INNOCN PF15-PRO Portable Touchscreen Monitor Review

So versatile, there aren't many people who couldn't find some use for it.

Innocn Pf15 Pro Review Featured


  • Super portable
  • Built-in battery lasts more than 4 hours
  • Works with Windows, macOS, Android, iPad, Game Consoles, and more
  • Included case protects the monitor when you're not using


  • Included USB-C display cable is a little short

Our Rating

9 / 10

Adding a second monitor can make you much more productive on your computer, but if you spend your day on the go, this isn’t exactly easy. Or, at least, it wasn’t easy until recently. Now, with portable monitors, you can have a second screen anywhere you want to work. The INNOCN PF15-PRO Portable Touchscreen Monitor goes beyond just being a second screen. Not only does it work with phones, tablets, and other devices, it has touchscreen functionality as well. This is just the start of what makes this portable monitor so special.

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Specs and Features

The highlight of the INNOCN PF15-PRO Portable Touchscreen Monitor is its 15.6-inch 1080p IPS panel. This features 10-point touch, letting you easily add a touchscreen to any computer. This even works on computers that don’t normally feature touchscreens, like a MacBook Pro.

The display features a 1500:1 contrast ratio and a 16:9 aspect ratio, making it perfect for watching movies on the go. All you need to do is plug in your phone, tablet, or PC, and you have an entertainment-ready screen on the go. The 178-degree viewing angle allows more than one person to view it at the same time.

Out of the box, the INNOCN PF15-PRO Portable Touchscreen Monitor features a carrying case that doubles as a stand. This lets you prop the monitor up while you’re using it and keep it protected when you’re not using it.

Innocn Pf15 Pro Review Led

The PF15-PRO has built-in speakers as well. At first, this may seem like an odd inclusion: after all, doesn’t your laptop have speakers? That said, if you’re plugging in your Android device to watch a movie, the onboard speakers are nice to have.

The built-in speakers can be on the quiet side, and the sound is a little tinny. That said, given the small size of the display, we weren’t expecting bass-heavy sound out of the speakers.

Build Quality and Design

Before the INNOCN PF15-PRO Portable Touchscreen Monitor arrived, I was expecting a rather flimsy display that I’d have to be careful with. While you should be careful with the monitor, it’s far from flimsy.

Innocn Pf15 Pro Review Case 1

The device itself feels like an oversized iPad Pro or a slightly larger version of the Microsoft Surface. When you put on the included folio-style case, it feels even more like a large tablet. Theoretically, you can use it this way too if you’d like to keep it in your lap and are connecting via USB-C.

Unlike many larger standard monitors in its price range, the INNOCN PF15-PRO is built largely out of metal. This helps provide its sturdy feel, though it does contribute to the weight.


Given the portable nature, you may expect INNOCN to use a cheap panel in the PF15-PRO. That’s far from the case. The IPS panel is bright, responsive, and handles color extremely well.

Innocn Pf15 Pro Review Movie

In addition to the 1,500:1 contrast ratio, the PF15-PRO supports wide color gamut. This makes the monitor great for watching movies and especially useful for video and photography professionals.

When testing the PF15-PRO with my MacBook Pro, I actually had to boost the brightness on the laptop. Before doing this, the laptop looked dim and dreary compared to the screen on the monitor.

To extend battery life, you can reduce the brightness, though this may not gain you as much battery life as you think. This is mainly because of how efficient the INNOCN PF15-PRO is in the first place.

Battery Life

Innocn Pf15 Pro Review Ports

The INNOCN PF15-PRO has a built-in 5,000 mAh battery. This lets you charge up the monitor before you take it with you so that you don’t need to find a power source for your laptop and another for the monitor.

While 5,000 mAh may not sound like a lot at first, keep in mind that this is only a monitor. Without a cellular radio, Wi-Fi, or other features we normally see in laptops, tablets, and smartphones, there isn’t as much there to run the battery down.

Innocn Pf15 Pro Review Cables

Even running the monitor at fairly bright settings, I was surprised at how long the battery lasted. I routinely got four hours out of the monitor, while this came down to around three when using the built-in speakers.

Menus and Modes

The INNOCN PF15-PRO has a built-in on-screen display (OSD) with many of the settings you’d expect to see in a standard monitor. Basic controls include brightness, contrast, and overall color balance.

Innocn Pf15 Pro Review Osd

You can also adjust various display modes. There are modes for accurate color representation for video and photo professionals but also plenty of modes for gamers. There are even settings for different types of gaming.

You can also set the white point, change power save settings, and swap between different inputs. If you use the PF15-PRO as a standard monitor at home, this is handy to have if you’re plugging in different devices.

Connecting to a Laptop

INNOCN suggests several laptops, tablets, and other devices that work with the PF15-PRO. In my case, I used a 2017 MacBook Pro and an ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 to test compatibility with both macOS and Windows computers.

I tried the MacBook first. As a matter of fact, I’m using the PF15-PRO as a second screen for Slack, Apple Mail, and notes in Obsidian as I’m writing this review. The size of the display works well next to the 15-inch laptop, and while it’s lower resolution, it doesn’t look less sharp in any noticeable way.

Innocn Pf15 Pro Review Gaming Windows

Using the PF15-PRO with the ASUS is similar. I tried this out running a game on the main screen, with a web browser open on the PF15-PRO. I also ran games with the PF15-PRO as the main monitor. While it doesn’t boast the same high refresh rate as the built-in ASUS display, the colors are every bit as brilliant on the external monitor.

With either computer, connecting is simple. Power on the monitor, then connect with the included USB cable. Everything should take care of itself from here. If it doesn’t, you can change the input using the OSD.

Other Devices

Connecting the INNOCN PF15-PRO Portable Touchscreen Monitor to smartphones, gaming consoles, or other hardware is just as simple as connecting to a laptop.

In the case of an Android phone, all you need to do is power on the monitor and plug the included USB-C cable into both devices. As a bonus, this will charge the phone as well. This is perfect if you want to play a game on a larger screen without draining your phone’s battery.

Innocn Pf15 Pro Review Android 1

The touchscreen comes in very handy here. Touch the PF15-PRO, and it will act exactly like interacting with your phone’s touchscreen. If you’re a fan of mobile games but want them on an even bigger screen, this is a great way to do it.

When it comes to game consoles, it’s as easy as connecting the HDMI cable. Of course, you lose touchscreen features connecting this way, but it’s an even simpler setup. In this case, think of the INNOCN PF15-PRO as a portable 15-inch television.

Is the INNOCN PF15-PRO Right for You?

Normally, we’d suggest who this is for. In this case, I’m having a hard time thinking of anyone this monitor wouldn’t be useful for. If you travel or even work from home, there are many circumstances in which this monitor can improve your workflow or leisure time.

If you have no use for a monitor, obviously this isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’ve ever wished for a portable monitor that can work for media, photo editing, or anything else you can think of, the INNOCN PF15-PRO Portable Touchscreen Monitor is a fantastic option.

As a special offer to our readers, you can save $66 off the price of the INNOCN PF15-PRO at Amazon by using the code INC20PF15. After clipping the 30% off Amazon coupon, you can get the monitor for 50% off.

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