MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review Featured


  • Ultra fast printing
  • Thermal, no ink needed
  • Works with most every platform and OS
  • Bluetooth and USB connections
  • Compact size
  • Custom label designer for mobile devices


  • Windows Bluetooth connectivity not working, expected to be resolved in Sept. '23
  • No app/software for desktop users

Our Rating

8 / 10

Whether you're just shipping occasional packages for eBay or running your own small business, printing labels is just part of the process. But it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. The MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer makes quick work of label printing without destroying your budget. I recently tested it to see how well it works.

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Overview of Features

The MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer is a compact and lightweight Bluetooth label printer that fits easily on any desktop. Since it's thermal, there are no pesky and messy ink cartridges to deal with, further saving you money.

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review Overview

Even though it's Bluetooth capable, it also works via USB to ensure it's compatible with more devices. It's designed to work with:

  • iOS and Android via Bluetooth
  • Windows via USB
  • Chromebook via Connect PC with USB
  • macOS via USB
  • Linux via USB

Print quality is the focus. With 203 DIP clarity, all shipping information and bar codes are ultra easy to read. Plus, the thermal design reduces the chance of smearing. This model only prints black/white labels.

Labels print quickly at 180 mm/sec. There's also support for labels ranging from 1.57 to 4.3 inches wide. Print anything from an envelope label to shipping labels and almost anything in between.

While you can choose the MUNBYN Bluetooth Label Printer to print labels from shipping and seller sites (UPS, FedEx, Etsy, eBay, etc.), you can also create labels using your favorite desktop tools. For mobile users, you have access to the free MUNBYN Print app to design and print custom labels on the go. There's also a Chrome extension for quick printing from the browser.

In the Box

The MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer is very well packaged and comes with everything you need to get started. In fact, the only thing you need to download is the mobile app, if you plan to use it. It's not required if you're using the printer on a desktop device.

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review Unboxed

The box includes:

  • The printer itself
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter and cable
  • User manual
  • USB drive – includes necessary drivers
  • 25 labels to try out the printer

Getting Set Up

The instructions for the MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer are extremely easy to follow. They're divided into types of devices, so you can just skip to what you need.

For my review, I tested the thermal label printer with an Android phone and a Windows 11 laptop.

I set up the printer on both devices back to back before trying to print anything. I connected the power adapter, then the USB cable (to my laptop) before turning on the printer, per the instructions.

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review Ports

For my Android phone, all I had to do was install the MUNBYN Print app, turn on Bluetooth, allow Location permissions, and I was ready to start printing. The whole process only took a few minutes.

For my Windows laptop, I inserted the included USB drive and installed the printer driver. I had no issues installing it. As a side note, the drive also contains FAQs and the user manual, should you want a digital copy. Once again, the setup process only took a few minutes. It was simple and easy. Honestly, it was the easiest printer of any type I've ever set up.

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review Driver

I'm a person who hates loading labels, but I loved this printer. You must load a string of at least four labels at a time to allow the printer to accurately measure and align your labels. I was able to easily put the labels in, hold the alignment button, and I was done. You just need to do this each time you load new labels.

Using the MUNBYN Print App

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review App

Personally, I wish this app were available for Windows. I love it. I read the reviews of the app on both the Google Play and Apple App stores, but despite not having a high rating, I couldn't find anything wrong with it. You don't have to sign up for an account. I just want to tell MUNBYN to thank you for that. But if you want to save designs for later, you do need to create a free account.

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review App Printing

With my Bluetooth and Location turned on, the app found my printer and connected quickly. From the app, you can:

  • Activate your warranty
  • View products
  • Check out the printer guide
  • View your print history
  • Create and save custom labels
  • Print directly from your phone
Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review Mobile Print

There are numerous templates, fonts, icons, stickers, borders, and more to choose from. You can even create QR codes, bar codes, serial numbers, and more. During my review, this was my favorite way to print. I was able to create a label completely from scratch and print it in under five minutes. Most of that time, I was just scrolling through the available icons and stickers to see what I wanted to make.

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review Custom

I was impressed with the print speed. From the time I tapped "Print" to the time the label came out, I may have waited all of one to two seconds.

Printing from Windows

The product description of the MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer is a bit confusing. Part of it states you can print via Bluetooth on Windows laptops that have Bluetooth support. Yet, another part says Bluetooth connections aren't available at all on Windows.

The official word from the manufacturer is that currently, Windows devices do not connect through Bluetooth, but MUNBYN is working on this issue and hopes to have it resolved in September.

There were no issues getting my PC to recognize and use the label printer when connected via the USB cable. All I had to do was select the MUNBYN printer from my list of available printers whenever I wanted to print something.

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review Shipping

Just to see how clear a shipping label looked, I printed a sample label I found online. I couldn't be happier with the results. Everything is extremely clear. For small business owners, you'll never have to worry about blurry or smeared labels again.

There is software you can download from MUNBYN, but it doesn't really do much. Drag the file you want to print into the window, and select "Print." There are no editing features at all.

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review Windows

With how easy the mobile app is to use, I really feel MUNBYN is missing a major opportunity in not having a Windows and macOS version. But, then again, if you're just printing shipping labels, you don't really need the software anyway. And, if you want to create your own custom labels, you can do that in Microsoft Word or any free/premium label software.

Final Thoughts

Munbyn Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review Final

Overall, the MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer is a must-have if you need to print shipping labels quickly and easily. Of course, you can create most any type of label you want, which becomes even simpler in the free MUNBYN Print app.

The only real flaw I could find was the conflicting details regarding Windows Bluetooth connectivity. But again, that is expected to be resolved in September.

You can pick up the MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer for just $109.99, making it an affordable addition to your home or small business.

Crystal Crowder
Crystal Crowder

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