacuum, it only covers linear areas, and this may cause it to park itself at the base of the pool stairs rather than along the edge, which may make it more difficult to retrieve.

This minor inconvenience is an anomaly that only happened once or twice over several cleaning cycles. Having to remove and recharge the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro after every cleaning cycle is not as cumbersome as I originally thought it would be. However, its wireless design, lack of a built-in wireless connectivity protocol, and absence of a remote control means you cannot configure cleaning schedules or control the device manually.

The Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro also features angle adjustment nozzles on the unit’s front and back, allowing users to optimize the device for optimal performance in round or curved pools. Thankfully, my Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro worked wonderfully out of the box, so I didn’t have to configure the nozzles. The recommended nozzle adjustment for each type of pool is:

  • Square Pools: 0 to 20°
  • Round Pools: 20 to 20°
  • Irregularly-Shaped Pools: 0 to 40°

Cleaning the Filters

Cleaning the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro’s filter and chassis was simple and straightforward. The top cover is easily removable using the flexible clips on the left and right sides of the unit. The robot separates to reveal the bottom chassis and the filter, which collected large and small debris not visible at first glance, including pet hair, sand, dirt, and other small particles. The spray nozzle on my garden hose was enough to thoroughly clean the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro within minutes, leaving it ready for its next cleaning cycle after a quick charge.

Ofuzzi Filters

Final Thoughts

While this robotic pool cleaner does not include any flashy pool-mapping technology and works in a mostly linear fashion, it manages to get the job done at an incredible price of $399.99. With easy assembly, remarkable speed, powerful suction, and a hassle-free filter cleaning process, the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is a terrific option for anyone who wants to keep their flat-bottom pool clean and sparkling, leaving you with extra money to spend on that frozen margarita machine you’ve been wanting.

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