MOMAX AirBox GO Review: Still a Life-Changer

Momax Airbox 2 Featured


  • Charges 3 devices simulataneously
  • Pass-through charging
  • Can be used as power bank


  • No fast charging light; could be the fault of my cord

Our Rating

8 / 10

I’ll start by saying we don’t review many chargers – there simply isn’t enough to say about a charger to explain how good it is. We made an exception last year with the MOMAX AirBox. It was quite different than other chargers. I was delighted when the company announced they were releasing a sequel. This review takes a look at the new MOMAX AirBox GO to see how it compares to its predecessor.

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Comparing the AirBox and AirBox GO

I was privileged to receive an advanced release of the MOMAX AirBox GO for my review. As it was not yet released to the public, I only received the device itself. However, MOMAX has assured me that the device will ship with proper documentation, a charging cord (USB-C), and a carrying pouch.

Momax Airbox 2 Shipped

My excitement over the new AirBox is real. The first version was absolutely life-changing, at least for someone like me who relies on multiple devices in her daily life. Others noticed it too. They would ask what this white device was that I had when I’d whip it out of my bag. Once I’d explain and show them how I’d use it, they often bought their own AirBoxes to keep or give away as gifts.

Momax Airbox 2 Original

The main difference between the original AirBox and the new, improved version is that you no longer open it to reveal the charging surfaces. The iPhone charging pad is right on top, as is the Apple Watch charger, though you may have to flip it up, depending on your watch band. To access the Apple AirPods charger, you just flip open the side cover. Additionally, the charging lights are now on the side rather than the front.

Momax Airbox 2 Airpods

One thing it does not have is anything to address the Apple Pencil. The original AirBox had a holder for the Pencil but did not charge it. The AirBox GO doesn’t address the Apple Pencil at all, but I always found the Pencil holder unnecessary anyway.

The immediate question is whether this makes the AirBox GO more useful or easier.

Using the MOMAX AirBox GO

Charging the MOMAX AirBox GO works the same way as the original AirBox: through the included USB-C charging cord. It uses fast charging, and a green light will indicate that. While I had the indication on my iPhone that it was fast charging, I did not see the green light. This may be because of my USB-C charging cord. I don’t have the official charging cord that comes with the AirBox GO, and my existing one had troubles in another review I was doing. MOMAX has assured me it worked for them with a third-party cord in testing.

Momax Airbox 2 Capacity

It’s completely charged when you see four solid white lights. The orange light means that you are either charging AirPods or multiple devices. As I am charging my iPhone and Apple Watch twice daily, I almost always have the orange light on.

Momax Airbox 2 Lights

The AirBox GO is a wireless device, so after it’s charged up, you won’t need the charging cord again until you have to charge it again.

You can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods all at once, only charge two of them, or just charge one. The iPhone is placed over the middle circle, like any wireless charging pad. The circle on the Apple Watch charger can be flipped up or stay flat to charge. Open the silver ridged panel and put your AirPods underneath to charge.

Momax Airbox 2 Charging All

It’s difficult for me to gauge charging times, as I’m usually not starting with devices that are nearly dead. The company says the phone charger is charging at 15W, while the original Airbox only charged at 10W. The Apple Watch and AirPods charge at 5W, while the AirBox GO charges at 20W.

Momax Airbox 2 3 Times

The AirBox GO is also capable of pass-through charging, meaning it will continue to charge while you charge your devices – if you have it plugged in with the charging cord. However, I did notice that if you start with it at near zero percent, it won’t do pass-through charging.

Momax Airbox 2 Pass Through Charging

It can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices. This helps when traveling, as you have a power bank and three-way charger all in one device, with one cord. Add a charging brick, and you’re done. It’s so much better than having a mess of charging bricks, cords, etc.

Final Thoughts

Now we return to the original question of whether the experience of using the MOMAX AirBox GO is improved over the experience with the MOMAX AirBox. If it bothers you to have to open something up to charge it, then yes, the experience is definitely improved. For me, it didn’t bother me to open the original AirBox to use it, but it is nice that it takes up less desk space when charging. It is not missing anything to not have the Apple Pencil holder.

Momax Airbox 2 Charging

My only two concerns are that the fast charging green light doesn’t come on, and the charger will step charging when it reaches a certain percentage charging. I have to restart the charging process to get it to move past that. But that’s not a problem with the AirBox GO. That’s how the Apple products are hard-wired.

Yet, regardless of that concern, the MOMAX AirBox GO is still a very worthwhile life-changing device. I just spent a weekend away and only had to take the AirBox GO, a charging cord, a charging brick, my iPad Pro, iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

You can get your own MOMAX AirBox GO for $117, $137, or $156, depending on how early you order.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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