Mosonth 60FPS 1080P Webcam Review

Mosonth Webcam Review Camera Featured


  • Easy setup
  • Decent video quality
  • Wide compatibility
  • Tripod included
  • Built-in ring light


  • Occasional blurring
  • Focus can be hit-and-miss
  • Microphones could be better

Our Rating

7 / 10

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and a large portion of the workforce shifting to a work-from-home setup, webcams suddenly became an everyday necessity. This has led to a wide range of third-party webcam solutions that can greatly improve your video-calling experience. One such example is the Mosonth 60FPS 1080P Webcam that I tested for this review. If you’re ready to ditch your average laptop camera, read on to find out if the Mosonth webcam checks all the boxes for you.

Overview of Features

The Mosonth 60FPS 1080p Webcam is a plug-and-play style camera with a pleasant but rather standard design. It’s quite compact and super light, although, there are plenty of cameras smaller in size if you need something that won’t take a lot of space. The Monsoth is mountable on your laptop’s display, but thanks to its built-in stand, can also be positioned on a flat surface next to your computer.

The manufacturers claim the camera is capable of delivering 1920 x 1080p (FHD) video resolution at a 60fps refresh rate. This will prevent the image from being blurry when you move around. You also get autofocus with automatic low-light correction, which should ensure great video quality, even in less than ideal lightening scenarios.

Mosonth Webcam Review Camera In Box View

Mosonth has packed the webcam with built-in dual noise-reducing mics that should help filter out any background noise and deliver your voice across to the other party very clearly.

While the webcam comes with a built-in stand, you’ll also find a mini tripod in the box for even more flexibility that supports 360-degree horizontal and 90-degree rotation adjustment.

During my time with this webcam, I mostly used it with my Windows 10 laptop, but the device is also suitable for Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Android TV and more.

Getting Started

Everything you need to get started you’ll find in the box. Either use the camera’s built-in stand or the tripod, or mount it on the display of your laptop, then open your video conferencing app of choice, which should automatically detect the camera. There’s no need to download any extra software. With some services like Google Meet, however, you’ll need to manually switch to the USB camera from the web app’s settings.

Mosonth Webcam Review Camera Expanded Stand

In my experience, it took only a few seconds to begin using the camera. The device’s USB cable is long enough that I could move the camera around as I pleased in an attempt to find the ideal position for it. Because the camera is quite light, I noticed that sometimes the cable tends to yank the camera from the position where I installed it. This resulted in me having to rearrange it a few times, but in the end, I managed to secure it in place.

Using the Monsonth 60FPS 1080p Webcam

I usually use Skype and Google Meet/Duo for my video calls, so I tested the webcam with these apps. During my time with the Mosonth device, I had no issue with the apps recognizing the camera. The process was super smooth.

Mosonth Webcam Review Camera Mounted

The video feed using the Mosonth webcam is definitely clearer with crisper colors than my laptop’s built-in webcam (as you can see from the screenshots). The angle view on the Mosonth is also wider and managed to get more into the frame, although I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s suitable for large group meetings. It will do a good job, however, at capturing you and a few of your friends.

Mosonth Webcam Review Camera View
In-chat view while using the Mosonth webcam
Mosonth Webcam Review Camera Laptop Camera View

While it produced smooth enough video while I was sitting in one place, the results were a mixed bag when I moved around. The video feed often got fuzzy, and I came in and out of focus, although my Internet connection may have played a part in this.

Mosonth Webcam Review Camera Tripod View

The Mosonth camera packs a nifty feature which allows for better quality video in low-lighting scenarios. It comes with a built-in ring light which produces three colors (white, yellow, warm yellow).

Its adjustable function lets you adjust the brightness from 20% to 100%. This is a nice addition and quite handy if you’re usually video-calling your friends and family in the evening. Once it gets dark outside, the webcam’s light helps make your video discernable, but it’s honestly nothing to write home about. The feed loses much of its crisp quality, but you’ll still be visible, and that can be enough for some.

Mosonth Webcam Review Camera Light On

Now, on to the noise-reducing mics. I live next to a really busy street and tried chatting with my windows open as I would during a hot summer day. The other party could hear me just fine. However, they could also hear faint background noises as well, such as cars passing by. This happened if I stayed completely quiet for a few seconds. When I talked a bit louder than I usually do to be heard properly, the stuff happening in the back was no longer audible to them.

Mosonth Webcam Review Camera Low Stand

Another cool feature of this webcam is the built-in privacy switch. If you’re worried about being spied on by cyber criminals, you can quickly cover the camera once you’re done video chatting by using the button at the top.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I had a pretty good experience using the Mosonth 60FPS 1080p Webcam. The device delivers clear video in a decently-lit environment, although its focus doesn’t always seem to be reliable. It comes with a nice built-in light that makes video calling at night much easier, as well as a handy tripod.

The microphone is decent enough, but if you’re getting this webcam for Zoom meetings, you’re probably going to use a headset instead, so that lessens the importance of the mic.

You can get the Mosonth 1080p Webcam for $35.99 after clipping the 20% off coupon at Amazon. The listed price is mostly in range with similar products from this category, but this is a chance to take an additional 20% off. Also check out our previous review of the Mosonth 2K QHD Webcam.

Alexandra Arici
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