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  • Much cheaper than more well-known brands
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Very configurable


  • Have to pair individually
  • Instructions don't match the app

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9 / 10

Color can add a lot to a room, and the ability to change it when and where you want can add much to your decorating scheme and make special days and holidays much brighter. An easy way to add mood lighting is by adding smart light bulbs. This review takes a look at Linkind Smart Light Bulbs to see how they compare to the more expensive brands.


Review Linkind Bulbs Unboxing

The package contents are simple, but you don’t need anything more. The Linkind Smart Light Bulbs are sold in packages of four 9W Wi-Fi RGBW bulbs that are equivalent to 60W bulbs. Along with the bulbs, you get a small list of instructions. That’s it!


Installing the Linkind Smart Light Bulbs is a very simple process. The only downside is that they need to be paired individually..

Review Linkind Bulbs App

The Linkind app needs to be downloaded and installed before installation. It’s available for Android and iOS.

Review Linkind Bulbs Add Bulb

You must create an account on the app and verify the email, then log back in again. Click the plus sign in the upper-right corner to add the first bulb.

Review Linkind Bulbs A19

After you click the plus sign, you are taken to a list of Linkind devices. Click the category on the left side of the screen for “Lighting.” Find and click the bulb labeled “Wi-FI CCT A19.”

This takes you to a screen where you can scan the QR code on the bulb. Alternatively, click “I Can’t Scan,” and you will be taken to a list of instructions.

Review Linkind Bulbs Install

Install the light bulb into your lamp or fixture and power the light on. It will blink twice to let you know it’s in pairing mode. Click “Next Step” to pair it.

Review Linkind Bulbs Connecting

You will be asked to sign in with your network and password. If you are successful, you will see a screen that tells you it is waiting to connect. It will helpfully tell you the number of seconds it will take.

Review Linkind Bulbs Nightstand

Once your bulb is successfully paired, a screen pops up with the settings for the bulb, as far as on/off, color choice, brightness, etc. You can change the name of the bulb to something more memorable by clicking the gear icon in the upper right.

Review Linkind Bulbs White

If you are installing more bulbs, install them each the same way, by clicking the plus sign, selecting the bulb in the device list, etc.

Using the Linkind Smart Light Bulb

Ultimately, to get the most out of the Linkind bulb, and really any smart light bulbs, you want to leave the light switch “on” and power it only with the app or a voice assistant.

Review Linkind Bulbs Red Blue

Leaving the light powered on works well with my nightstand. I can effortlessly change the colors and turn it on and off when I need it.

But it doesn’t work well for my upstairs bathroom, the one guests would use. No one wants to mess with an app every time they visit the bathroom. I use the app to change colors but turn the lights off and on still with the wall switch.

Review Linkind Bulbs Alexa

Another option for controlling the Linkind Smart Light Bulbs is through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

To add it to Alexa, open the Alexa app on your phone. Tap the “More” icon in the bottom right, then “Skills & Games.” Search for the “Linkind” skill and enable it.

Go to the icon along the bottom that says “Devices” and click the plus sign to add a new device. Choose “Add Device -> Light -> Other,” as Linkind isn’t a brand that’s listed.

Review Linkind Bulbs Power On

Click the “Discover Devices” button, and it will find your LInkind Smart Light Bulbs. You can either control the lights via the app or Alexa. A Routine that involves the bulbs can be created as well.

If you’re a Google Assistant user, you can set that up with the Linkind bulbs instead of Alexa.

You can also add Rooms and Scenes within the Linkind app. This is one of the times when the instructions don’t match the app.

Review Linkind Bulbs Room

To create a room, click the three-dot icon on the upper right of the home screen. On the next screen, click the plus sign to add a room. At this point you can add any bulbs you want in that room, as well as other Linkind devices you may have. Click Save.

The room now appears in the top row of the home screen next to “All” and “Default.”

Scenes are created in the same way, yet from the “Scenes” icon at the bottom of the home screen. This allows you to save settings, such as color and brightness, and deploy them at any time.,

Review Linkind Bulbs Schedule

You can set schedules for devices and scenes by clicking the “Smart” icon at the bottom of the home screen. Either turn on “Vacation Mode” or hit the plus sign. Here you can create a schedule from scratch or set up a “Wake Up” schedule, “Go to Sleep” schedule, etc.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, because I chose to turn my bathroom lights off by a switch instead of an app or Alexa, I can’t create a schedule for when I want the bathroom lights to turn blue at night to match my decorating scheme, but I can save it as a scene and flip it on and off when I desire.

Review Linkind Bulbs Blue

This is enough for me, and the options are certainly enough for the light on my nightstand. Using the Linkind Smart Light Bulbs, I found I can do everything I could when I used one of the more expensive brands.

Normally, $35.99 for four bulbs, you can get the Linkind Smart Light Bulbs now for just $25.99, which is quite a steal considering the more popular brand prices.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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