Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review

Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review Featured


  • Vivid display
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Connects almost instantly
  • Four cables included
  • Easy-to-use kickstand


  • Fair speakers
  • No anti-skid feature

Our Rating

8 / 10

The Lepow C2 Portable Monitor aims to make it easy to quickly set up a larger screen for gaming on the go or use it as a second screen to increase productivity on your computer or mobile device. When I recently had the opportunity to give this portable monitor a test drive, I was looking for ease of use, compatibility, and a stunning display. See how well Lepow delivered during my tests.

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Overview of Features

The Lepow C2 Portable Monitor is an extremely thin (0.27 inch) and lightweight (1.65 lbs.) monitor. This makes it easy to carry with you for work, school, gaming, or binging your favorite shows from your mobile device.

The 15.6-inch 1080P FHD IPS high definition screen provides vivid colors for anything you might be viewing. You still see the vibrant, color saturation anywhere from a 0 to 178 degree viewing angle. With a 60 Hz refresh rate, you won’t notice any real lag or visual glitches.

Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review Overview

If you’re connecting to a laptop or device with advanced HDR capabilities, the monitor picks up on that and can automatically adjust the brightness to showcase better details.

The kickstand lets you quickly adjust the viewing angle to your needs. While it moves easily, it stays in place during use.

Lepow’s portable monitor is made to work with most devices, from gaming consoles to mobile devices and everything in between. The monitor includes four ports: USB-C (power only), full function USB-C, mini HDMI, and mini DP. This lets you connect to laptops, Macs, mobile devices, PlayStations, Xboxes, Switches, digital cameras, and more.

Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review Cables

There are two built-in speakers and a 3.5mm headphone jack for audio. The speakers are one watt each. While they’re simple speakers, they work well for basic audio.

In the Box

Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review Box

The Lepow C2 Portable Monitor comes complete with everything you need to connect to your favorite devices immediately. Some devices may require an adapter, though, such as an iPhone, which may need a lightning-to-HDMI adapter.

In addition to the monitor itself, I received:

  • Screen protector and installation kit
  • Wall charger
  • Mini HDMI-to-HDMI cable
  • USB-C-to-USB-C cable
  • Mini-DP-to-mini-DP cable
  • USB-C-to-USB-A cable
  • Instructions

Having the screen protector is a nice touch to keep the screen safe from scratches, especially if you’re packing in a bag to take with you. Plus, it’s simple to install.

The monitor’s ports and buttons are easy to access on the back of either side of the screen.

Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review Back

The buttons include Esc, Up, Enter, and Down to adjust settings and the volume. You’ll also find the headphone jack just below the buttons. On the other side, you’ll find all your ports. Due to the thin size, the ports are a little snug against the back of the monitor.

Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review Ports

The Lepow C2 Portable Monitor for Gaming

I love the versatility of my Nintendo Switch, but sometimes the small screen isn’t always ideal, and if you want to play on a bigger screen when there isn’t a TV around, the Lepow C2 Portable Monitor ensures you can. And yes, 15.6 inches is a massive difference compared to the Switch’s screen.

This was my first test run with the monitor. Following the instructions, I connected the power cable to the monitor and connected it to a power source. I then used the mini HDMI-to-HDMI cable to connect the Switch, and I was all set. As soon as I turned on the Switch, the monitor went from stand-by to the Switch home screen.

Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review Mario

Getting the monitor to recognize the system took just seconds. I didn’t have to adjust any settings on either device.

The next test was to play a game, of course. After all, if there’s any lag on the monitor, that’s going to drastically affect the experience. I’m happy to report, Mario Kart worked flawlessly with zero visual glitches.

As expected, the sound quality was okay at best, and that’s at full volume. However, the user manual recommends using headphones for the best experience, and I fully agree. But, in a pinch, the built-in speakers do fine for ensuring you can hear what’s going on. It’s just not a rich or very loud audio. For some games, the sound was louder, but that comes down to the game itself.

Using the Lepow C2 Portable Monitor With Android

The next major text was using the Lepow C2 Portable Monitor with my Android phone. My phone has a full featured USB-C port, meaning it should power the monitor. Of course, doing this will run your phone’s battery down faster, but that’s to be expected.

By just using the single USB-C-to-USB-C cable, I was able to connect my Android device. The monitor immediately showed the Screen+ desktop, though I could switch to screen mirroring easily enough.

Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review Screenplus

I tested mirroring Disney+, Hulu, YouTube TV, and YouTube. Everything looked amazing. I could see that this monitor would be a dream come true to allow you to watch a movie on a larger screen when camping or even traveling. The sound still isn’t super great, but you could connect an external speaker for better audio.

Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review Youtube

I also had no issues connecting the monitor as a secondary screen for my HP laptop. It worked flawlessly with a Chromebook as well.

The only issues I found throughout my tests was the stand does slide a little, and I wish the power cable was slightly longer. It keeps its position, but there aren’t any rubber or silicone bumpers on the bottom of the stand or monitor to prevent sliding. A simple bump won’t really move it, but it slid every time I tried to adjust the volume. However, the stand isn’t going to fold up on you. It’s extremely solid.

Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review Stand

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Lepow C2 Portable Monitor is an amazing portable monitor that connects easily to most devices without any additional adapters, drivers, or setting changes. You can start using it within just a few minutes right out of the box.

Lepow C2 Portable Monitor Review Final

Don’t expect too much from the built-in speakers, but they do get the job done for providing sound. You may want to place the monitor on a non-skid mat just to be safe, as there aren’t any anti-skid features on it.

Whether you need another screen for gaming, entertainment, or productivity, it’s hard to beat this monitor. It’s simple to use, lightweight, and compatible with numerous devices. Plus, you can pick up the Lepow C2 Portable Monitor for just $199.99 or get it for $169.99 by selecting the $30 coupon on Amazon.

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