ILIFE V3s Max Robot Vacuum Review

Excellent choice for keeping up with pet messes.

Ilife V3s Max Robot Vacuum Featured2


  • 2000Pa suction
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Mops and vacuums
  • Includes replacement parts


  • Leaves occasional streaks when mopping
  • App is tricky to connect to

Our Rating

8 / 10

Trying to constantly vacuum and mop behind pets for a clean home isn’t easy. The ILIFE V3s Max Robot Vacuum makes your job much easier by vacuuming and mopping on a schedule that best fits you and your pets. Easily clean the house while you sit back and enjoy quality time with your fur baby. I had the chance to test out the V3s Max to see how well it can tackle my cats’ daily messes.

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Overview of Features

The ILIFE V3s Max Robot Vacuum has a low profile, making it fit easily under many kinds of furniture where dust bunnies love to hide. It’s also not quite as wide (just 12.4″ diameter) as many robot vacuums, helping it fit well under chairs and end tables.

Ilife V3s Max Robot Vacuum Review Overview

Sensors help prevent the vacuum from falling off steps and contact with obstacles. You also get clean floors in less time with the advanced gyroscopic navigation, reducing cleaning time by to 30 percent. With a 90-minute max runtime, you’ll be able to clean larger areas between charges.

Easily get the type of clean you want with four cleaning modes:

  • Auto with adjustable suction power
  • Spot with 2000Pa suction
  • MAX with 1500Pa suction
  • Edge with adjustable suction power

The vacuum is designed to work best on hard floors versus carpets and features a max suction of 2000Pa. However, it will pick up dirt and hair off thinner carpets and rugs but doesn’t have a roller bar, so it won’t thoroughly clean carpets.

You can easily vacuum and mop at the same time with the V3s Max. The 600mL dustbin can handle multiple rooms before needing to be emptied. The 200mL water tank also lasts to mop several rooms as well.

Control the vacuum with the included remote, the app, and even with your voice with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

In the Box

Ilife V3s Max Robot Vacuum Review Box

I was pleasantly surprised to discover not only do you get the essentials to start using the ILIFE V3s Max Robot Vacuum, you also get replacement pieces too.

The box includes:

  • The V3s Max vacuum
  • Charging dock and power adapter
  • Remote control with batteries
  • 3 disposable dust bags (1000mL for cleaning larger messes without needing to empty the bin)
  • Water tank and dust bin (both already installed)
  • Extra filter
  • Extra side brushes
  • User manual
  • Cleaning tool
  • Mop cloth

The vacuum itself is also a pretty purple on black, making it stand out from other robot vacuums. While there was a little charge on the vacuum before charging, I let it charge before running it the first time, which is recommended.

Getting Started

Before connecting to Wi-Fi, I did a quick test run using the included remote. I have mainly hard floors with a few low carpet rugs. I tested just the vacuum portion first. The pattern ensures no areas are missed. It’s a tight zig zag pattern that only veers off when cleaning under tables and other furniture.

Ilife V3s Max Robot Vacuum Review Chair

Surprisingly, the suction was powerful enough on the highest setting to pick up loose hair and cardboard pieces from a cat scratcher even on the rugs. On the hard floors, nothing was left behind. As soon as the battery started to get low, it stopped and immediately started back to the charger. It had zero issues finding and docking itself.

Of course, the next step is to test out the app. I went through the process of connecting to the app and my Wi-Fi network. It will not connect to an automatic hybrid 2.4/5.0GHz network. You must switch it to 2.4GHz before it will connect.

Even after switching to 2.4GHz, it took three tries to get it to properly connect. The app states you shouldn’t minimize or leave the screen during the connection process, but also tells you to leave the app to switch to the vacuum’s Wi-Fi network. So the instructions aren’t super clear. But, after about 5 minutes of back and forth, I was connected and ready to use the app.

Ilife V3s Max Robot Vacuum Review App

The app lets you create a schedule, choose between different vacuum modes, adjust suction, set up mopping, and see the cleaning area and times. There isn’t a way to set up specific zones, though, so you’ll need to close doors or section off any areas you don’t want cleaned.


The ILIFE V3s Max Robot Vacuum offers an incredibly efficient clean, taking care of two rooms in less time that most robot vacuums spend on one. The dust bin is actually large enough to handle two to three medium-sized rooms before it needs to be emptied, unless you have larger messes of course. The cleaning tool to clean the vacuum itself is\ attached to the dustbin.

Ilife V3s Max Robot Vacuum Review Dustbin

The mopping feature works extremely well most of the time. It doesn’t put down too much water at once, so everything dries quickly. I did notice a few streaks where the vacuum would make a turn, but nothing major. It’s recommended to only use water in the tank, so it’s possible that the streaks might come from dirtier areas that needed a cleanser to break things loose.

I also think it might be a good idea to let the robot vacuum without mopping first if you have a lot of dirt and debris so the mopping cloth doesn’t get too dirty with bulky debris. However, the floors looked shiny and were free of cat hair, cardboard, and dirt once the V3s Max finished vacuuming and mopping.

Ilife V3s Max Robot Vacuum Review Mop

My cats are usually terrified of vacuums, but they didn’t seem to mind this one. At the lowest suction, it’s just a gentle hum. At the max suction, you might need to turn the TV up a notch, but that’s all.

I loved the Edge and Spot modes for quicker cleanups. They’re ideal if there’s a random mess or to pick up pet hair that gathers around the walls and edges of furniture.

Ilife V3s Max Robot Vacuum Review Handle

The dustbin is super easy to empty and even has a handle to help pull it out. I did need to use the cleaning tool to get some of the dirt out of the edges of the bin, but that’s recommended in the manual so I knew to expect that.

Final Thoughts

Ilife V3s Max Robot Vacuum Review Featured

For cleaning up behind your pets, the ILIFE V3s Max Robot Vacuum is a lifesaver. It cleans quickly and thoroughly on hard floors and even low carpets. It’s easy to use and control with the remote, app, or your voice. Plus, it even comes with replacement parts. Just remember this is made for hard floors, not carpets.

Overall, it’s a good addition to any pet owner’s home. It’s also affordable. You can buy the ILIFE V3s Max Robot for just $239.99. Clip the $50 coupon and get it for just $189.99.

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