Langogo Genesis Language Translator Review

Great for one-button translations while other features need improvement.

Langogo Genesis Language Translator Featured


  • Quick one-click translations
  • Voice assistant
  • Regional dialects
  • E-SIM paid monthly
  • USB-C charging


  • Need cloud subscription to translate voice recordings
  • Voice assistant is very basic
  • Charge doesn't hold long
  • User manual not useful

Our Rating

5 / 10

Communication is key. If you can’t communicate with people near you, it’s unsettling. But with around 6,500 languages in the world, you’re bound to run into situations where you can’t communicate with the people near you. Having a pocket translator can be a lifesaver. This review takes a look at the Langogo Genesis Language Translator to see if it’s a beneficial tool to help out in these circumstances.

Setting Up the Langogo Genesis Language Translator

Langogo Genesis Language Translator Unboxing

The LangogoGenesis Language Translator is a simple device and ships with just a few items:

  • Translator device
  • Carrying strap
  • USB-C charging cord
  • SIM tool
  • User manual

This is all you absolutely need. But forget the user manual – it isn’t helpful. It details what is in the box and labels the different buttons and the port but goes no further. It is necessary to Google to find a file with a proper user manual. There isn’t even a QR code to help you find it.

Choose Language

Langogo Genesis Language Translator System Language

After turning the translator on with the power button on the left side, you are asked to choose a language, and several options are given. After I chose English, it only gave me the option to translate between English and Chinese.

Langogo Genesis Language Translator Chinese

I later updated the firmware and was able to find more languages. This was great, as it had regional dialects. My daughter has a good friend who originates from Panama. So I kept that in mind when I set the translation language. I didn’t just have the choice of “Spanish” – I had all the different regional dialects of Spanish, including Panamanian.

Connecting to Network

Next, I signed in to the Wi-Fi. You can connect to the Genesis either via Wi-Fi, SIM card, or an E-SIM. A tool is provided to insert a SIM card, but you will have to purchase the SIM separately.

Langogo Genesis Language Translator Settings

Signing in to the Wi-Fi works the same as any other device. Slide the home screen to the left to expose another screen with Settings, where you can sign in to your Wi-Fi.

I did not try the device with a SIM card or as a hotspot, but I did try the E-SIM. The monthly fee is not a bad price if you are using this for a vacation. One month is just $3.95. It needs to be activated within 180 days, and you have a 2GB limit.

Langogo Genesis Language Translator E Sim2

Click “Global Wi-Fi” from the home screen, then choose “Translation Data Usage Plan.” You’ll be walked through the process of purchasing the plan. You can do it easily through your credit card or Paypal.

You can also use the translator as a hotspot, which could definitely come in handy. You can’t use the “Translation Data Usage Plan” for this, though.” You need to purchase a “Hotspot & Translation Data Usage Plan.” This is $4.80 for 300 MB/day. This could be a real help when trying to get Wi-Fi when out of the country.

Using the Langogo Genesis Language Translator

Langogo Genesis Language Translator Home Screen2

There are a few different ways to translate what you are hearing or what you want to say.

One-Click Translation

The One-Click Translation mode really couldn’t be any easier. Simply click and hold the button on the right side of the Langogo Genesis Language Translator. This records the person or persons speaking. Release the button when they are done, and it will translate what was said into the language you chose.

Alternatively, you can reach this mode by clicking the “Translation” button on the home screen.

Langogo Genesis Language Translation Online Translation2

While it’s easy, it does have its limitations. It will only record a snippet of conversation a few minutes long. In a test I ran, it was 115 words. Additionally, the translator struggled to keep up and missed some words. Yet, it was an immediate translation, and a running tally is kept of all your translations.

Note that in the example above, it says to click it for information about video games – but it was nothing but an apology and a vow to add it later.

Interpreter Mode

You can also translate in Interpreter Mode. This is the mode you’ll want to use to find out how to say or write something in another language. However, it also works in reverse. The translation in the below image was from a YouTube clip that was dubbed in Spanish. It translated it back to English for me.

Langogo Genesis Language Translator Interpreter Mode2

Slide the home screen to the left and select “Interpreter Mode.” Click in the top field and speak the words into the translator that you would like translated. It will immediately be translated into the translation language you chose. It will spell out the words and speak them. It’s best to keep it to a sentence or two, as again, it will not keep up.

Unlike One-Click Translation mode, your translations will not be saved.

Intelligent Recording

The Langogo also works as a voice recorder. It will save these recordings, but to translate them, you need to pay for a cloud account. This is $5.99/1 month, $15.99/3 months, and $30.99/6 months, which is quite a bit more than the E-SIM.

Langogo Genesis Language Translator Recording

The Intelligent Recording option is found by sliding the home screen to the left and is just under Interpreter Mode. Recording with this option is the same as a recording option on your phone – press the round button to record and pause by pressing the button again. But to stop and save your recording, you need to press the green checkmark.

You can save these recordings but can do nothing with them without buying a cloud account.

Voice assistant – Euri

The Langogo Genesis Language Translator also has its own voice assistant: Euri. It doesn’t compare to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant and provides only rudimentary, necessary information. Access Euri by sliding the home screen to the left and tapping Euri, then tapping the yellow circle and speaking your question.

Langogo Genesis Language Translator Euri

Euri will provide weather but only for your current location. You can ask if it will rain Friday, but it just displays a seven-day weather forecast for you to find the information on your own.

Langogo Genesis Language Translator Weather

It can find the nearest hotels but can’t provide a phone number or directions. It is supposed to provide exchange rates, but I couldn’t get this feature to work. I also could not get Euri to find the nearest gas station, but that was a question I came up with on my own. It found several nearby restaurants; however, it listed them alphabetically and only listed them up through the letter C.


Because of the USB-C charging, it charges quickly, within an hour to 100 percent. However, for a device you’d want to use occasionally on vacation, it doesn’t stay charged. While off and in my bag for a week, it was dead when I pulled it out again.

Final Verdict

The Langogo Genesis Language Translator does what it’s meant to do great. It translates well. It’s the other features where it doesn’t always measure up, such as Euri and the requirement of a paid cloud subscription to translate voice recordings.

But if you want easy one-button translations, the Langogo Genesis will do you well. You can pick it up for $229. Read on to check out our review of the Langogo Summit Language Translator.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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