Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review

Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review Featured


  • 2 cameras (front and down facing)
  • 190-degree field of view
  • Get all or human-only motion alerts
  • Night vision
  • Most features are free


  • Doorbell must be removed to charge, USB cable is too short

Our Rating

9 / 10

Video doorbells have become the perfect way to know who’s at the door, whether or not you’re at home. The Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell takes this a step further by giving you two cameras to help you see who’s visiting and when packages are delivered. I recently had the chance to try this innovative design to see just how well it works.

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Overview of Features

The Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell isn’t your standard video doorbell. First of all, it features two cameras: one pointing straight ahead to view visitors and the second pointing downward to let you see delivered packages. The impressive field of view of over 190° between both cameras ensures that you see everything going on around your door.

Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review Overview

PIR sensors and radar detection detect motion to alert you immediately. However, if you hate getting numerous false alarms from tree limbs, shadows, and animals moving around, Lindo’s advanced human detection helps reduce false alarms by up to 95%. You’ll usually only get alerts when it’s actually a person at the door.

Speaking of human detection, the doorbell can recognize humans from up to 23 feet away with the forward-facing camera.

As you may already know, if a package is delivered below your video doorbell, you won’t be able to see it. With Lindo’s dual camera approach, not only can you view packages delivered below the standard video doorbell’s field of view, but a special AI package detection algorithm alerts you when packages are delivered.

You can install the doorbell wired or wirelessly. The Wi-Fi chip, based on ARM core, ensures a stable connection at all times between the indoor receiver and the doorbell.

Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review Overview Bottom

While there is a premium subscription for more features, you get the following for free:

  • Up to three days of video history events
  • Created activity zones
  • Human and package detection
  • HDR
  • Night vision
  • 2-way audio
  • Customizable settings

Getting Set Up

Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review Box

The Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell comes with everything you need to get started quickly. The kit includes:

  • Doorbell
  • Indoor chime/receiver
  • Flat mounting bracket and angled mounting bracket with template
  • Charging cable
  • Pin to detach doorbell from the bracket
  • Mounting screws and anchors
  • Wires for attaching to an existing wired installation
  • User manual
  • Protected by Lindo sticker

The only other thing I needed was the free Lindo app. I’ll go ahead and say right now that it’s one of the easiest smart home apps I’ve ever used. Everything is straightforward, and the app even takes you step by step through the doorbell installation for both wired and wireless setups.

Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review App Steps

To start, I had to charge the doorbell fully. In the user manual, it states you can charge the doorbell while installed, but the USB cable is far too short for that. You will need to remove it to charge it when the battery runs down.

After installing the app, I turned on the doorbell using the power button in the back and plugged in the chime. I set things up in the app before physically installing it – just to make sure everything worked.

It took the app a few tries to recognize the doorbell, but once it did, the rest of the setup was simple.

I used the flat bracket and wireless setup for my review. A screwdriver or drill is all you need to install it. No electrician needed.

The entire setup from unboxing to installing outside my front door took around 10 minutes.

Using the Doorbell

Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review Installed

The Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell helps get clearer shots both day and night with two bright lights just below the doorbell button. By default, the motion detection is set to “Medium,” which is roughly 16 feet away from the door. While I didn’t measure the distance, I did get alerts well before a person got to my front porch.

What really impressed me the most is that I never got a false alert after using this doorbell for a week. Birds flying by usually trigger the motion sensor for my security camera, but the doorbell never went off. However, anytime a person came near it, I received a “Human Detection” alert.

Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review Human Alert

You can turn this off to get alerts for all types of movement, though. If you have pets that go outside or a neighbor’s pet is causing trouble, you may prefer getting alerts for all movement.

I actually didn’t get any packages during my review. I tried pretending to be a delivery person and dropping off boxes within the second camera’s view but didn’t initially receive any package detection alerts. However, Lindo addressed the bug, and I’m now receiving both human and package alerts. I was impressed at how quickly the problem was fixed.

The two-way audio worked well. As with most cameras, there’s a slight delay between the camera and the app. However, both parties could be heard without any issues.

Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review Chime

When you need to charge the doorbell, remove the pin from the indoor chime and use it to disconnect the doorbell from the bracket. While it’s not covered in the user manual, you need to tap the power button on the doorbell three times quickly to turn it off while you charge it.

Using the Lindo App

The first screen of the app lets you view the current live feed of both cameras. During the day, both are extremely clear. At night, the front-facing camera is clearer than the second downward-facing camera. However, I could easily make out facial details both day and night.

Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review Cameras

You can temporarily snooze alerts if you’re going to be walking past the doorbell and don’t want to get alerts about yourself. It’s also easy to customize the chime sound, choose audio/video settings, set privacy zones (areas you don’t want monitored), and even configure auto-respond settings if you get alerts and are not home.

Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review App Settings

For most users, you’ll probably have everything you need with the free features. You’re able to save events directly to your device within three days. However, you can subscribe for $2.99/month or $29.99/year if you need more features, including:

  • 30 days of events or up to 2,000 events
  • Record up to 60 seconds of video per event (you get 10 to 12 seconds for free)
  • Store video locally even after a power failure
  • Set up more zones

Final Thoughts

Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell Review Final

The Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell is an impressive and easy-to-use doorbell to quickly get alerts when a person is detected near your door. I love that the doorbell can filter out other motion alerts from humans to reduce alert overload. If someone’s delivering a package, I’ll get both a human alert and a package alert.

Having two cameras along with three days of free video storage makes the doorbell an innovative and worthy competitor among smart doorbells. You can pick up the Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell on sale and get an extra 15% discount with the code MTELINDODUAL to pay just $127.49.

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