Haylou GST Smartwatch Review

Haylou Gst Smartwatch Featured


  • IP68-rated dust- and water-resistant
  • Stylish looks
  • Nice fitness tracking features
  • Super affordable


  • No charging brick included, only a charging cable

Our Rating

8 / 10

When you think of a standard wristwatch, you can buy them in all shapes and sizes, with prices to match. On the other hand, for some time, smartwatches were expensive, regardless of which model you chose. This is finally beginning to change. The Haylou GST Smartwatch is an affordable smartwatch that packs all the functionality you’re used to and doesn’t skimp on style either. Is this a fantastic bargain or just too good to be true? Find out in this review.

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Out of the Box

This is a fairly barebones package, but that’s the case with most smartphones, so it isn’t unique to the Haylou GST Smartwatch. Open the box, and the first thing you’ll notice is the smartwatch itself, carefully packed within foam to keep it protected.

Haylou Gst Review Box

The only other items you’ll find inside the box are the manual and a charging cable. As is the recent trend in consumer electronics, while the Haylou GST Smartwatch ships with a charging cable, it doesn’t include the charger itself.


Though it may be inexpensive, the Haylou GST Smartwatch isn’t cheaply built. The watch is IP68-rated water- and dust-resistant, meaning you don’t need to be as careful with it as you might expect.

That’s handy, as the Haylou GST is meant to be used out and about in a variety of situations. In addition to standard fitness-tracking features, this smartwatch features sport tracking across 12 different sports, including running and cycling.

Haylou Gst Review Features

For keeping track of your overall health, the Haylou GST will measure how many steps you walk each day, while also keeping track of your average heart rate. That’s not all, however, as built-in Sp02 tracking makes sure that your blood oxygen remains at a healthy level. Sleep tracking ensures you’re getting enough rest.

To use the watch as an accessory for your phone, the Haylou Fun app is available for both Android and iPhone. You’ll need the app to set up your watch, so the app will be connected to your phone right away, letting you see call and message notifications with a short glance at your wrist.

Build Quality & Design

The body of the Haylou GST Smartwatch is constructed of zinc alloy, while the very back of the watch is plastic. This is expected given the price tag, but most people will never notice the plastic, as they’ll be too focused on the rest of the watch.

The overall look is similar to the Apple Watch. The GST comes with a plastic band preinstalled, so you don’t need to worry about getting a separate band, though we’re not sure if you’ll have much luck finding replacement bands.

Haylou Gst Review On Wrist

One thing we haven’t touched on yet is the weight. The Haylou GST is quite lightweight, meaning it’s comfortable to wear all day. As mentioned earlier, it’s also IP68-rated water- and dust resistant, so it will hold up to the rigors of daily use.

The single button, placed where the crown would be on an analog watch, feels solid. On some less expensive smartwatches, these can feel weak or flimsy, and we’re glad that isn’t the case here.

Looking at the overall fit and finish, it’s worth mentioning how sleek and easy to use the display feels.


Speaking of the display, the Haylou GST Smartwatch uses a TFT display. The overall size is 1.69 inches diagonally, with a resolution of 240×280 pixels. That may sound low, but the display looks sharp.

While more expensive models opt for OLED displays, that would be impossible for a watch in this price range. That said, blacks are deeper than I initially expected.

Haylou Gst Review Face

With a smartwatch, brightness is important. You don’t want it blindingly bright inside, but you need to see it outside as well. The Haylou GST Smartwatch holds up here, easily getting bright enough to see in bright sunlight and automatically toning it down indoors.

One thing worth mentioning is that this watch is rather aggressive with shutting off the display by default. This saves battery life, and all it takes is a movement of your wrist to see the screen again, but you can always extend the time the display stays active in the settings.

Setting Up the Haylou GST Smartwatch

Setting up the Haylou GST Smartwatch is a simple, easy process. Start by pressing the button on the side and holding it down a few seconds to power the watch on.

After it powers on, the first thing you’ll see is a QR code you can scan to easily access the Haylou Fun app. Download the app to whichever device you use as your primary phone.

Haylou Gst Review App Install

Launch the app, then sign in or create a Haylou account, assuming you don’t have one already. Tap the button to add a new device, and the app should quickly find the Haylou GST Smartwatch if it’s nearby.

Follow the prompts to continue setting up the app and smartwatch. In my case, this included a firmware update, so the overall time from unboxing to complete setup was about 10 minutes.

Once the watch is activated and updated, you’re ready to start using it.

Using the Haylou GST Smartwatch

The Haylou GST Smartwatch is so easy to use that even if you’re new to smartwatches, you shouldn’t need to dig through the manual to read it. Everything is fairly straightforward.

By default, you’ll see the standard watch face, which can show the time, date, and health information like your pulse. Dive into settings, and you can choose from a few various watch faces that range from information-packed to old-fashioned novelty.

Haylou Gst Review App

Swipe down, and you’ll see access to some quick settings. Swipe up instead to browse through an extensive list of the watch’s functions. You can swipe left and right to browse through various activity and information screens.

After the initial novelty of all the functions wears off, chances are you’ll use the Haylou GST most as an activity tracker and for notifications for your phone. How much you use the other functions like music controls, etc., will differ depending on how you use your phone.

Battery Life

The Haylou GST Smartwatch is powered by a 220mAh battery. As is common in smartwatches, this battery isn’t removable, so you don’t have the option of upgrading it. That said, you shouldn’t find the battery life lacking.

During my testing, I regularly got between three and five days of battery life while testing the watch. The shorter days were when I was testing more intently, while the battery life tended to run long once I settled into using the watch more normally.

Haylou Gst Review Charging

If you turn off the sensors you’re not using, like the blood oxygen sensor for example, you can dramatically increase battery life. Pare down the features you use, and you can manage nearly double the time I got.

Thanks to the relatively small capacity of the battery, charging it never took more than an hour or two.

Should You Buy the Haylou GST?

If you’re buying a smartwatch for the first time, and you’re unsure if they’re for you, the Haylou GST Smartwatch is a fantastic first option. It’s easy to set up and use, has all the features you’d want in a smartwatch, and it’s eye-catching to boot.

The Haylou GST is also a great option for anyone who i s looking for the health-centric features of a smartwatch. You get the fitness tracking features, pulse and blood oxygen sensors, and support for multiple kinds of activities, all without the price you’d pay for a big-name smartwatch.

Considering how affordable the Haylou GST is at $25.50 after clipping the Amazon coupon, if you’ve found yourself even remotely interested while reading this review, you may as well pick it up and give it a try.

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