Langogo Summit Language Translator Review

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review


  • 104 languages
  • 5 translation modes
  • Take voice notes
  • Quick translations
  • Photo translations
  • Long battery life


  • Photo translations aren't always accurate
  • Several features require a subscription
  • Touchscreen could be more sensitive

Our Rating

7 / 10

What’s the worst thing about traveling to a foreign country? I would count not understanding the language as the number one issue. The Langogo Summit Language Translator helps you remove the language barrier to make getting around, dining, and speaking easier. I was able to test the translator myself to see how well it handles translating by voice and photo.

Overview of Features

The Langogo Summit Language Translator is a small, but powerful, device that’s the size of a small smartphone. The 4-inch display and three font sizes make it easy to read translations in near real-time.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Overview

The device is designed for both short and long conversations, including speeches or lectures. It’s equipped with four omnidirectional microphones to pick up sound no matter how you’re holding it.

It uses 24 translation engines to help translate between 104 different languages. It’s even designed to work with different accents for better accuracy.

Depending on the language, translation results can be read aloud. The translator supports Bluetooth TWS headphones for faster audio translations, though these aren’t required for translations. However, they’re a good idea if you’re listening to and translating a speech in real-time and don’t want to interrupt others around you.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Photo

In addition to listening, the Langogo Summit also translates images. The 8 MP camera uses OCR technology to identify text and translate it to your desired language. Currently, it only works on 46 of the 104 languages. The user manual (choose Summit), which you can download directly from Langogo lists which languages are compatible with which translation features.

The device will receive system updates for performance improvements. It also boasts a self-learning algorithm to provide better results as you use it.

You get 32 GB of built-in storage. This gives you hours of recordings. You can also sign up for premium cloud storage for more space.

While it can be used on Wi-Fi networks, there’s also support for global data with a premium data plan. You can buy a SIM card or use the built-in eSIM card to use the device as a mobile hotspot as well.

Exploring the Langogo Summit Language Translator

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Mics

If you know how to use a smartphone, you’ll quickly learn how to use the translator. The Langogo Summit Translator only asks you to set up a passcode and connect to an available Wi-Fi network during the initial setup.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Menu

Simply swipe up to view all the menu options. These include all your translation options, settings, data plan, account details, and even notes.

You’ll see the microphones at each corner around the screen. With the device facing you, the right side includes all the buttons, including power, translate/listen, and volume. The left side has a SIM card hole. An eSIM card is built in, but you can use your own physical SIM card with another carrier’s data plan if you’d like.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Buttons

The touchscreen could be a little more sensitive. At times, you have to press more firmly than you would with a smartphone touchscreen.

Translation Options

This isn’t just one type of translator. It actually features five different options, depending on your needs. This alone helps set the Langogo Summit Language Translator apart from many other translator devices.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Translation Options

The five modes include:

  • Intelligent recording – This mode records audio, such as from speeches and lectures, and provides a transcription within minutes.
  • Interpreter mode – Get continuous translation without holding the translate button.
  • Translation – Get quick translations by holding the translate button when speaking. This is ideal for conversations or to translate a sentence or two.
  • Speech translation – This mode works similar to Interpreter mode and provides subtitles.
  • Photo translation – Take a picture of a menu, sign, or other text to translate.

It’s important to note that Translation and Photo translation are the only two options that don’t require a premium plan. However, for general travel and translation, except for recording long conversations or lectures, these two modes may be all you need.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Idea

There’s also one other feature that’s not exactly a translation mode. Instead, Idea Notes allows you to quickly take voice notes. For instance, if a local recommends a great restaurant, you could add a note to your Idea Notes so you remember it. This is a useful feature all on its own. As a side note, the screen is much clearer than the above image.

Testing the Translator

I tested multiple languages with the above modes. While I didn’t record any lengthy speeches or lectures, I did try recording audio from YouTube that had subtitles. This helped me to see the accuracy.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Testing

Overall, the Translation mode is the most accurate. I did have to hold the translate button several seconds longer when I or the other person was finished speaking in order for the Langogo Summit Language Translator to recognize that anyone was talking.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Translation

Intelligent recording, Interpreter mode, and Speech translation were fairly accurate. There were a few hiccups here and there where some words were switched around or just not right at all. However, the translations happened quickly, so you can keep up with who you’re talking or listening to.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Intelligent

I did like that the device stores up to four hours at a time and up to 226 hours total. So, you can keep quite a few transcriptions and translations on the device.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Photo Translate

The Photo translation was hit or miss for me. Sometimes it would translate nearly perfectly. Other times, it was so far off it didn’t make any sense. It took several tries for the above to translate correctly. I even had a few times where it didn’t translate at all. I checked and I was using a supported language – Chinese. I did have better luck with Spanish and French, though, but it still wasn’t as accurate as the voice translation options.

Premium Features and Data Plan

If you want to access the premium features, you’ll need to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan. The Account option allows you to subscribe.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Vip

It’s important to note that you can download the Notta app for iOS or Android for free. It’s a translation app to use even if you don’t have the Langogo Summit Language Translator with you. You get 120 minutes of free voice transcription time and 20 hours of free cloud storage before you need to subscribe. You can also use this app to share and collaborate on translated files.

You get one free year when you activate your account on the Langogo device. The yearly plan is worth over $98. You can purchase more hours and storage if needed.

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Prices

The global data plan price starts at $3.99/month. If you also want hotspot data, the cost varies based on the country and area. You don’t get much data, though, so don’t plan on using this as a major hotspot device for streaming or other heavy Internet use while traveling. For instance, one plan in the USA and Canada offers 300 MB/day for $4.80.

Final Thoughts

Langogo Summit Language Translator Review Explore

Overall, the Langogo Summit Language Translator is a valuable all-in-one translation tool for travelers and anyone wanting to communicate with people who don’t speak the same language. College students listening to lectures in other countries will love the transcription feature. Or, if you’re doing business in another country, the interpreter function is invaluable.

While translations aren’t 100 percent perfect, they were usually close enough (except for photos) to easily understand the meaning. Plus, with support for 104 languages, most languages you’d need are supported.

The only downside is needing a premium plan for many of the features. However, if you need translations often, it’s likely worth it. You can pick up the Langogo Summit Language Translator yourself for $349. If you use the code TECH10XM, you can save 10% until May 31, 2021.

Crystal Crowder
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