MOMAX Q.LED Desk Lamp Review: Wireless Charging and Adjustable Lighting

Momax Led Desk Lamp Review Featured


  • 30 lighting combinations
  • Wireless charger
  • USB charger
  • Auto-shutoff timer
  • Adjustable lamp head and arm


  • 10W charging can take 2 to 3 hours

Our Rating

9 / 10

A lamp might seem simple enough, but when it offers both wireless charging and adjusts for better eye health, it’s anything but basic. The MOMAX Q.LED Desk Lamp with a 10W wireless charging base offers more than just different brightness levels, thanks to different color temperatures. But how well does it perform for daily use? Find out in this hands-on review.

Overview of Features

Momax Qled Desk Lamp Review Overview

Wireless charging lamps aren’t anything new, but the MOMAX Q.LED Desk Lamp offers up a powerful and surprising combination of features that makes this lamp a worthy competitor for your office, living room, or bedroom. The most noticeable feature upon pulling the lamp out of the box is the metal body. It isn’t plastic like most desk lamps, making it feel much sturdier and look great as well.

The base features a Qi-compatible 10W charging plate to charge any Qi-enabled device, such as phones and headphones. This leads to less desk clutter due to fewer cables. There’s also a 5V USB port on the side to charge any non-wireless devices too.

Momax Desk Lamp Port Wireless Charging

The lamp easily adjusts to any situation and room. The lamp head adjusts up to 270 degrees, while the arm adjusts up to 180-degrees to light up any area just the way you want it.

The touch panel gives you full control over the 30 lighting combinations. Switch between six brightness levels and five color temperatures (2,800 to 6,500K). The brightest setting goes up to 1,100 LUX. Between the adjustable lighting and flicker-free bulb, it’s easier on your eyes.

Another useful feature is the auto-off timer. The lamp automatically turns off after one hour. And when you turn it back on, it remembers your last settings.

The lightweight, slender lamp (17.5 in. x 5.12 in. x 2.17 in.) fits well in any decor. Weighing only 1.55 pounds, it’s also easy to move it when you need to.

Assembling the Lamp

The MOMAX Q.LED Desk Lamp comes disassembled, but it’s incredibly easy to put together. Simply attach the lamp arm and tighten with the clamping screw, and you’re done. Then, just find the perfect spot and plug in the power adapter. It takes just a few minutes to be ready to start using the lamp.

Momax Qled Desk Lamp Review Assemble

What I immediately loved while putting it together is how solid the lamp feels. It feels like a much more expensive lamp with the aluminum material. This thing can take some dings and scratches yet not show them. Plus, the silver color looks sleek and professional.

Exploring the Base

The base is fairly small, which is a good thing. However, it’s just heavy enough to keep the lamp stable as you adjust it.

Momax Qled Desk Lamp Review Base

The touch panel is sensitive. All it takes is a light touch to swipe through brightness levels, which are represented by small dots. Use the Mode button to switch between color temperatures to have warmer or cooler lighting. For example, before bed, a warmer color isn’t nearly as intense, helping you fall asleep easier if you’re reading.

You also have a power button and timer. As soon as you tap the timer, the one-hour countdown begins. Finally, there’s the charging base.

The MOMAX Q.LED Desk Lamp has ample space for charging even larger phones. Of course, any Qi-enabled device can be charged as long as it fits.

A Look at the Lighting

While the pictures I took really don’t do the different light settings justice, you can tell there’s a major difference between the dimmest and brightest settings. This was taken in a dark room for a better perspective. However, I was thoroughly impressed that even the dimmest setting lit up a large part of the room.

Momax Qled Desk Lamp Review Brightness

The color temperature modes are where things get more interesting. My personal favorite is the warmer, yellowish setting. It’s ideal when you’re reading at night or even working on a computer.

I found that I used the second brightness setting the most as it was ample for my needs. But the brightest setting is perfect if you need to see more detail on a desk. For instance, I weave tiny beads as a hobby and the bright setting illuminated everything without needing to turn on my overhead light. In fact, the MOMAX Q.LED Desk Lamp worked better.

Momax Qled Desk Lamp Review Temperature

My favorite part is how easy it is to adjust the lamp placement. Not only does the arm itself move for tighter or wider light angles, but the lamp head twists to direct the light exactly where you want it. I can’t emphasize enough how ideal this is for work, crafting, and reading.

Momax Qled Desk Lamp Review Adjusted

Charging Devices

The wireless charging works flawlessly. My LG Velvet went from dead to fully charged in just over 2.5 hours, which is a great time frame for a 10W wireless charger. It was easy to place without trying to find the perfect spot. As long as you lay it within the circle, it starts charging.

Momax Qled Desk Lamp Review Charging

To tell you how well the charger responds to devices, I have a standard plastic (not the metal or rubber ones) PopSocket on my phone and the charger worked even through that. While the PopSocket got warm, it still charged without any issues.

I also tried it out with a pair of earbuds with a Qi-enabled charging case. I had no issues whatsoever charging them just as easily as my phone. Of course, these charged a bit faster, but that’s to be expected.

Final Thoughts

Momax Qled Desk Lamp Review Final

I wasn’t expecting to like this lamp as much as I did. After all, it looks rather simple, but that makes it blend in well in any room. With a sturdy design and the ability to charge devices wirelessly and via USB, it easily replaces the need for extra outlets for charging various devices.

The 30 different light combinations is a major perk. Mix this with the highly adjustable lamp head and arm and you have the perfect lamp for most any need.

Check out the MOMAX Q.LED Desk Lamp for yourself, clip the Amazon coupon to take 5% off and take an additional 10% off with the code ON7V7X7R to pay just $51.29. It comes in both grey and black.

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