INNOCN 44″ Ultrawide Monitor Review: Big and Beautiful

The size needs to be seen to be believed.

Innocn Ultrawide Monitor Featured


  • Large and extremely wide
  • Easy to use
  • Very clear, bright image
  • Compatible with many devices


  • Plug and ports difficult to get to

Our Rating

9 / 10

iPads are great all-in-one mobile devices, but sometimes there is a need for more. An extra monitor can be helpful to see your apps on a larger screen, and iPadOS makes it even more useful. I had a fabulous opportunity to use iOS 16’s new multitasking feature while reviewing the INNOCN 44″ Ultrawide Monitor.

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Setting Up the INNOCN 44″ Ultrawide Monitor

You could not possibly believe the size of the INNOCN 44″ Ultrawide Monitor until you see it in person. It quite literally takes up the whole counter of my breakfast bar in my kitchen. Used to working with just an iPad, it was the only spot large enough in my home to place it.

Innocn Ultrawide Monitor Features

Because of the 44″ size, the monitor would be more ideal for hanging. I muscled through setting it on the provided stand and dangerously did so without following directions. I always take all the pieces out first to take an “unboxing” photo, but I realized too late that this was not possible with this monitor.

The directions tell you to keep it in the packing “fuselage” until connected to the mount, but I’d already removed it from the packaging by the time I read that. Luckily, I didn’t damage it.

Innocn Ultrawide Monitor Stand

The stand is heavy but not difficult to put together. It’s just a matter of fitting one piece into the other and tightening the attached screw, though the heft of it adds a touch of awkwardness.

Innocn Ultrawide Monitor Turned Off

I regret that I wasn’t able to take pictures of attaching the screen to the stand. I didn’t have a spare hand.

Innocn Ultrawide Monitor Ports

I would recommend plugging in the power cord before standing the monitor upright. It was a difficult angle underneath to insert the plug. The ports underneath are a little easier to get to: DisplayPort, two HDMI, 3.5mm headphone, and USB-C. The latter was perfect for attaching to the iPad Pro. It was just a matter of plugging it in.

Using the INNOCN 44″ Ultrawide Monitor

While monitor controls are sometimes hidden on the side, the INNOCN 44″ Ultrawide Monitor controls are easily accessible underneath, with the matching symbols on the screen just above.

Innocn Ultrawide Monitor Controls

The settings can be accessed via the controls. All the usual monitor settings are there, as well as special “Game Settings.”

iPadOS 16 provides even more reason to use an external monitor with an M1-enabled iPad. Not only do you get to use the screen mirroring option in iPadOS, but if you have a touchpad attached, it acts the same as an additional screen.

Innocn Ultrawide Monitor Home Screen

This is through the new “Stage Manager” feature. Along with the use of an external monitor, such as the INNOCN 44″ Ultrawide Monitor, it also allows you to have up to four windows open at once. This means you get open Windows on the iPad and a different set of windows on the INNOCN monitor.

Innocn Ultrawide Monitor Stage Manager

I set up the INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor on the same day I downloaded and installed the iPadOS 16 public beta. Experiencing the two together was a game-changer: four windows open on the extremely large 44″ screen and four more on my 11″ iPad Pro. You can move your cursor back and forth between the monitor and iPad Pro as well.

Working the monitor in and out of my normal workday was easy. When I didn’t need the extra large screen and extra windows, I’d simply unplug, and I was free to set up my iPad Pro somewhere else. It’s easy to reconnect as well: just replug, make sure you’re using a touchpad, and you’re back in business.

Final Thoughts

The INNOCN 44″ Ultrawide Monitor is so large and beautiful that it needs to be seen to be believed. Believe me when I say my mouth was gaping open in awe every time I used it. It’s also very easy to use. There’s no learning curve whatsoever.

Innocn Ultrawide Monitor Large

The only place it could stand to improve is the location of the cord and ports. They were a bit difficult and awkward to reach, requiring acrobatics and my phone to see where to plug them in after the monitor was attached to the stand.

The monitor is so large, though, that it’s a bit too large for my needs. But it’s so versatile, working with so many devices, computers, etc., and for so many needs. In my personal life, I’m part of a fraternal organization. New security cameras were just installed there, so I’m donating this monitor to the organization so that there will be big, beautiful views of the cameras to keep everyone safe. It will work out perfectly mounted on the wall of the office.

If you want to see your work, gaming, or streaming TV shows and movies on the beautiful INNOCN 44″ Ultrawide Monitor, you can get a 14% Prime discount on Amazon and pay just $559.99.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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