NerdEthos 1080p HD Webcam Review

Nerdethos 1080p Hd Webcam Featured Image


  • Clear, crisp video
  • Plug and play installation
  • Easy to adjust
  • Privacy cover included
  • Tripod included
  • Dual noise reduction microphones


  • USB cable permanently connected to webcam
  • Webcam can slip off monitor if bumped

Our Rating

9 / 10

With more people working from home than ever before and kids learning remotely, you need a great webcam to help you stay connected. While your built-in laptop camera might do in a pinch, better quality is always welcome. The NerdEthos 1080p HD Webcam is the quick and easy way to add an adjustable webcam to your laptop or desktop.

Powerful Features in a Small Package

The NerdEthos 1080p HD Webcam is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It’s lightweight and won’t weigh down your monitor or laptop screen. In fact, it’s just under five ounces and measures 3.8 in x 2 in x 2 in. This also makes it easy to take with you.

Nerd Ethos 1080p Hd Webcam Review Package

Plus, it features full 1080p HD. It also gives you H2.64 video compression, which provides an even sharper image during video calls, gaming, and more. I actually did notice a difference in this webcam over another I had been using.

Installation in Seconds

I hate nothing more than having to install bulky software when installing new hardware. It’s annoying, and usually, I want to use the hardware with something other than the required software. This webcam couldn’t be easier to install.

Nerd Ethos 1080p Hd Webcam Review Webcam

Simply attach the USB cable to an available USB port on your computer. The instructions say to wait up to ten seconds for your system to automatically detect and install the driver. The webcam was ready even faster than that.

Connecting to Your Monitor

There are actually two different ways to use the NerdEthos 1080p HD Webcam. The first is the more traditional route of placing it on your screen or monitor. You don’t have to permanently attach it, which is wonderful. I’ve used a few that physically stick with tape and they’re no fun to detach.

Nerd Ethos 1080p Hd Webcam Review Monitor

Instead, you adjust the base, slip the front flap over your screen edge, and push the other half of the base upwards to keep the webcam securely in place. The rubberized grips keep it from sliding. When you’re done, just lift upwards, and it detaches.

Nerd Ethos 1080p Hd Webcam Review Feet

The other method gives you even more freedom. The webcam includes a tripod with extendable legs. It’s a short tripod, but great for sitting on your desk. This gives you even more room to adjust the angle. The base simply screws onto the tripod. The ball joint adjusts easily, and you can lock it in place with a small screw on the side of the tripod.

Nerd Ethos 1080p Hd Webcam Review Tripod

The only problem I have with the tripod is the legs are slick. I’d recommend using a mousepad or even rubberized shelf-liner to ensure it doesn’t slip easily when bumped.

Adjusting the Angle

One of the worst parts of using a laptop webcam is you can’t adjust it. At first, I was afraid it’d be easy to knock the NerdEthos 1080p HD Webcam off my screen when I tried to adjust the angle. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The webcam features a full 360-degree adjustable rotation. The same is true with the tripod. I did lightly hold the base to make sure it didn’t move while adjusting it, though.

Microphone Included

The webcam includes dual microphones with noise reduction to block out background noises, such as the TV you have playing behind your computer while you’re working. It’s designed to work up to 16 feet away.

Nerd Ethos 1080p Hd Webcam Review Mic

In my tests, the sound started to fade a little closer than that, but others could still hear me while on a Zoom call. I even tried recording a video to ensure everything sounded okay myself. There were no problems at all. I’d still stay fairly close to your desk just to be sure.

Clear Video

I wanted to compare my laptop’s built-in webcam with the NerdEthos 1080p HD webcam. It was like night and day. The laptop video was a little fuzzy and the range of view was noticeably less.

Nerd Ethos 1080p Hd Webcam Review Laptop

I switched to the NerdEthos webcam and the image was impressively clear and crisp. Plus, you could see much more around me. I guess when using this, I’ll definitely need to keep my office area neat and organized.

Nerd Ethos 1080p Hd Webcam Review Nerd

As you can see, the colors were even better in the second image. I do recommend using this webcam in areas with ample light. It’s not made for darker rooms, which is stated clearly in the product description, so I wasn’t expecting it to have night vision or anything like that. So, if you’re gaming in a darker room, consider adding a lamp to brighten the area just a little so you show up better.

Highly Compatible

I tested out the webcam on several different services. It was recognized and worked fine. It’s designed to be compatible with most operating systems and video platforms.

Nerd Ethos 1080p Hd Webcam Review Compatibility

I admit, I’m impressed it works with Android. I didn’t have an adapter on hand to work with USB-C, but it’s nice to know I could use it if I wanted to. You will need an adapter, though, to use the cable with your Android device.

For full disclosure, I tested the webcam on a Windows 10 PC.

Privacy Included

If you don’t like the idea of your webcam spying on you, you don’t have anything to worry about. First of all, it connects via USB, so when you’re not using it, just disconnect it. Hackers can’t access it if it’s not connected.

Nerd Ethos 1080p Hd Webcam Review Privacy

Secondly, it includes a privacy cover for the lens. It snaps on and attaches with a thin adhesive. Just pop the privacy cover’s lid off and you’re ready to use it. Snap it back on to prevent anyone from seeing you until you’re ready. Remember that the microphone is still on, though.

Final Thoughts

I found it hard to find much of anything I didn’t like about this webcam. It works as well as others that cost three times as much or more. Plus, I like the fact that it comes with a tripod and privacy cover. Those may seem simple, but I appreciate the manufacturer providing a few extras for more versatility.

Nerd Ethos 1080p Hd Webcam Review Final

The only real complaint I have is I wish the USB cable disconnected from the webcam itself. This would make it easier to store in a laptop bag when not in use. However, it’s a minor issue that doesn’t really matter.

If you’re looking for an affordable, compatible, and incredibly easy to use webcam, pick up the NerdEthos 1080p HD Webcam today for just $32.99. It’s an amazing price and works well with most any video platform you would use.

Crystal Crowder
Crystal Crowder

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