HeimVision HMD2 Wireless Security Camera Review

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review Main


  • Easy installation
  • Works indoor and outdoor
  • Intelligent motion sensor
  • Night vision
  • SD storage
  • Clear picture
  • Timeline of incidents to view history at any time


  • No 24/7 recording
  • History timeline is finicky at times
  • Has to be taken down to be charged or have HeimVision solar charging panel added at extra cost

Our Rating

9 / 10

If you’re looking for a reliable security camera that’s easy to install and use, the HeimVision HMD2 Wireless Security Camera is an option. The small, pill-shaped camera packs powerful features in a device that fits in your hand. Plus, it works both indoors and out, making it a versatile option for home security.

HeimVision HMD2 Features

Before I get into my own hands-on experience trying out the HMD2, let’s take a quick look at the features. First of all, it’s completely wireless, so installation is a breeze. The 6000 mAh rechargeable battery lasts up to four months, with up to ten recordings per day. If you don’t want to worry about taking the camera down, which is surprisingly easy, to charge the battery, you can buy a small solar panel directly from HeimVision that connects to keep the battery charged.

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review Camera

Concerning installation, choose from a screw-on or magnetic mount. You can also use a strong, weather-proof adhesive pad (included) to connect the mount. The camera itself is IP65 weatherproof certified, so you’re not limited to covered porches and decks.

A PIR motion sensor picks up activity. It’s smart enough to know the difference between a random leaf or bug flying by and an actual person or animal. While you can check in on your camera’s live feed at any time, only triggered activity actually records. Events are stored in the optional cloud service by default, but you can also install a microSD card as a backup or your main storage option if you prefer.

Talk to visitors using the two-way intercom. You can do this remotely through the app.

You can clearly see everything going on in 1080p FHD. Plus, night vision makes it easy to see what’s going on after the sun sets. Night vision works up to 30 feet. Plus, the camera shows you a wide 130-degree field of vision.

Naturally, everything’s easy to manage directly from the HeimVision HeimLife app.

Getting Set Up

Everything’s packaged so well that you can actually store anything you’re not using back in the box. Here’s what it looked like before I opened it.

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review Box

Here’s everything that’s included.

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review Parts

The camera was a little over half-charged upon arrival. After nearly a week of usage, I still haven’t had to charge it. I was able to get started with it right away, which is a great thing.

You have to go through the step-by-step installation guide the first time you use it. I installed a 64 GB microSD card. The rubber, waterproof stopper seals all open ports, so make sure it’s replaced securely each time you remove and replace it.

The guide recommends staying close to your router and phone, which I did. You’ll need to download the HeimLife app first. Then, just follow the prompts to set up an account and associate your camera with it. After scanning a QR code within the app with the camera, it was time to start using everything.

Initially, the camera can only be checked and managed from a single device, but you can change this in the Settings area.

A Look at the App

The HeimVision HMD2 Wireless Security Camera is assigned a default name, but you can easily change it.

When you first open the HeimLife app, you’ll see a list of available devices with a preview option.

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review App Main Screen

If you’d rather see a list without the preview, tap the hamburger menu at the top left. If you need to add another device, tap the + at the top right.

If you have messages or want to make changes to your account, you can do this through the Messages and Me areas at the bottom of the window.

Tapping the preview screen takes you to the live feed.

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review App Live

From the Live tab, you can take screenshots, use the two-way intercom (which works extremely well), record what’s going on, and toggle Motion Detection on and off. Blue means it’s on. You can also check the remaining battery from the battery indicator at the top right.

The History tab shows your calendar of events. The amount of history depends on what you have stored in the cloud or on your microSD card.

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review App History

The timeline slider is a bit temperamental and wants to jump back to the start, but after several taps, it usually goes to the time you want. Colored indicators show recorded events.

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review App Indicators

Finally, the Cloud tab looks much like the History tab but shows everything that’s stored in the cloud. The same issue remains with the slider. Honestly, that’s the only real complaint I have, but it’s so easy to use otherwise that it’s not that big of a problem.

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review App Cloud

Managing Settings

If you noticed from the main app screen, there are two icons by your device’s name. The first with the play symbol shows all your current alerts.

The second with the cloud symbol takes you directly to the live feed and Cloud tab. It’s a nice shortcut.

When you’re viewing the Live, History, or Cloud tabs, you can also access the device’s settings using the menu at the top right.

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review App Settings

From here, you can:

  • Change your device’s name
  • Turn on alerts
  • Set up device sharing so other devices can access the camera
  • Turn on motion detection sensitivity
  • Get device information
  • Change SD card settings
  • Manage your cloud storage service

If you want to use the cloud service for the HMD2, you have to purchase it through the app by tapping “Cloud Storage Service.” For this camera, only short clips and screenshots are stored. There are other HeimVision security cameras that offer 24/7 recording, but the HMD2 doesn’t do this. You can view the live feed, but it only stores something when motion is detected.

You get a free trial of the cloud service when you first sign up. However, you can also store items on your microSD card.

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review App Cloud Storage

The subscription is inexpensive. Get three days of storage for $2.99/month, seven days for $3.99/month, or thirty days for $14.99/month. Having a subscription makes it easy to view your history from anywhere. Plus, it’s unlimited storage.

If you’re using a microSD card, you’re limited to 128 GB. Of course, you probably won’t be storing that much at a time anyway.

Final Thoughts

Heimvision Hmd2 Wireless Security Camera Review Final

I’ve enjoyed my experience with the HeimVision HMD2 Wireless Security Camera. Some of my favorite aspects include:

  • Less than 15 minutes to set up from start to finish, including mounting
  • View the live feed from anywhere
  • Clear video day and night, though faces aren’t as clear at night
  • Easy to mount anywhere and even use indoors
  • Incredibly affordable

The only con I can find is the timeline issue. I’ve seen some users complain that it doesn’t have 24/7 recording, but this isn’t what this particular camera is designed for, so no complaints here.

If you are not keen to get a new security camera, try turning your old smartphone into a security camera instead.

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