iDPRT Mini Photo Printer Review

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Featured


  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Fun photo stickers
  • No ink or toner to replace
  • Small and easy to carry in your pocket


  • User guide isn't complete
  • Large spaces with graduated colors aren't the best

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8 / 10

While we all have the ability to share photos through various digital means, sometimes it’s fun to share photos with friends and loved ones in hard copy – yet you don’t want to wait to get home to print them out. The iDPRT Mini Photo Printer can provide the portable means to print your photos immediately. Let’s find out more in this review.

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Setting Up the iDPRT Mini Photo Printer

Opening the box for the iDPRT Mini Photo Printer, the box seems incredibly small, and you wonder how it could contain a printer – even a mini one. It’s amazingly small and thin.

The box contains:

  • Mini photo printer
  • Charging cable
  • Packet of photo paper
  • User guide
Idprt Mini Photo Printer Unboxed

Before you do anything else, you should charge the mini photo printer, as it can take an hour to an hour and a half to charge. Plug the USB-C end of the cord into the printer and the USB-A end into a charging brick. A thin blue light will flash off and on to show you it’s charging. The light will go off when it’s done.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Both Ends

The user guide lists setup and usage of the printer in a mixed-up order. It would be wise to download the HeyPhoto app while you wait for the printer to fully charge. The app is available for Android and iOS.

When it’s fully charged, it will have a solid blue light. At this time, you’ll need to pair it to your device. It’s paired the same way any other Bluetooth accessory would be paired.

You will also want to load the printer paper at this point. It comes in packets of five and ten. Yes, it’s not many sheets in one packet – but that’s for a reason.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Paper

The paper already has “Zink” ink included on the paper, eliminating toner/ink cartridges. The Zink can dry out very quickly, so you don’t want to open a huge pack of paper.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Loading Paper

Included in the pack of paper is a blue sheet. This is very important, as it needs to go through the printer before the photo paper. It spits this out on its own before printing. You don’t need to worry about it. Just don’t throw it away!

Load the paper with the blue sheet on the bottom. Make sure the stack is shoved all the way to the back. Otherwise, the app won’t recognize that it’s ready to print.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Click Connect

To connect the iDPRT Mini Photo Printer to the app, open the HeyPhoto app and create an account. Click the orange type at the bottom that says, “Click to connect printer,” and press the power button on the printer to turn it on.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Zp200

Click the device from the list. It will start with “ZP200.” If you have no other printers that use this app, it will be the only one and easy to find.

Using the iDPRT Mini Photo Printer

To print photos from the iDPRT Mini Photo PRinter, tap “Album” on the home screen of the HeyPhoto app. This takes you to your photos on your device. Click whichever photos you want to print. Once they appear in the app, click the photo you want to print, then agree to have the photos uploaded into the app.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Preview

Just like any other printer, you’ll be allowed to crop, apply a photo, etc. When you’re ready, click the printer icon in the upper right.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Blue Sheet

It’s at this point that the printer will eject the blue paper if you haven’t printed from this pack of paper yet.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Printing

The iDPRT Mini Photo Printer takes around a minute to print. The 2″ x 3″ photo will run through and slide out at the end, just as the blue paper did.

Alternatively, instead of printing through the app, you can also select a photo to print from your photos app, then send it to the printer through the sharing button – not through the print function as you would with a typical printer but by selecting HeyPhoto from the list of apps.

Quality of Photos

Originally, to test the iDPRT Mini Photo Printer, my thought was to bring it along on my Caribbean cruise, imagining how beautiful the photos would be. But I never finished setting it up, as our travel plans changed at the last minute, and we had to quickly change gears for a road trip.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Group

I finished the setup after I got home, but I was still able to print the photos from the trip. I found that scenic photos of the Caribbean water and sky weren’t the best, but photos of our activities were fantastic!

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Sticker

Additionally, the printed pictures are peel-and-stick, so you can put them anywhere. It would have been fun to hand these out on the cruise.

Other Functions

The HeyPhoto app has some additional functions: Video, Jigsaw, and ID Photo. There aren’t really any instructions for these features, so it’s basically something you need to figure out on your own. However, they are not difficult features to figure out. What’s confusing is figuring out what some of the functions are for.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Jigsaw

I figured Jigsaw would make a jigsaw puzzle out of a photo and couldn’t figure out how to make it work. But it is actually a collage creator for up to nine photos. You can add filters, adjust the borders, and add a background for the border, then print it out.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Video

The Video function is a way to clip a photo from a video, then print it. You can either shoot a video with it to start or add one from your existing library. Create your clip, add a filter if you wish, then print.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Id

ID Photo is simple enough. It allows you to add a photo of yourself (or someone else), then line it up correctly to get an ID/passport photo that’s set up via the requirements.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the only major downside is the lack of documentation to explain the features of the app. All the functions have a line that says, “Print Quality,” followed by a box with a “1.” However, this is not a feature that can change, so it’s unclear why it’s there. Also, after you initially choose the photos you want to use, there’s no way to add more. I had to close out the app and reopen it.

Idprt Mini Photo Printer Little Photos

Putting the app aside, the IDPRT Mini Photo Printer is a fantastic printer for quick little photos to share with friends and family while you’re traveling or having a fun gathering. I keep thinking now of all the functions and gatherings where I can bring it. It more than makes up for the app’s shortcomings.

You can get the iDPRT Mini Photo Printer for just $56 through March 15, 2022. Clip the $10 Amazon coupon and take an additional 40% off with the code N44PXDKT. An extra pack of 20 sheets of photo sticker paper is $19. And remember, you’ll never have to buy more toner or ink!

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