MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector Review

Mvv Mv06 Projector Review Feature


  • Compact size
  • Great build quality
  • Surprisingly high-quality speakers


  • More expensive than some others

Our Rating

9 / 10

There’s frankly nothing quite as fun as watching a movie or a TV show on a projector. If you’ve never sat outside on a warm summer night playing a classic movie on a projector against the side of your house or been to a drive-in movie theater, you’re really missing out. It’s a great way to take the movie viewing experience to a new location and enjoy your content wherever you go. Here we show you a great option to explore when searching for a projector in our MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector review.

MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector Initial Impressions

Initially, I was very impressed by the packaging and thoughtfulness that went into preparing the MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector to get it to me. The projector itself is packed in nice, dense foam and comes with everything you’d need to get started right out of the box. There’s an HDMI cable, remote, screen with adhesive hooks, and a full cleaning kit including instructions on how to get dirt out from inside the lens. It feels like they’ve been making projectors for a long time and can anticipate your needs before you even have them. That’s a nice feeling.

Mvv Mv06 Projector Review Top View
Mvv Mv06 Projector Review Side View
Mvv Mv06 Projector Review Front View
Mvv Mv06 Projector Review Remote
Mvv Mv06 Projector Review Cleaning Kit

I’m also impressed with the quality of the materials used. The plastic doesn’t creak or hold fingerprints, meaning it’s not an uncomfortable thing to move around. The buttons also click very nicely, making it a satisfying experience navigating to your input source.

MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector User Experience

It’s also a very pleasant projector to use. I never felt like it was fighting me when I used it, which makes me feel much better. Once you power it on, the menu screen is very clearly laid out, making it easy to do the primary thing you need to do – navigate to the “Inputs” section and click on it.

That will bring you to whatever device you have plugged in, which for me is generally one laptop plugged in via HDMI. If you have an older machine that only has VGA, there’s also a VGA port for you to use, which makes that old desktop with an optical drive look like a good option for a classic movie night.

Mvv Mv06 Projector Review Menu

There are also options to connect with your phone. I used my iOS device to connect with the iOS Airplay functionality. If you have an Android phone, you are able to connect to the projector via USB, but the iOS option for Airplay is much more convenient.

Mvv Mv06 Projector Review Ios Cast

The projector does have to be connected to Wi-Fi, which can cause some security concerns, but if you’re careful with your Wi-Fi network it should be fine. Once you connect it to your Wi-Fi network, it should come up as an Airplay display on your iOS device.

This is a really nice feature for those of us who are more glued to our smartphones than our laptops because you’ll likely be more comfortable using that than your computer. And dealing with display issues that can come up with desktop operating systems and hardware may not be worth the hassle.

Mvv Mv06 Projector Review Laptop Input

Other Nice Features

Another really nice piece of the equation here is that the speaker quality is quite good. Projectors can be loud because of all the fans inside, which can necessitate a decent speaker. Once you get this configured as a sound output, it’s a surprisingly full speaker that you can use to overcome the volume of the projector.

Also, the fact that there’s keystone adjustment is really nice. You can then adjust the angle at which the image hits your screen/surface, meaning you avoid any distorted images, and everything always looks like a perfect rectangle. Nice.


There is really only one thing that detracts from the MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector: the price. At about $100 after clicking the Amazon coupon, it’s anywhere from $20 to $30 more expensive than some other projectors available. However, I think this projector is well worth the cost, considering the screen, build quality, and general usability.

Final Verdict

All in all, I would say that the MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector is a slam dunk. It’s well built, thoughtfully prepared, and simple to use. I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to add a little fun to their next movie night.

John Perkins
John Perkins

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