MUCAR Automotive Smart Scanner Review: DIY Vehicle Diagnosis

Mucar Scanner Featured


  • Quick startup
  • Checks through many diagnostics
  • Can upgrade to check ABS
  • Browser
  • Error code search


  • Some functions are difficult to find
  • Bluetooth did not work with iPhone

Our Rating

8 / 10

So often our vehicles will have one issue or another, and we fret over whether we should take them to a mechanic. Is it important enough to get it fixed right away? Is it something that would be dangerous to let go? Or is it something you can live with? The MUCAR Automotive Smart Scanner is an affordable tool that you can keep on hand to help you diagnose your issue and answer those important questions. Find out more in this review.

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MUCAR Automotive Smart Scanner Features

The MUCAR Automotive Smart Scanner has many features for one low price. It could potentially save you money and time and relieve you from being constantly concerned with vehicle issues.

Muscar Scanner Car Code Reader

Its features are:

  • Data analysis
  • Online chat
  • Provides multiple codes
  • Clears codes (such as turning off the Check Engine Light)
  • DTC definition (to explain the codes)
  • Freeze frame data (data from the moment the code was generated)
  • Live data stream
  • Auto-generate diagnostic report
  • Optional paid upgrades
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Device: quad-core 1.3GHz processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, 1500mAH battery, 4″ TD touchscreen, speaker, Android system

Using the MUCAR Automotive Smart Scanner

I tried the MUCAR Automotive Smart Scanner both with the free version on my husband’s 2013 Dodge Caravan and the paid option on my 2012 Ford Fiesta to compare. Impressively, the device is plug and play without much setup, even when upgrading to the paid version.

Mucar Scanner Obd

Also impressive is that you don’t need any automotive background to use it. My husband (who has much auto knowledge) and I did it together the first time, then I did it alone, but I could have done it all on my own, though I wouldn’t have a clue what the codes, and even some of the diagnoses, mean. Regardless, I didn’t need to know any of that. This scanner gives you information to take to the auto shop and can even explain the diagnosis to you. It provides you with everything you need.

The scanner will work on most OBD-II compliant vehicles from 1996 through 2022 models and is compatible with OBD2/EOBD & CAN protocols. It plugs into the OBD-II port on your car, located near the floor on the driver’s side of the vehicle. It worked right out of the package, and I didn’t even need to charge it first.

Mucar Scanner Wi Fi

It’s just a matter of turning it on, selecting your language, and connecting to Wi-Fi. The device has dual controls: a touchscreen and “cursor” keys below the screen.

Mucar Scanner Ignition

After you’re connected and go through a quick onboard tutorial, a pop-up screen prompts you to turn on the ignition, plug in the OBD connector, and click Start.

Mucar Scanner Home

You can get down to business right away, analyzing your car once on the home page. The scanner includes an Android system, so it should seem very intuitive for many. For the main functions of diagnosing your car, you can click “Live Data Stream” to get continually changing diagnostics or “Code/Freeze Frame” to get non-changing diagnostics from the moment you hit the button.

Mucar Scanner Coolant

You can scroll through the many diagnostics, looking for issues. It looks like the engine coolant was a little low, but that’s not surprising, as the warmest it was outside that day was 49ยบ F, and my car had only been running for a couple of minutes.

You can also compare the diagnostics you just received with an earlier report, which would help you narrow down the new issue with your vehicle.

Upgrading the Scanner

Mucar Scanner Update

If you’d like to also check the ABS, SRS, TCM, and ECM diagnostics, you can upgrade for just $39.95. This also gives you modules for many, many makes of cars. Along with the upgrade, I added the Ford module for my car.

Mucar Scanner Diagnose

The home screen changes to have “Diagnose” at the top. Just as easy as it was to check the stats on the rest of your car, just click “Diagnose.”

Mucar Scanner Abs

You’ll be taken to a screen with the stats for ABS, SRS, TCM, and ECM.

Send Reports and Screencaps

If you want to keep any of the diagnostics for later or perhaps share them with your local car repair, you can either email the report to yourself (or someone else) or have it sent via Bluetooth.

Mucar Scanner Report

Pictured above is just the beginning of the report that was emailed to me. You can have a document or PDF version of the report emailed to you or sent through Bluetooth to your phone. I was not able to get the Bluetooth to work with my iPhone, but the email option worked well, with one strange problem. It would not let me type in an email address without separating it into words. I have a email, and it was forcing the domain into three separate words.

Mucar Scanner Screencaps

There’s also an option to take screencaps of your findings. I, of course, wanted that option for completing this review. The option is located in Settings. I found all of the pictures, but when I tried to transfer them to my phone via Bluetooth, I again wasn’t able to. I had to send them individually through email.

Other Features

There are plenty of other features on the MUCAR Automotive Smart Scanner.

Mucar Scanner Bottom

At the bottom of the scanner, you can pull off the cap (I had to pry it off with a butter knife) to reveal a USB-C port to recharge the scanner. In addition, there’s a slot to expand the memory another 256GB on top of the built-in 16GB. You’ll also find the reset button here.

Mucar Scanner Dtc Lookup

If you want to look up an error code given by a report, go to “Other OBD Diagnostic” on the home screen, click “DTC Lookup,” and enter the code. It’s helpful for people like me who really don’t know much about cars.

Mucar Scanner Browser

Alternatively, the system includes a browser, which is handy for looking up anything you don’t understand in the diagnostics. There is also an online chat. In other words, there is plenty of help all around.


While I had to search to find some of the functions on the MUCAR Automotive Smart Scanner, the diagnoses of my cars were very quick, within minutes. The setup was just as quick. Quickly finding more information and sending the report to yourself or others adds to the functionality even more. I wish the Bluetooth function would have worked with my iPhone or iPad, but either way, I could still get all the answers I needed.

You can get your own MUCAR Automotive Smart Scanner for $84.90 after applying the $20 Amazon coupon. For the peace of mind that you get from it before you get behind the wheel again, it’s very much worth it.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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